5 Nude Bra Styles from Avon You Need In Your Closet

Pet peeves for me include underwear that shows on the outerwear, unless that’s the style you want to achieve. However, when panty-line or bra-pads straps or laces show when they’re not suppose to be, it’s ugly. It’s a major turn-off.

Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel just released a full collection of nude bras in different nude shades such as Light Skintone, Pink Champagne, Rose Gold, Dark Skintone, Nude, Mocha, Coffee and Dark Brown.

These nude bra styles also comes in different bra styles that you need in your closet. These are the 5 New Nude Bra Styles from Avon You Need in your closet so you don’t have to worry of showing too much.

Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel

Seamless T-shirt Bra – it gives a smooth and invisible look for tight and lightweight tops.
Laced bra– with intricate designs that is great to wear under any outfit but not bulky or itchy just sexy and sensuous.
Demi-Underwire bra – best paired for low cut, scoop neck and wide neckline tops.
Non-Wire bra– that provide extreme comfort for every woman, very breathable.
Full-Support bra – is the best bra to wear for women with fuller breast.

Watch this video to see how the 5 new nude bra styles looks like:

I think my favorite from the bunch is the T-shirt bra. Did you see something you liked? Let me know on the comment section below!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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