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Makeup Brands

In my world, there’s no competition.  All makeup brands are good you just have to know how to wear it .   Click on the brands and see which product I have reviewed and what I think of them.REVLON SHU UEMURA L’OREAL MAYBELLINE ESTEE LAUDER MARY KAY KANEBO COSMETICS CINEMA SECRETS LANCOME AVON WET ‘N […]

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FOTD: Becoming Cleopatra

If there’s one woman in history I want to be or think I was her in my past lifetime that would be Cleopatra.  Her fondness of cats, her wit and beauty and charm is something I connect with (not that I’m bragging lol!).  Since I learned about her in my grade school days when Liz […]

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FOTD: London Olympic Games Torch

In honor of the London Olympic Games opening this 2012. I decided to.create a look inspired by the fire from the Olympic Games torch that signifies new beginnings! I used the L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow EP42 Wildflower shade making it apear like a burning flame. Here is the palette I used: L.A. Colors […]

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List Of My Makeup Brands,Review & Looks

Hello gorgeous peeps, I decided to make a list of all the makeup brand I reviewed and the looks I created in one post for easy access and reference. Feel free to check it out and find inspiration for your next makeup purchase or face of the day look! 🙂 Enjoy! REVLON SHU UEMURA L’OREAL […]

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Shopping: BU3 Super Success

Hello gorgeous peeps, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been so busy attending to personal stuff and blogger duties that when I get home I’d rather sleep than do a blog post. Don’t worry June will be a slow down month for events so I will have a lot of time for catching up. […]

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Makeup, Skincare, Beauty Treatments, Spas and everything to stay gorgeous inside and out. SKIN CARE When they say love the skin you are in it doesn’t mean you have to make do of what you have and not do anything with it.  You have to take care of it, nurture it and find the best […]

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