Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Review

Simply G Keratin Shampoo Review

Have you heard about Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning?  Do you suffer from frizzy, dry, lifeless, falling hair?  If you answered mostly yes then you definitely need to use this new haircare product.

My hair is never perfect as it is the most abused part of my body.  It went through a lot of hair coloring/dying, ironing and blow dry almost everyday.  I do it because my hair is a few steps away from being  dead.

Everytime I take a shower, there will be more than 50 strands of hair I shed-off.  If you see me in person without doing all the three steps above , especially ironing and blow drying, you’d to my face, why did you even say you are a beauty blogger your hair is such a mess!   Yeah that bad.

My hair stylist told me to rest my hair from all the hair coloring I’m doing.  It’s been over a month since I colored my hair and honestly I am itching to get them dyed right now o r get a keratin treatment from a good salon but it is a bit too pricey.

When I heard about Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning I was a bit hesitant about it.  Who was the manufacturer?  Is it really effective?  How much is it and where do I find it?

Immediately tried it out and here’s the result.

Before and After Photos:

Symply G keratin shampoo  testimonials
A week before using Simply G Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner review


What I think of Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning therapy:
    • One sachet of the shampoo is actually good for two to three uses.
    • I love the scent and it lather’s up really quickly,
    • I love how soft and smooth my hair felt already while in the shower.
    • As soon as my hair dried up (I let it air dry to simply see how if looks like) my hair was less frizzy, felt really soft and smooth and I can run my fingers through my hair no stop.  My hair also looked really shiny (like I put serum in it even if I didn’t) plus it was straighter than it normally is with other shampoo I use that is specifically for colored treated hair.
    • After a week of use, my hair looked much healthier than before

Why is  Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning effective?

Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning has  Keratin treatment and Argan oil which are widely used in salons today due to their ability to transform frizzy & hard-to-manage hair into straight, shiny, soft, and healthy hair.    Keratin is rich in proteins and vitamins which repairs damaged hair.  It also provides volume and strengthen hair follicles, reduces frizz, improves hair texture and softens hair.  While Argan oil is known as a natural hair moisturizer that hydrates and softens hair.

Symply G Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Symply G was launched last August 16, 2017 one sachet sold at Php6.00 only. It is available at leading supermarket and sari-sari store but you may find it hard to find lately because they sold out really fast.

How about you have you tried Symply G before? Let me know at the comment section below!

P.S. did you know that this is proudly made in the Philippines?  You can find it in Puregold and your favorite sari-sari store.

P. S. S.

Don’t take my word for it,  try it like my reader who saw the post,  shared it on her wall and her bosses daughter saw  the post.  The next day her bosses daughter gave her samples of Simply G and she tried immediately here’s her testimonial screen capture para mas intense :

symply g shampoo review

#SymplyG #SymplyGorgeous Earthlingorgeous testimonial

But really,  don’t take our word for it.  Try it yourself!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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