I’m sure you have heard of the Botanical Effects Skin Care Line by Mary Kay before, but this one is totally new and revamped.  The new one is noow infused with anti-oxidant and the look simplified to make life easier. The new Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care Line includes the Botanical Effects Cleansing Gel which cleanse deeply and effectively , and even dissolves all traces of oil.  The Botanical Effects Refreshing Toner wipes away traces of dirt and complexing-dulling dead skin cells for a complete clean.  The Botanical Effects Moisturizing Gel is a quick absorbing gel that does not feel greasy, yet moisturizes forRead More →

Remember the time when you were happy and in love.  How did you look like? How did the people you see tell how you look like?  Did they tell you “You are glowing, are you in love?” Yes you are and yes the glow comes from within.  You see whatever you feel inside resonates outside.  The real secret to healthy, young-looking and glowing skin has to start from within.  No amount of topical facial creams and lotions can ever provide the beauty and glow that comes from inside, the approach should be holistic skin care. The “lit from within” must compliment a healthy lifestyle asideRead More →

Give the gift of great skin. If you are looking for a gift for a very kikay sister, girlfriend, mom or sister or office mate for your monito monita.  I think the Celeteque Dermoscience Basic Skin Care Gift Pack is the best choice.  This particular Celeteque Dermoscience gift pack sent to my has the Hydration Facial Wash, Hydration Alcohol-Free Toner, and Hydration Facial Moisturizer which is three of the basic skin care routine everyone should do to get that softer, smoother, moisture-balanced skin. This set is sold for nothing over Php500.00 and they come in other Celeteque Dermoscience product variations and is available at Watsons,Read More →

People with sensitive skin know how hard it is to find a good facial moisturizer. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as choosing a heavily advertized, brand-name bottle of lotion. Traditional skin care products can be so hard on delicate skin cells. Most popular skin care products are filled with harsh chemicals. Even the perfume and dye-free options are full of harmful ingredients. It’s critical to find a moisturizer with organic ingredients. Even people who don’t have sensitive skin can benefit from organic skin care products.Read More →

Make up and skin care products, especially cream based ones, easily melt on a temperature over 25C.  If you look at the packaging of each cream based makeup you have you will see storage instructions to keep it in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight exposure.  If you live in a hot tropical weather country like the Philippines, this will be one of your biggest makeup challenge  — a cool storage area in your homes for your make up and cosmetics! An easy answer to this would be to keep your makeup in an air conditioned room in your homes. But admitRead More →

Last May 15, 2013, H2O Plus The Science of Marine Skin Care, launched their first store at SM Aura Premiere The SM Store at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. H2O Plus offers an extensive collection of skin care products that deeply hydrate, protect and revitalize skin. Their products boasts of unique marine-based concept, H2O Plus combines water “plus” marine extract, its exclusive Sea Mineral Complex and advanced skincare technology to reveal remarkably fresh, younger-looking skin. To celebrate H2O Plus coming in Manila, they are giving away this Exclusive H2O Plus Beauty Bag with Travel Deluxe Travel Sizes products to those who will purchase products worthRead More →

Forget about the notion that only women are allowed or should take care of their skin and bodies. Because getting prone to skin dryness, perspiration, UVB and UVA rays, and aging can also affect men.  NIVEA, the worlds most trusted skin care brand has come up with a line of products specifically made for men.  Here are some of the NIVEA For Men products you might want to give the men in your life: Nivea For Men Whitening (Cleansing Foam, Facial Wash and Scrub and Moisturizer) Nivea Shaving Foam, Silver Protect Deodorant, and Body Lotion Whitening Nivea For Men Sport Shower Gel and Oil ControlRead More →

Now that I am on my 30’s I can’t help but become very conscious about my looks particularly with the appearance of wrinkles and other signs that will show ageing.   I never want to look super old and when I die I want to look like I’m just the way I am even if I die 120 years old! Haha! Kidding aside.  Who wants to look old anyway?  Maybe I did when I was a teenager or way much younger as I wear older women’s clothes wear unflattering makeup to make me look “mature” as the boys back at that time want the matureRead More →