Why La Germania is the Ideal Kitchen Helper

La Germania

One of the things I like to do when at home is cook. I love to eat so I love to cook. plus the fact that nobody in the house will make the food I want for myself and a lot of times I get cravings that I can’t get via take-out or the neighborhood karinderia so I make them.

As a kid I watched cooking shows and was always amazed by that pretty huge kitchen appliance that helps create a lot of delicious meals. My aunt used to have it as well and was always delighted when it was cooking and eating time!

Up to this day I dream of having this fully furnished dream kitchen and the latest LA Germania five-gas burner range oven.

La Germania Chef Lau

Why not, La Germania is one of the ideal kitchen helper recommended and used by celebrity chefs and restaurateur Chef Laudico Guevarras and Chef Jac Guevara when they started their catering business 17 years ago ! And up until today the range is still working in tip-top condition.

La Germania Chef Lau

“What I love about La Germania is that it doesn’t breakdown a lot. So it is saving me a lot of time and money!” Chef Lau commented as he demonstrated some of Chef Laudico Guevarras menu using the latest La Germania gas range and the mounted microwave Combi-Oven.

Among the yummy treats the Chef did in front of us are three different appetizers made of Filipino favorites but with a twists.

The Crispy Sisig Basket, Kinilaw na Tuna and Palabok Wrap which we all had as appetizers in our 5 course lunch.

La Germania Chef Lau

Soup is pork Sinigang with Taro Puree wrapped in Pechay

La Germania Chef Lau

Three kinds of Mango Salas with Mesclun Green drizzled with Dijon Bagoong Vinaigrette topped with Garlic Shrimp

La Germania Chef Lau

Angus Beef Kare-Kare and Grilled Gindara served on Paela Rice

La Germania Chef Lau

And for desserts they showed us how to make the labor of love the Suman Panna Cotta Rice Cake with Latik and Fresh Mangoes.

La Germania Chef Lau

Preparations of the appetizers and desserts were done in no time using the dependable and very efficient La Germania range and oven.

Manufactured locally by General Heat Corporation with licdnsingagreement between Bertazonni the principal of LA Germania in Italy. La Germania stoves, range ovens, range hoods, cooker and accessories are prized families and professional kitchens for their longevity, mileage, superior quality and performance. Available at Kitchen Gallery showrooms and all appliance centers in the country.

Incidentally I won the Instagram contest haha and family feud game I joined in. Obviously I love this brand and I love cooking and eating! Great food and great event held at Chef Laudico Guevarra in San Juan hosted by Susie Entrata

La Germania Chef Lau

Stay gorgeous everyone.

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