end sexual exploitation of children

When I heard the horrifying story behind the “Destruction of Daisy” I got weak in the knees, chills down my spine and tears ran down my face.  I asked myself how could a human do such harm to innocent children?  What could have drove the perpetrator and even his cohorts do such things and not feel remorse or fear? As a mom, I am glad the evil man behind it was caught but I am heartbroken because that guy never showed remorse.  His cohorts who buy his sh*t has not been caught either.  They will all just find new source of freaky inhumane entertainment for theirRead More →

#2016Elections soon. I am starting this post with an apology to my regular readers whom may not want to hear or read about politics as early as today especially from a candidate they may have blocked from the people they are thinking of voting just because he is connected with a controversial personality. If you have read as far as here, Thank You. I know that Philippines politics is a tricky topic to touch. But humor me. In all honesty, I have not made up my mind on whom to vote for this 2016 Philippines National Elections #2016Elections . With all the limited choices weRead More →

The 4th installment of UNICEF’s Auction for Acton is one of the most special one to date as the items to be auctioned are six of the limited-edition Yoda chairs used by state leaders during the APEC Economic Leaders’ Welcome Dinner who were present at the APEC 2015 held in the Philippines this year. This Auction for Action organized by UNICEF Special Advocate for Children Daphne Oseña-Paez will be held on December 16, 2015 to benefit UNICEF’s 1,000 Days campaign.  UNICEF’s 1,000 days campaign focus on giving support to the first 1,000 days of a child from birth up to 2 years.  The six Yoda chairs for auction areRead More →

How do you solve a problem like the horrendous traffic jam in Metro Manila? I am sure each of us have an idea to share, some are brilliant too brilliant to get implemented, some are too stupid they think it’s worth a try. But in a not so distant past, during the time of the once known notorious President of the Philippines, he had a Presidential Decree that no government employee (not sure about the private sector) should be assigned to work far from the city/province they live. So he reassigned employees and have them work or live near work, they were also provided withRead More →

The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum 5 (APHF5), organized by Habitat for Humanity (HFH), is a biennial conference that brings together local communities, socio-civic organizations, the private sector and the government in seeking to provide solutions to the problem of housing accessibility. This is the first time APHF5 will be holding a satellite event on September 3-4 at The Manila Hotel, in alignment with the main conference in Hong Kong. APHF5 Manila serves as a springboard to the upcoming National Housing and Urban Development Summit 2016 supported by The World Bank, and the UN-Habitat Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development. The two-day forum will focus on fourRead More →