Finally Found Someone + the Oppo Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition F3 Smartphone

Oppo Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition F3 Smartphone

Dear Future Husband,

If you are reading this, Thank You.  I hope you also take time to introduce yourself to me now because I am tired of waiting.  If you are there and you exist, show yourself to me now as we may be running out of time as I feel the world is about to end.  Yes, I am exaggerating it so you find the urgency .  All I want is to start the rest of our lives the soonest.  I would like to spend the rest of my remaining life in a meaningful intimate relationship with you.  Let’s grow and explore life together.  Are you there yet?


Your Future Wife


Above letter was inspired by the movie Finally Found Someone staring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz  . Surprisingly, I enjoyed it inspite of all the hiccups in the film.  IMO, there were too many unnecessary characters in it that they can go without. The movie could stand on its own with Sarah and John only.  Or they could have developed better supporting characters that can actually support the leading roles.  IDK.

The movie tugged in a lot of emotions, especially with all the hopeless romantics our there.  It was a very relate-able movie especially the hugot lines everyone could use in their quest for the one haha.  It was also a highly anticipated movie comeback of the Sarah G and John Lloyd love team who has not made a movie together for 4 years!

Finally Found Someone is such a branded movie as well, so many product placements as endorsed by the leading stars in the movie.  It was not even subtle product placement I tell it was very in your face kind of thing.

One of the major sponsors in the movie, who also invited us to the premiere showing was Oppo.  The timing for the premiere coincides perfectly with the launch of the Oppo Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition F3 Smartphone . Some of the attendees in the premiere were the fans who pre-ordered the fone during its announcement last July 12.   I think this would be the first for an international smartphone brand to come up with a limited edition smartphone dedicated to a local celebrity.  What a perfect gift for Sarah G who was also celebrating her birthday that day and her 3rd year as OPPO endorser.

The smartphone composed of a special packaging box and Sarah’s signature at the back of the phone. Revolutionizing the #SelfieExpert since the beginning, Geronimo’s strong influence as a singer and actor is a testament of OPPO’s presence in the Philippines. The OPPO F3 Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition is a gorgeous black OPPO F3 with the actress’ signature at the back. The packaging is also in a premium box with standard charger, headphones, soft cover and pre-installed screen protector.

 Oppo Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition F3 Smartphone

The OPPO F3 Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition smartphone is available via Lazada for PhP 15,990 or visit this link For more details about the OPPO F3, please visit or log on to

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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