The biggest challenge in teaching a child with autism is that they have a tendency to forget easily and so to be able for them to master something you have to teach the same things to them repeatedly until it becomes a habit. When I enrolled my daughter for her special class she barely can sit for long minutes and barely can identify parts of her body. She also has difficulty identifying colors and shapes and her matching ability is more often hits or miss. It really takes hard work and dedication to get her out of her shell. Even traveling with her can beRead More →

I know most of you would not mind reading this post as this doesn’t concern or interest you in any way.   I was like you eight years ago.   My view about disability was confined with persons who shows very obvious signs impairment like being deaf, mute, blind, crippled, and with physical deformities or discriminations. Autism was just a word to me, I did not know that people who are physically perfect can have a disability like my daughter. However I dislike the term disability and I bet most of those who are differently able dislike the term too because they have special  meansRead More →

Today marks the 3rd year the World Autism Day is celebrated.  Thanks to the United Nations General Assembly for adopting and  issuing a resolution on December 18, 2007 declaring April 2 as the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) that will bring the world’s attention to autism in perpetuity. Autism is a pervasive disorder that affects tens of millions and does not discriminate sex, race, lifestyle or religion of an individual.  The WAAD  resolution encourages all Member States to take measures to raise awareness about autism throughout society and to encourage early diagnosis and early intervention. It further expresses deep concern at the prevalence and high rateRead More →

This post is a day late, this was meant for the blog action day re: Education Is A Right spearheaded by the Kabataan Partylist. I agree that everyone has the right to a quality and accessible education, it is a right given to as by the constitution, the basic of all human rights everyone is bestowed upon.   But sadly, with the present state education is now a privilege enjoyed by those who can afford. For the coming school year, two of my closest mom and kid tandem at the special private school my daughter attends to will stop schooling because they could no longerRead More →

Intellectual disability is the largest single life-long handicap existing in the Philippines today, affecting 3-7% of the population. More than 30,000 are born annually with the condition, and each passing year sees a rise in this figure. Each one of these special individuals needs the same care, attention and opportunity to be treated with respect and understanding as everyone else – because in the end, we are all human. On the same month that Presidential Proclamation Nos. 1358 and 157 calls national attention on Down Syndrome and developmental disability, Special Olympics Philippines (SOP) calls on everyone to Be A Fan, a movement tapping into coreRead More →

UPDATE: Gomey is home!  Hooray!  The more than 800,000 post helped. He was sent back home.  Details here. One of my biggest pet peeve are people who are so full of themselves to think they are better than others and know more than anyone else. I was doing my regular blog hopping when I chanced upon this story about Gomey, a 19 year old person with autism (PWA).  He is from Quebec, Montreal, Canada but he was forcibly taken away from his family and home and was brought to a French speaking psychiatric hospital because of a social worker who doesn’t understand a thing aboutRead More →

One of the most difficult task of parents is teaching their child how and when to use the bathroom.  It is more difficult if you have to potty train a child with autism, as you have to make extra effort than an average child. My daughter after so many years of training still has a lot of miss than hits especially when mommy is not around and granny is her only companion.  You see kids know who they can manipulate and who they should obey. When I was potty training (actually I still have to remind her as often as I could since my daughterRead More →

Angels will take a walk again on January, 24, 2010, at the SM Mall of Asia as we held the 3rd Angels Walk for Autism. The walk is entitled Angels Walk in the Malls. Registration will be held at the Level One Entertainment/Music Hall, fronting the Seaside Boulevard. This is absolutely free. Or you can register online. Everyone is welcome – bring your family, your friends, your neighbors, your barangay! See you there! Warm-up exercises will be held at 6:30 am which will be led by fitness professionals. A short program follows with messages from special guests, Engr. Bien Mateo, Honorary Chairman of this year’sRead More →