First Impressions: LUKE Total Skin Solutions Essence Face Masks, Eye Patches and Cleansing Nose Strips

#LukeSkinPh Luke Total Skincare Solution

Skincare enthusiast like me wourld simply go gaga to try out beauty products especially if they’re from Korea.  Why?  Korean beauty with their poreless and glowing complexion is so enviable that everyone wants to achieve them.  When I was invited to attend the launch of LUKE Total Skin Solutions here in the Philippines, of course, I did not blink an eye.  That, plus the fact that Nikki invited me and the venue is just a stone throw away from my place. What’s the reason not to go right?

The event venue was perfect, the quaint and Instagrammable Relish in Ortigas was decorated some more with the Kbeauty feels.  I immediately sat at a corner with my fellow beauty blogger friends and like what we said priorities are taking good photos for our blogs and Instagram.


First impression:

The packaging was so attractive with the face of a full-banged bright-eyed girl with tiny lips. LUKE eye patches and nose cleansing strips come in boxed packaging, the essence face masks come in an easy tear sachet.    It also comes in different colors for different variants so as not to confuse you.

Luke Total Skincare Solutions #LukeSkinPh

Luke Essence Face Masks priced at Php59.75 per sachet comes in 5 variants :

  1. Green Tea in light Green packaging
  2. Snail in Gold packaging
  3. Hyaluron in Blue packaging
  4. Collagen in Orange packaging
  5. Aloe in darker Green packaging

Luke Total Skincare Solutions #LukeSkinPh

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch priced at Php199.75 per box with 5 sets of eye patches inside comes in 3 variants:

  1. for Wrinkles in red packaging
  2. for Dark Circles in green packaging
  3. for Eye Puffiness in fuschia packaging

Luke Cleansing Nose Strip priced at Php189.75 per box with 3 strips inside comes in 3 variants:

  1. Charcoal in black packaging
  2. Lemon Tea in yellow packaging
  3. Mugwort in sky blue packaging


I was so excited to try them out right away that the night after receiving I tried it immediately.  I have tried the Luke Essence Face Masks in Hyaluron and I just felt relaxed instantly.  I also used the Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for eye puffiness and used up t2wo sets already and I see a slight tightness around my eyes.  I also used the Luke Cleansing Nose Strip in charcoal and was surprised that it stick on my nose just right and it didn’t sting when I peeled it off but surprised to see a number of whiteheads it took of my tiny button nose!


#LukeSkinPh#LukeSk inPh

You may watch a replay of my YouTube live broadcast that comes in three parts here:



But like I always say, I can hype this product all I want but you will never know until you try it out yourself so go find one.

Luke Total Skin Solutions products are available at your favorite beauty stores in the country.  You may follow their social media for more info @LukeSkinPh.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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