Not all of us are blessed to have full or thick lashes.  Thank the cosmetic fairies for creating all the beautiful makeup we can use to enhance whatever God gave us without having to go through painful surgery or anything.  I’ve been using the Shu Uemura Ultimte Natural Mascara for months now and I am happy with it . Product Shots On my eyes What I think of it? I don’t get the negative reviews about this product. For me it was able to deliver as it promised. Natural looking lashes but a bit thicker and fuller. I’m not expecting ultra curly lashes with itRead More →

The Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld Nail Color in Karl Black is so perfect for the Halloween! It’s glittery and dark and perfect for that goth princess look I am planning to be with all the black ensemble and the super pretty Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld falsies and super bright bloody red lipstick! It comes with a Mon Shu Girl nail sticker, for those who can’t do nail art but want to wear one. But personally, I don’t want to use up mine! Mon Shu Girl is so pretty and the nail stickers looks so precious to put on my nails for one-time use only! I’llRead More →

I’ve been itching to get another red lipstick from Shu Uemura and it was a great timing when the lipstick shade I got from the Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld Holiday 2012 launch is the Mon  Shu Red.  Perfect!   I think the universe always conspire to give me something that I want and that is meant for me.  Which is an awesome feeling. I don’t know if some of you shy away from red lipstick.   I understand that because it is a very strong color to pull-off as daily wear.   I remember when I was still an office girl, I’d wear red lipstickRead More →

Finally, the much awaited collaboration of Shu Uemura with Karl Lagerfeld is here and I am so happy to be one of the first people to have seen it, and experienced all the wonderful makeup goodies that will be out  in Shu Uemura stores by October 20, 2012.  The event took place at Umu Japanese Restaurant in Dusit Hotel in Makati. Here’s a peek of the Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Umura Holiday 2012 Colleciton The Karl Lagerfeld collection includes makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, cleansing oil, UV underbase, eye primer, eyelash curler and falsies that are all adorned with the cute image of the MonRead More →

Who needs a lot of makeup on when you have this lipstick with you to save your day!  I say, all hail to thee!  The best hot pink lipstick to date for me!   The Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick reigns all the matte lipstick I have tried so far. Product Info Have you found your favourite matte lipstick which gives you a comfortable moisture feel on lips? Check Shu Uemura’s latest rouge unlimited supreme matte. A new statement of matte perfection! Matte lipsticks with bright colors and amazing color pay off, without drying your lips! Available in dozens of colors but for nowRead More →

I hardly use base when I apply makeup, but when I discovered the UV under base of Shu Uemura I became addicted to it.   I love UV under base primarily because they provide instant glow finish and sun protection, which is two of my main concern for my ageing skin.  It was such a joy to have known that the Shu Uemura  Tsuya Skin line comes along with a UV Under Base Youthful Raidiance Mouse in its line. Product info The UV under ase Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Mouse is an ideal mouse-to-cream under base that promises a Tsuya (ideal in Japan) skin finishRead More →

My 1st day of September started absolutely gorgeous. I attended an event by Shu Uemura launching one of their most powerful serum to date, the one that promises 7 days to porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent glowing skin– Tsuya Skin serum that will reactivate your skin’s youth power switch! Tsuya means ideal in Japan which mean those who will use this will get an ideal skin! For decades, Japanese make-up and skincare expert Shu Uemura has pursued the key to ideal, youthful skin, guided by its philosophy that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Shu Uemura unlocked the innermost workings of the skin and harnessed the latestRead More →

Last night, we were invited for a delicious treat at Chocolate Fire in Makati at the blogger launch of Shu Uemura’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. The collection includes the release of their chocolate inspired collection, the Chocolat-Donna Shu Uemura 135th mode make-up and Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil. The latest collection is mouthwatering indeed and super sexy too! Take a closer look! I got the Raspberry and Mocha Palette Eye Shadow Limited Edition! It also comes in two other palette shades, the Orange Pistacho Palette and the Mint and Vanilla Palette. I fancy the refillable case too! Aside from the Eye Shadow Palette, Chocolat-DonnaRead More →