I adore everything that is cat or feline. When I saw Tony Moly released their Cat Chu Wink line, I immediately head out to their store to see those cute little makeup in cute feline packaging. OMG! I died! Haha! They are so adorable. I’ll show the other’s later meanwhile let me show you the Cat Chu Wink Lip Stick I got. I tried the other shades but at that time the Red Cat was purrfect for my outfit. Don’t you just adore that black cat packaging! It reminds me of my cat who went ahead of us long time ago, Ikabod! Swatches This oneRead More →

I’m such a fan of facial mask. I love how most of them can really revitalize skin in an instant and it doesn’t take too much time or money to do so. An instant facial at the comforts of your own home. Product Info Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack is made from tomato water and tomato extracts good for brightening, vitalizing and detoxifying the skin. How to use: Apply and massage on cleansed face. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. On my face: After use: What I Think Of It? I love how my face feels and looks more fresh andRead More →

Tony Moly from Korea got their stuff in cute packages.  This Tony Moly Party Lover Makeup Eraser Simply Style looks like a marker at first glance but its not. Its a makeup eraser/ makeup corrector. How to use: Simply swipe on to the area with makeup you want erased/ delete/ correct/ remove! What I think about it? I think its good to use as makeup correcter and not as a complete makeup remover because it tends to leave marks of erased makeup. Take a look. Its because the makeup you erased from your face gets in the felt tip: TIP: I suggest and recommend keepingRead More →

I was invited to the Tony Moly store opening in SM Megamall last July 12 but I wasn’t able to make it so I asked if I can just drop by some other day to look around and see what their store offers. Tony Moly is a popular makeup brand in Korea, and I was told they are a sister company of Etude House, except Tony Moly is made for more mature market while Etude are for tweeners.   Also Tony Moly focuses more on skin care products. Store Info Tony Moly is made from the combination of an English word Tony, which means stylish andRead More →

Since the long Holiday break, I’ve been slacking-off with my skin regimen.  It sometimes feels good to be a slob from time to time and just be yourself without needing to get dolled up. I have veen sleeping with makeup on Xmas and New Years eve! But I think I am paying the price for it. I feel my skin is getting flaky and uhmmm “dirty” (good thing I have my YSA skin appointment set tomorrow phew!) but maybe because of the nippy weather lately. Anyway, I am inlove with beauty products that gives that temporary sparkle/glow when you need it (the best permanent glowRead More →

Merry Christmas everyone!  And to those who don’t believe in Christmas, Happy Holidays! This post was meant to say my thanks to all who remembered me this time of the year and in case you have not seen series of my Instagram posts my heartfelt and sincerest appreciation for all the blogger love and trust you have bestowed on me. I unwrapped the rest of my presents midnight just after Noche Buena.   Thank you Cherryl of Beauty Box Corp for the personalized makeup tray, you always give the best custom gifts. Thank you Media Sense for the Monopod/Selfie stick I wouldn’t buy one myself!Read More →

Now that events has slowed down, Thank you!  I now have time to blog about the series of Xmas/ Thanksgiving/ Media Appreciation Parties I attended starting last week of November! First one to host a Xmas Party for Beauty Bloggers of Metro Manila was AGC who owns the franchises of Etude House, Tony Moly and Tous le Jours here in the Philippines.  The owners also owns the Yoree Korean Barbeque Fine Dining at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig where the party was held. The place was huge and compared to other Korean Restaurants I’ve been (remeber my Korean Food Trip with Pop Talk) theRead More →

So, you saw a lot of your favorite beauty blogger and beauty enthusiast friends rave about their BDJ boxes in the past. Now you are thinking should you or should you not get a BDJ January-February 2014 Box? Well, I will make deciding easier for you. Here is why you would want to get this BDJ Box: Discount coupons and vouchers for free treatments. Get a Free Brow Construction at Browhaus and finally get that perfect eyebrow! 3 Php500 worth of voucher to AIP. Discounts worth Php600.00 or Php800.00 to a Keratin or Digiperm treatment. My favorite Revlon Nail Art (worth Php375.00 full size) YvesRead More →