I’m not a fan of straight up action movies. You know those pointless gun fight and violence that serves no purpose but stoopidity? When I went to see The Accountant Movie, I thought it is going to be one boring, predictable action film. I was wrong. Surprisingly the movie has an amazing twist that is very unpredictable. It was so engaging and interesting that will keep your eyes on the screen the whole time. While for some the movie started slow, I was hooked right away because the movie tackles an issue very close to my heart — autism , in its many shapes and form.Read More →

If your child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, you may feel confused and insecure at first and realize that your life will change. Along with feelings of shock or sadness, you’ll also start wondering about treatment, and hope that your child can live a normal life. According to Lindsey Stone, who works for autism awareness, parents should be careful to choose the right treatments. Tips for Parents The sooner your child begins treatment, the greater chance the treatment will be a success. You shouldn’t wait to see if your child outgrows some of the symptoms. Early intervention is your best asset for reducingRead More →

Caring for a child with autism is difficult if you think it is difficult. If the parent is not mentally strong, the child can never think of surviving in this cruel world. So, the first care tip for the parents here is; be strong. Listed below are other tips that should help you take good care of your child and have a strong bonding with them. Learn about autism: This is not easy but there are a number of free sources available online that you will never have to think twice while learning facts about autism. However, if you don’t mind spending a couple ofRead More →

I grew up in a household full of kids. Well OK it was a compound/aparmemt complex where almost all my father’s siblings live except for one. Therefore I grew up with a lot of playmates and love and affection from my relatives. I had a great childhood. As I write this I can’t help but feel sad for my daughter who don’t have cousins around her and the only “playmates” she could get was from those play houses in malls or when she has socialization day at school. This sucks really bad and it tears me apart. How I wish she had cousins to playRead More →

‘A couple of years ago, during the time I started this blog, every 2nd day of April is the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD).   I am so excited to announce that our allies in the world are now shifting from autism awareness campaign to autism acceptance this year 2013.  In line with this the Autism Acceptance Month Website was launched where Autism Acceptance is explained thoroughly it provides  fact sheets and resources about autism for autistic people, family members, educators, and the general public.  This site will also serve as a central location for posting and sharing information about autism acceptance-themed events occurring acrossRead More →

Autism affects 1 out of 150 children today but understanding the most effective techniques to help can be confusing to many. How do you build language skills in children with autism? How do you decrease behavior problems?  These are just some of the pressing questions parents and caregivers of children with autism face everyday. Here is a two-day seminar that covers language and behavior problems. It is two day seminar organized by the Applied Behavior Consultants ABC Philippines. “Building & Strengthening Language Skills & Managing Behavior Problems Through Applied Behavior Analysis” is a two day seminar by by Kerry Madden-Solliday, B.A., Robyn Matsumoto, M.A. andRead More →

Today is the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) as declared by the United Nations in December 2007.  The theme this year is “Make the Rights Real for Persons with Autism”. Sadly, most families afflicted with autism in the country hardly know of their rights or even bother to claim such rights because of the red tape and bureaucracy happening in the country.  So far the only bill close to give some sort of benefit to family and persons afflicted with autism is the Special Educations Act a bill sponsored by Senator Ed Angara with a budget of Php600 million for 5 consecutive years.  I wonder where the moneyRead More →