I just got these babies a few days ago but have not tried them on yet. The Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy replaces the former ColorStay nail polishes. Product Info It’s not gel nailpolosh bit finishes like one. Easier to remove than the gel polish type. This one is long lasting doesn’t chip off easily. Comes with base coat so no need to apply one although it comes with a separate base coat on its line. The colors are just sp pretty just like candies! I wish I have time to apply at least a shade! Here’s a sahe guide in case you want to getRead More →

One of the reasons lipstick sells like hotcakes is because it is most likely to be the only type of makeup worn if there’s not the time or the desire to put on anything else. It is exactly what I feel when I travel I just put my sunblock on fix my brows a little and swipe some color on my lips and I’m good to go. Because lipstick does serve a purpose beyond looking pretty — many of them do condition and protect the fragile skin on the lips. Product Info These stash of Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain lipgloss is so perfect when IRead More →

Yay to hermit mode,I have a lot of time in my hands to swatch away! Hopefully before I get out of my shell again I’m done swatching and posting all pending makeup for posting! Presenting to you Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick with Shine finish. I had four of these but the other one miraculously disappeared maybe some lipstick thief took it coz I think that was the red shade! Boo! Product Info Innfused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. Find your lip color amongst a dazzling array of 82 shade in 4 fabulous finishes of Matte, Pearl, Crème and Shine. Exclusive LiquiSilk™ formulaRead More →

I am having an affair with CC Creams . Each time I step in a beauty store my eyes wander around and anything with the CC Cream on it hits the spot. I just got to have it. When I aw this REVLON Absolute Radiance CC Cream at a REVLON counter when I visited to replenish some of my favorite products that’s running out I just have to get it. So I did. Product Info One-step Complete Care cream that hydrates and color-corrects in just 7 days, it helps” fairness, brightens, protects, refines, conceals, hydrates, comforts, smoothes.Product Shots   Swatches  REVLON Absolute Radiance CC CreamRead More →

I’ve had the Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Nail Enamel for a few months now but I haven’t really sat down to create a masterpiece from it.  But since it was a rainy day yesterday, I had a lot of time in my hands as I was going nowhere and everything was suspended.   I was feeling a tad more artsy today so I was able to create this crazy black and white prints on my nails.  Read More →

This is my favorite powder from Revlon so far the Revlon PhotoReady Powder in Medium/Deep. I think Revlon makes the best powder and foundation for a drugstore makeup brand. Anyway, I use this after putting on my foundation and concealer so Ican get a smoother and even “canvass” when I put other makeup on like blusher and eye shadow and then I finish it off by brushing another layer of this powder like a setting powder to keep my makeup look smoother and stay longer. While it is ok not to do so I prefer having a powder to finish.Read More →

I have to admit, since I learned to used liquid eyeliners, I don’t like wearing pencil eyeliners anymore. Plus I hate the fact that eyeliners tend to smear and around the eyes making one look haggard and not so gorgeous looking.  But since colored eyeliners is one of the makeup trends these days I was delighted to have the Revlon Photoready Kajal™ Intense Eye Liner + Brightener, in fact I have worn them in some events already.Read More →