Watsonsph #Hairgoals

The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.  While we brunettes long for blonde locks, they on the other side want our luscious dark as night tresses. Thank heavens for all the beauty innovations and products now within our reach, especially like stores like Watsons, which has become a one-stop-shop for all our beauty, hair and health care needs. Just recently, Watsons launched a campaign to encourage its female shoppers to go out of their hair comfort zones and discover different hair color and hair style trends. Interestingly named #Hairgoals, its aim is to introduce a whole new world of colorRead More →

Gionyx review

It has been awhile since I had a hair color touch up by a professional salon. When my blogger friend Rhea Bue recommended me to visit Gionyx in Makati for hair services, I did not hesitate. I saw her recently hi-lighted hair and it looker great. Greetin me from the reception area was Karen, the owner of Gionyx who immediately gave a compliment about my eyes. She’s Korean and don’t know Tagalog. She directed me to stylist Miguel who showed me their color pegs. Unlile Rhea I did not opt for hi lights t but just a clean hair color touch up to hide myRead More →

How To Make Dry And Damaged Hair Healthy Again

There isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t want to have healthy, soft hair. The global hair care industry is worth an estimated $88 billion, proving that millions of people around the world are willing to spend a good amount of money to achieve hair that is silky and beautiful. Unfortunately, many people find that despite the fact that they buy the most expensive hair care products on the market, their hair remains dry and damaged. While countless hair care brands promise to heal damaged hair, they often fail to live up to their claims. Why Hair Care Brands Lie Any hair care brandRead More →

Smartbond Matthew Collins

Summer is one of those times most of us dare to make a drastic change in our hair.  So drastic that oftentimes it leads to hair damages like dry and brittle hair because of over processing via haircolor or we pick the wrong hair style. At Jeu De Couleurs hair and fashion show by L’Oreal Professionel they introduced  hair contouring and Smartbond through world renowned hairstylist Matthew Collins who flew in all the way from Toronto! Matthew Collins is L’Oreal Professionel International Ambassador and is a known editorial haie stylist for 12 years.  He has a long list of celebrity clients including Cynthia Nixon, MeghanRead More →

The moment I stepped in my plane back to Manila, I knew I need a new hair color. Luckily a box of Shades Cream Hair Dye Safe Ka Hair Survival Kit was waiting for me at home .  In the survival kit were two boxes of Shades Cream Hair Dye in Burgundy plus essentials for DIY hair coloring. In the box of the Shades Cream Hair Dye is a Shades Cream Colorant, Shades Cream Developer, a Shades Protective Glove and instruction leaflet.  I was actually looking for an after shampoo and conditioner treatment but did not find any.   Upon reading the packaging I learnedRead More →

The amount of commercials for hair and beauty products these days is truly overwhelming. It seems like there is a new company springing up every two seconds to sell you a new product that is supposedly the best on the market. You might have certain brands that you have been loyal to for many years. These brands have never let you down and you have no reason to switch to a different brand. However, you might be in a situation where you want to try something new. If this is the case, there are some things you need to know before you head off toRead More →

The 4th installment of UNICEF’s Auction for Acton is one of the most special one to date as the items to be auctioned are six of the limited-edition Yoda chairs used by state leaders during the APEC Economic Leaders’ Welcome Dinner who were present at the APEC 2015 held in the Philippines this year. This Auction for Action organized by UNICEF Special Advocate for Children Daphne Oseña-Paez will be held on December 16, 2015 to benefit UNICEF’s 1,000 Days campaign.  UNICEF’s 1,000 days campaign focus on giving support to the first 1,000 days of a child from birth up to 2 years.  The six Yoda chairs for auction areRead More →