Achieve Your #HairGoals at Watsons

Watsons #Hairgoals

Luscious,  shiny,  bouncy,  colorful,  long or short.  I don’t know what your #hairgoals are but I am sure you wish you had those of your favorite celebrity (local or Hollywood).   While it may seem like it costs a fortune,  there is a cheaper alternative to get the locks of your dream. At the #hairgoals event […]

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Banana Boat Dry Balance – A Sunblock That Can Stay Effective Even Under 7 Conditions

Summer is forever in the Philippines while rain is just an occasional thing.  With that said,  we all need a sunblock that can withstand all the situations we are put in. Yesterday,  I was one of the first to try out the new Banana Boat Dry Balance,  the latest broadspectrum sunblock with SPF50+PA+++ that is […]

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How to Become a #HappyNewYou and win 1million Shopping Points with Watsons

When the new year rings in,  a lot of us share our new year resolutions that is aimed at having a #HappyNewYou.  Watsons had their first event of the year to encourage people to become the vetter version of themselves inviting in brands and celebrities that can be a testament to transformations with the help […]

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