How Giving Yourself Time to Renew @ Watsons Keeps You Gorgeous

time to renew with watsons

The launch of the Time to Renew campaign of Watsons is timely . With the kind of lifestyle most people have this days it is nearly impossible not to break down.  We are never spared from stress whether we are at home, in the office or at our commute to or from home.   Even when nonchalantly reading through our social media feed to pass time makes our heart rate increase.  Manifestations of stress is visible on our hair, skin  and our over all health.

A quick trip to the beach or a nature would be nice to get that quick boost in our energy and aura.   Unfortunately that is not always possible.  Good thing there is a place we  can all go to for a quick time pick me up where everything our body needs from head to toe is available for us.  And yes, as commercial as I may sound, Watsons is the best place you can go to to find things you need to renew, restore and recharge and keep you gorgeous.

Time to renew with watsons

For skin dullness, you can easily browse around Watsons shelves of skin care products that will definitely help you restore your skin’s beauty and glow.  Brands available are varied and they cater  to all.    You can find brands like Olay, L’Oreal, Ponds, Belo, Celeteque, Neutrogena, Snow, St.Ives, Suave, Bellic, Glutamax, Shulammite soap, Cosmo Skin and Nivea Men creme there.

More than you realize, greasy hair is a sign of distress and can lead to a lot of hair fall.   While there are shampoo and conditioner ‘(Tresemme, L’Oreal, Dove and Moringa) to revitalize that hair there are a lot of products we can find at Watsons that goes to the root of the problem (pun intended).

Most importantly we need to take care of our overall health.  Products like Cosmo Cee, Poten Cee, Met Tathione, IVI Collagen, Myra E, Stresstabs, Belo Glutathione, Snow Caps and Kilo-Off may sound fad whitening and dieting products but they   benefit your health more than you’ll ever realize.

You can ask Watsons friendly pharmacists and sales staff for whatever questions you may have with the products you see and want to try.  There’s no harm in asking, in-fact its  empowering.

So, fret no more if you can’t take a quick getaway, Watsons is always there to help you stay gorgeous and in tip-top shape.  Restore your beauty, recharge your health, go ahead and take your Time to Renew with Watsons.

Incidentally, you can enjoy big discounts and great deals for your health and beauty products exclusive at all Watsons stores and SM Store Beauty Section. Plus, get a chance to win revitalizing packages with your SM Advantage Card, BDO Rewards or PriMo Card. Every P500 single-receipt purchase of any participating product entitles a member to one (1) raffle entry.

There will be thirty-five (35) winners of Spa Pampering Packages at The Spa; Ten (10) winners of Full-Year Gym memberships at Fitness First; and Ten (10) winners of Overnight Weekend Wellness Packages at The Farm at San Benito resort.
And if you’re not yet a SMAC member, now’s a great time to join. The new “MEMBERS GET MORE” program makes shopping more rewarding than ever before. Time to get MORE POINTS, MORE SAVINGS, and MORE VALUE!


Good luck and stay gorgeous everyone!

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