Get K-Beauty Glass Skin With This New 4-in-1 Dermairis Face Mask !

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Glass Skin is the new Korean Beauty trend and a lot of Filipino beauty enthusiast are going nuts about it.  While luminous and glossy skin may look like oily and dirty here in the Philippines because of our tropical climate, we can achieve, flawless and glowing skin second best to glass skin with this new 4-in-1 Face Mask – Dermairis Mask.

According to the PR, the Dermairis Mask is developed and manufactured by respected Korean pharmaceutical and cell therapy company JW CreaGene. As a cosmeceutical, it differentiates itself from ordinary face masks because it is a product that marries cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, improving skin function while preventing premature aging.

The Dermairis Mask stands out even against other cosmeceuticals thanks to JW’s proprietary technologies: the patented JW-EGF (CTP-EGF) and AMF (Artificial Moisturizing Factor). EGF, or Epidermal Growth Factor, is an essential part of skin regeneration. It attracts cells to skin trauma to begin the repair process. JW’s patented CTP technologies can penetrate the skin 5x faster than EGF, making the Dermairis Mask more efficient than the rest.

AMF boasts powerful moisture absorption ability, forming a skin barrier that locks in moisture. This complex nanoparticle structure is not destroyed by time and blocks moisture evaporation for 120 hours. It works more effectively than NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) found in other face masks, which reduces skin moisture retention.


4-in-1 effects

The Dermairis Mask offers more skin benefits and uses more main ingredients than face masks already in the market. These are the four effects of the Dermairis Mask on the skin and the 10 main ingredients that make them possible:


  • Moisturizing


The no. 1 secret to having healthy, young-looking skin is to moisturize. The Dermairis Mask is your key to radiant skin thanks to AMF. AMF absorbs moisture and binds it to create a film coating that blocks moisture from evaporating for up to 120 hours.


The mask also uses hyaluronic acid to attract and retain a large amount of water, and ceramide, which helps hold cells together, leaving you with plump and dewy skin.

  1. Anti-wrinkle

Wrinkles may be a fact of life, but faster and more efficient skin repair and regeneration is possible with JW’s patented CTP technologies. The patented JW-EGF (CTP-EGF) delivers medicine more efficiently because it penetrates cells 5x faster than EGF used by other face masks.


More restoring and nourishing ingredients, adenosine and acetyl tetrapeptide, boost cell growth and fight visible signs of aging.



  • Elasticity


Youthful skin is elastic because of large amounts of natural collagen and elastin. As you grow older, you produce less of those proteins, so skin becomes less supple.

The Dermairis Mask restores skin elasticity with the help of astaxanthin, an anti-aging antioxidant. Another collagen- and elastin-building ingredient is snail secretion filtrate. It repairs damaged tissue, wrinkles, and stretch marks. The mask also uses botanical extracts, which improve skin texture.

  1. Whitening   

You don’t have to live with aging skin that looks pale and lackluster. The Dermairis Mask carries a vitamin called niacinamide to bring clearer complexion. Niacinamide brightens the skin, evens out skin tone, and fights pigmentation.

The Dermairis Mask will be available at leading beauty and wellness counters, drugstores, and skin clinics nationwide in two sheet variants. The Dermairis Blue variant, which consists of air pockets that contain nutrients, will have a suggested retail price of P70. The Dermairis Pink variant, which uses soft microfiber that is finer than a hair strand, will be offered at an SRP of P150.


Dermairis will be launched in the country by JW Healthcare Philippines, the local sales subsidiary of JW Group, a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea.


Its affiliate, JW CreaGene, is increasingly establishing its status as the leading company in the new bio drugs industry in Korea. It holds the rights for the dendritic cell technology used in the development of cancer treatment and drug delivery technology (CTP: Cytoplasmic Transduction Peptide) that can effectively deliver polymer substances to the cells.


I haven’t tried this product yet but soon I will and will all update you.  All info in this was provided for via press release.


Have you tried this product yet?  If you have let me know at the comment section below I want to hear your experience!



Stay gorgeous everyone!

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