Who made it to your 65th Miss Universe Finalist? After watching the swimsuit and evening gown pre-pageant competition I think the world finally saw that our contender has a chance. Maxine Medina was one of those who stood out in her emerald green evening gown and her hair all the way up. She was also stunning in her tropical green printed two-piece swimsuit with her hair down. Ms. Philippines got a chance all she needs to do is excel in the question and answer portion and her chances to be in the Top 5 finalist will be great. Nineteen candidates from the 2016 Miss Universe competitionRead More →

Freewaters is a brand dedicated to creating casual footwear that offers comfort, innovation, and fresh styling to individuals with active and travel lifestyles. The brand caters to anyone who is daring and committed enough to carve their own paths in life. But aside from their products, there is one more thing that’s wonderful about the brand – every Freewaters pair is a step towards clean drinking water. A portion of its sales goes directly to fund the brand’s clean drinking water projects. To this day, the brand has built 20 freshwater wells in Kenya and distributed 7 water filters and a rain catchment system inRead More →

We all eat out especially when with friends or family members. This holiday season, a simple dining in at a certain restaurant and ordering a certain dish can help alleviate malnutrition in the Philippines? From November 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017, international nongovernment organization Action Against Hunger together with partner restaurants and top chefs are bringing to life the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign. This campaign aims to save the lives of malnourished children in the Philippines through ‘DISHES THAT FEED MORE’ in participating restaurants. When ordered, proceeds from these dishes go to Action Against Hunger’s programs in alleviating extreme malnutrition across the country. JustRead More →

Aside from creating memories on the new places I visit, I also want to leave an impact on the people and the places I meet along my travels. An online movement to inspire, enable and empower travellers AirAsia and partners pledge to jointly tackle responsible tourism by launching the #HowIFly campaign. How I fly call s for responsible travel, and the value of generating a positive impact on communities, wildlife, and the environment. Over 1.5 billion travellers are expected to travel each year by 2020. #HowIFly is a call or challenge through social media and will take via Instagram. It challenges travellers who wish toRead More →

If you’re fears were like stains that can be washed away would you do it? Fears are like warning signs, some fears are valid like having our loved ones hurt, illness and pain. Some are not, like the fear of the unknown. Recently, I attended the Arial Wash Your Fears Summit held at the Shooting Galery where 100 Fearless Women were gathered to proclaim their fears and get inspiration on how to overcome them and be successful in life.  A panel discussion led by Ms. Kris Aquino hosted by Bianca Gonzalez and 10 female celebrity infuencers in their various fields were featured in the summitRead More →

The last quarter of the 2016 is here which means we only got less than three months to welcome 2017.  As they year is about to end of course most of us are preparing for the Holidays and new plans and yes which journal/planner to get to write down your memories/thoughts/plans/dreams and whatever floats your boat. I would like all of you to take into consideration the CBTL 2017 Giving Journal as it not just a planner/journal but it is a journal that gives. The CBTL 2017 Giving Journal has each month of the year begin with a sketch that symbolizes various commitements of TheRead More →

  Update!  Winners of the #BDJFair2016 VIP passes announcement!   Yup, this is my 16th #AboutThisWeek Vlog most I post here on the blog to serve as a teaser post for the other events I have not blogged about yet, some are there on my YouTube channel as to have a regular content in there. This week of October 1- 8, 2016 covered the MVP Huddle with BDJ Buzz at the Lucy in the Sky Cafe in Greenhills, watching The Girl on The Train at the Columbia Pictures office at Shangri-la Mall, the Cutera beauty break held at Aruga by Rockwell hotel in Makati, attendingRead More →

I had a traumatic experience with neighborhood dogs when I was in gradeschool. I was a very mischievous child back then. Very playful and have that I don’t care attitude. I run around the neighborhood like I own it (we live in a very sheltered subdivision in Quezon City back then and we all know the neighbors life family, I miss that kind of neighborhood to be honest.) Anyway, since I was the michievous one, I would run around the neighborhood like I own it.Read More →

If you notice people these days are getting more health conscious and a lot are very much app dependent . While it sounded like someone having a sedentary lifestyle, app based health trackers are very popular. With that said, Avon came up with a mobile application that will help pledge your steps to help fight against breast cancer plus your own road to a healthier lifestyle. Just download the Avon 130 Million Steps Pedometer App from you Google Play or the App Store and once activated all your steps will be counted and automatically synced to the grand total once connected to the internet. YouRead More →

I’m sure you’ve seen donation cans here and there but I guess you have not seen one like the #PlusCan yet. Unlike any other donation drive can, the Plus Can has Derek Ramsay photo and autograph on it and a plus sign as the holes for dropping coins inside like piggy banks. The Plus Can Project is one of the latest Habitat for Humanity Philippine Fund Raising project done alongside with Derek Ramsay who is the celebrity Ambassador for this project. Each cans can be bought for Php500.00 at the Habitat for Humanity office in Makati, you can keep it for yourself and stare atRead More →