Super awesome rides, encounter with a live and rare white lion and now giant inflatable pools. If you haven’t been to Enchanted Kingdom now is the time. The place is jam packed with so many awesome rides and new features that kids age 0 and beyond will surely enjoy. Last April 18, Enchanted Kingdom launched their latest water attraction the EK Biki Water World. The EK Biki Waterworld has a variety of six giant inflatable pools with water slides, games and rides that families can enjoy in a safe and hygienic water environment. This new feature was a response to the clamor for more waterRead More →

My daughter and I had a Magical Easter Adventure at Enchanted Kingdom last Easter Sunday,  April 4, 2010 where we get to have a close encounter with a live white lion, Zoori. Zoori is barely a year old and lives at the Residence Inn at Tagaytay since he was a cub so he is very tame and is used to people already.   He was at Enchanted Kingdom to meet us for the blessing of the Zoori’s Advenure, an interactive museum for kids where guest can have an interactive encounter with the mechanical white lions in different chambers of the museum. My daughter and IRead More →

The heavy down pour last Saturday did not stop Enchanted Kingdom to have their own version of Flores de Mayo / Sagala. Instead of the usual parade around the area it became a fashion show of Jun Jun Cambe collection with no other than the Ms. Earth Philippines winner parading the gowns themselves. Slimmers World Bikini winners also joined the Sagala and some of the Enchanted Kingdom executives who were more like the Hermana Mayor for this wonderful fiesta. Ms. Philippines Earth title holders parade their elegant Sagala gowns from Jun Jun Cambe in no particular order Alexis Sy Go – Ms. Phils-Earth Runner UpRead More →

When I got back from my trip to Singapore for Laneige, the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser was waiting for me, along with it was a note telling me to familiarize with its specs and to download Instagram and Facebook as there will be a #OneDayofZen event exploring the phone camera capabilities of the Zenfone 2 Laser. I was not able to join the photo tour at Fort Santiago but I was able to explore it and took some photos while I was an outreach program at Enchanted Kingdom with the street kids from Kuya Center for the RotaKids Rotary Club of Cubao. Here’s some ofRead More →

“The journey’snever far when freedom is the destination.” Before I became a full time blogger, travelling was one of the many things I put my time into. I love to explore different places and see the popular tourist spots and even explore the unvisited sights. I travle alone most of the time, so I can enjoy fully a place without having to worry of a companion who may or may not enjoy the things I enjoy. I love being spontaneous with my travels, but I also like to be able to see and try out all the things I expect to do. My Been ThereRead More →

The year 2010 was an amazing year for Earthlingorgeous. That’s an understatement really because there ain’t a word to describe how overwhelming 2010 was for me. There were so many doors opened, so many new friends made, so many opportunity grabbed and achievements for me that the minor mishaps don’t matter anymore. As a tradition I started last year here are the highlights of my post for the past 12 months . Come join me as I revisit the 2010 Events Highlights: January The year started with a bang!  Coming home with a tan from our New Year vacation in Boracay (so weird that IRead More →

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I was among the first hundred people who tried Winema, the first interactive cinema in the Philippines. We were all wrong with our speculations about what a 4D cinema would be like, or what is Winema like.  I was among those who was amused and surprised that it was not like the 4D cinema I know.  The seats weren’t shaking, there were no splash of water or anything like that of the 4D theater in Disneyland or Enchanted Kingdom. Winema is an interactive cinema gaming turning cinema goers into human joysticks.  Movie audience will be the one to maneuver the character on screen left and rightRead More →

I’m sure you are aware that our environment is acting weird lately, summer days are hotter than usual, rainy days are drowning places we never imagined it could, earthquakes are everywhere, volcanoes are being active again, bird and sea creature migrations are getting weirder. On April 22, 2010 the world will celebrate the 40th year of Earth Day, more than ever though our planet is in a greater peril.  Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. This is our chance to grab our opportunity into turning our world, our only one planet earth into a healthy, clean energy and prosperous economy for ourRead More →