#WhatsNew Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water Moist Up and Oil Control

Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water
 If you follow a skin regimen that you cannot sleep with your makeup on,  I am sure you know the magic power of Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water can do.  I’ve been using it for a year or more since the brand came back in the Philippines and I am one satisfied customer.
When we thought they got it all going, they suddenly came up with bigger size and new packaging, and a new variant with Oil Control and Moist Up!
Moist Up is actually the original Micellar Cleansing Water but with new packaging, perfect for dry to normal skin.  This is the one with pink packaging.  It helps hydrate and leaves skin soft and smooth after cleansing.  Oil Control is ideal for oily skin or combination skin.  It removes excess sebum and controls oil to leave skin feeling refreshed longer.
If you’ve been doing your makeup removing wrong, get a Bioré Micelar Water Moist Up.  To remove your makeup no scrubbing needed all you need to do is pump a few drops on a cotton pad, press down for 5 seconds and swipe.
You may get your Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water Moist Up or Oil Control rat your favorite beauty store in the country for about Php300+++ per 300ml bottle.
Stay gorgeous everyone!
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