The Filipina Goalie Who Made Me Interested with the 3rd Philippine Ice Hockey

3rd Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament

I will not be a poser and say I love Ice Hockey,  heck it was my first time to watch this game live.  It was too intense for me plus I can’t even stand on an ice skate unassisted when I tried.  But,  the one who caught my attention when I watched my first live ice hockey game at the 3rd Philippine Ice Hockey tournament held at the SM Mega Mall ice skating rink was this goal keeper.

3rd Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament

She is Jessica Cabili, the goal keeper import for Rama’s  Thailand team who fearlessly played the game with all other bigger stronger intimidating male ice hockey players.   She played for Thailand Rama’s team yesterday but she is a member of the Philippine Women’s National Ice Hockey  Team.

I honestly didn’t know who won this game I was focused on her and how she can keep pace with all the male players bigger than her!

3rd Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament

I interviewed her out of curiosity and amazement and learned that she is also a figure skate champion!

The 2017 Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament is running on its 3rd year in the country. Following the successful hosting of the International Figure Skating Training Camp and the SEA Challenge at the SM Skating – Seaside City Cebu.  The 3rd Philippine Ice Skating tournament started this June 14 to 17 ,2017 in SM Megamall.

Yesterday was a fortunate day for the country  as the Pilipinas team won a game over Thailand Ramas. Yesterday was also the opening ceremony.

3rd Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament

For those who might be interested to watch here is the game schedule:

3rd Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament

Teams playing are from New York, Canada, Thailand,  Korea, Singapore, Taipei and Philippines.

Meanwhile, here’s the closest I can get to “playing” hockey,  hold the ice hockey stick which surprisingly is as light as a feather!

3rd Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament

I was looking at the ice skating rinknwhere players were practicing looking for a pose to immitate haha!  Pwede na ba?

Stay gorgeous everyone!



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