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Makeup Brands

In my world, there’s no competition.  All makeup brands are good you just have to know how to wear it .   Click on the brands and see which product I have reviewed and what I think of them.REVLON SHU UEMURA L’OREAL MAYBELLINE ESTEE LAUDER MARY KAY KANEBO COSMETICS CINEMA SECRETS LANCOME AVON WET ‘N […]

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Eyebrow Pencils I Recommend

I got a lot of inquiry with regards to the best eyebrow makeup available in the market they can use.  I understand the concern as the eyebrow makes or breaks a look.  If you wear your eyebrow too thick you look like someone who doesn’t know what threading, plucking or shaving means.  If you wear […]

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FOTD: Becoming Cleopatra

If there’s one woman in history I want to be or think I was her in my past lifetime that would be Cleopatra.  Her fondness of cats, her wit and beauty and charm is something I connect with (not that I’m bragging lol!).  Since I learned about her in my grade school days when Liz […]

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List Of My Makeup Brands,Review & Looks

Hello gorgeous peeps, I decided to make a list of all the makeup brand I reviewed and the looks I created in one post for easy access and reference. Feel free to check it out and find inspiration for your next makeup purchase or face of the day look! 🙂 Enjoy! REVLON SHU UEMURA L’OREAL […]

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FOTD: Stress Free

The start of the school week is kinda stressful and tiring.  Imagine having to wake up early and give a minimum of two hours travel each day to school and back home, plus my other personal errands and events, house chores and all.  I wish my weekends were as relaxing as I want it to […]

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4 Eye Makeup Products To Try In 2012

Your eyebrows can make or break your look. A obe lined eyebrow can make you look old. A overly thick brows can make you look like an ugly version of Brooke Shields from the 80’s. A perfectly made brows will make you look very polished, classy and gorgeous. To create such beautiful eyebrows you need […]

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