dengue vaccination at watsons

Did you know that there is no actual treatment or medicine to cure dengue when you got infected by it? I was shocked to learn this recently from Dr. Rontgene M. Solante former President of PSIMD at an event I attended where the latest dengue vaccine was introduced. The only cure he said is prevention by getting an anti-dengue vaccine. But once you got dengue “hydration, fever and pain management plus dasal is all we can do.” This is why he sterny supports anti-dengue vaccination campaigns such as the one Watson is introducing in the country. Watsons, the leading health & beauty chain in theRead More →


In a not so distant past I was invited by a Christian group to a workshop/seminar they have for single parents/ single moms.  The title or theme of the workdhop was “Feeling Desperate and Low”.  I got offended and hurt by their title that I immediately said I won’t go to their event.  In my defense I posted the incident on my personal Facebook wall and vent out how I am never gonna associate myself with a group who thinks so ill of single moms like me. How could they uplift us if at the start they think so low of us.  If that isRead More →


As soon as I heard about the heart of the campaign, I immediately jumped in. Without batting an eyelash, no rehearsals whatsoever, I did the #ReadOutLoudChallenge.  I read so loud I forgot I had a lapel on and people would look even if I pronounced some words incorrectly. So what!  I did the #ReadOutLoudChallenge and will do it 75 times more so the chance of building a library for public school in the Philippines will become a reality. Yes, if there are 75 people who upload their own #ReadOutLoudChallenge on their Favebook or Instagram accounts that can be viewed publicly, National Bookstore will build aRead More →

end sexual exploitation of children

When I heard the horrifying story behind the “Destruction of Daisy” I got weak in the knees, chills down my spine and tears ran down my face.  I asked myself how could a human do such harm to innocent children?  What could have drove the perpetrator and even his cohorts do such things and not feel remorse or fear? As a mom, I am glad the evil man behind it was caught but I am heartbroken because that guy never showed remorse.  His cohorts who buy his sh*t has not been caught either.  They will all just find new source of freaky inhumane entertainment for theirRead More →

Celebrate Women #WoMenWill Google Earthlingorgeous

In celebration of International Women’s Day last March 8, Google Philippines teamed up with leading online female magazine to shine a light on female trailblazers in the field of science and technology, and highlight the role that technology, especially the Internet, plays in enabling women to succeed. A forum entitled “Celebrate Women” brought together women game changers from different walks of life and industries to talk about their accomplishments and how technology enables their success from their day-to-day lives to their challenging careers. While stories of success abound, a Connected Consumer survey carried out by Google revealed that even though there are slightly moreRead More →

The popular Smurfs characters are encouraging children, young people and adults to make the world happier, more peaceful, equitable and healthy with a campaign launched today by the United Nations, UNICEF, and the United Nations Foundation. (Watch the featurette “International Day of Happiness 2017 – Small Smurfs Big Goals” at The “Small Smurfs Big Goals” campaign is designed to encourage everyone to learn about and support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were agreed on by all 193 member countries of the United Nations in 2015. It kicks off with the launch of a Public Service Announcement video inspiring viewers to champion the Goals,Read More →


Who made it to your 65th Miss Universe Finalist? After watching the swimsuit and evening gown pre-pageant competition I think the world finally saw that our contender has a chance. Maxine Medina was one of those who stood out in her emerald green evening gown and her hair all the way up. She was also stunning in her tropical green printed two-piece swimsuit with her hair down. Ms. Philippines got a chance all she needs to do is excel in the question and answer portion and her chances to be in the Top 5 finalist will be great. Nineteen candidates from the 2016 Miss Universe competitionRead More →

Freewaters is a brand dedicated to creating casual footwear that offers comfort, innovation, and fresh styling to individuals with active and travel lifestyles. The brand caters to anyone who is daring and committed enough to carve their own paths in life. But aside from their products, there is one more thing that’s wonderful about the brand – every Freewaters pair is a step towards clean drinking water. A portion of its sales goes directly to fund the brand’s clean drinking water projects. To this day, the brand has built 20 freshwater wells in Kenya and distributed 7 water filters and a rain catchment system inRead More →