Picking Up My Mood with These Loaded Bold Lipsticks

Maybelline the Loaded Bold Lipsticks

My gloomy mood and attitude is affecting the way I deal with people. I have very little patience for pa-cool people /posers that I don’t want to be associated with them in every little way possible.  However,  I deal with this kind of people in my industry and so I have to be civil to each and every one of them even if it is killing me inside.

To deal with this mediocrity,  I try to pick up my mood by wearing bold lipstick that not everyone can pull-off. Great to have found  Maybelline The Loaded Bold Lipstick when I did a little shopping at Watson’s for my favorite personal care products.

Maybelline’s the Loaded Bold Lipsticks comes in 12 different shades but I only got four of my most favorite shades that I believe so can wear whenever I want.

Maybelline the Loaded Bold Lipsticks

Maybelline the Loaded Bold Lipsticks

These babies are sold at Php299.00 each but I got them for Php229.00 at Watson’s sale. Thanks Watson’s for having my back on beauty and health needs and deals!

Maybelline the Loaded Bold Lipsticks

What I think of the Loaded Bold Lipsticks :

  • Very pigmented
  • Silky satin finish
  • Not long wearing
  • Easily transfer and taken off
  • Great costume lipsticks


Here’s a video of my little Watson’s shopping haul and the fun time I had swatching the Maybelline the Loaded bold lipsticks definitely a pick me upper!

Do you think you will ever wear blue or purple lipstick? Why and why not right? Shop at watsons.com.ph you will never know what great stuff you will find there.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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