Getting Re-acquainted with Ever Bilena Cosmetics at the #EBBoldBeauty

#EBBoldBeauty Ever Bilena Cosmetics

Ever Bilena Cosmetics was the first brand of makeup I used when I started wearing makeup as a working student. It was my first eyebrow  pencil and eyeliner that I bought at a Cinderella store long long time ago.

After earning better money and getting exposed to many kinds of makeup brands including high end ones, I have forgotten about it until I got invited to the #EBBoldBeauty event collab of Project Vanity with Ever Bilena.

Arriving at the event,  I was overwhelmed a bit and so I just picked a makeup peg I can try for myself.  Having been in love with bold lipstick lately , I picked the Berry Burst #EBBoldBeauty look  peg.  Got the makeup items I need on the makeup counter on the side and sat on one of the available makeup station and started exploring Ever Bilena  again.

The beauty bloggers community in Manila is one of the best blogging community in the country I am proudly a part of since I started blogging.   Most of the beauty bloggers I met from it became good friends. It is always great to see them all the time,  no bad vibes,  all just good vibes,  beauty and life tips to help uplift each other.   It is always a pleasure to see all my beauty blogger sisters they are ray of sunshine in the blogosphere for me.

#EBBoldBeauty Ever Bilena Cosmetics

After the do your own makeup session,  we are asked to have a studio shot with our look and show what product we used for the look we created.

#EBBoldBeauty Ever Bilena Cosmetics
Wearing Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Vivid Violet, and Nude Pink Eyeshadow Palette

I was having a great time catching up with beauty blogger friends that I have not taken a lot of photos of people and products  except for this swatches of upcoming bold Liquid Lipstick from Ever Buena coming this August 2017.

I love how Ever Buena stepped up their game with wide variety of new products that can compete with many other brands available in the market.

#EBBoldBeauty Ever Bilena Cosmetics

Which shade  from the above swatches are you likely to buy for yourself?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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