Penshoppe Denimlab DIY 2017 Event + More Ways than One to Customize/ Update Your Denims

A denim is a denim is a denim. But a denim is a denim is a denim.

Denim is a piece of clothing that transcends all gender, age. It is now the most versatile piece of clothing anyone can own in their closet. The best part of is it can be worn on rugged situations or even in formal events all you need is to styling it that fits the occasion.

Penshoppe has been doing ways to make our favorite denim more fun, versatile and intimate by having their patrons customize/ update their denims at Penshoppe Denimlab DIY Event where one can find more ways to customize/update their denims.

  1. Add patches, pins and studs.
  2. Have it distressed
  3. Have it stencil painted
  4. Or have it hand painted
  5. Splatter on some paint on it
  6. Cut and sew jeans together to make a different look

The last part is kinda hard and takes longer to do so I suggest you just get a pair of the new silhouette and collections under Penshoppe Denimlab line.   Penshoppe introduced two new patented technology to provide comfort regardlless of weather conditions and activity you’re doing.

  • Coolmax All Season Technology for men , premium-looking denims for men, with self edge and cleaner finish
  • Coolmax Core Technology for Woman , super soft and smooth denims for women who want extra comfort or have sensitive skin
  • Re-Tooled collection, which feature cut and sew jeans.

Penshoppr Denimlab DIY 2017 Event
Penshoppe Dnimlab line are now available at all Penshoppe branches nationwide.  To know more you may visit www.penshoppe.,com or follow their social media accounts.  You may download the Penshoppe App available at the App Store and Google play.

Oh! If you have an app you can get a free patch at the Denimlab DIY event happening from July 24 to July 26, 2017 at Glorietta 2 in Makati.  To avail of the free services at the DIY event all you need is to purchase items worth at least Php500.00.  There are corresponding payment of the cusmization/update you want on your denims provided at the form you can get at the event.  Price starts at Php500 to Php1,500 for the most intricate detailing.

To get a feel of what happens at a Penshoppe Denimlab DIY event here’s my vlog about it, please watch:

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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