Adam Elements x Power Mac Center x Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fest

Running out of memory will never be a problem anymore with the launch of ADAM Elements exclusive partnership with Power Mac Center. Having known as the premiere Apple reseller Power Mac Center was chosen as the only distributor of ADAM Elements products in the Philippines.   A company coming from Taiwan and known for being an innovator in smart mobile lifestyle accessories such as lightning cables, smart health products, and on-the-go (OTG) iOS storage units . Their flagship products for the launch was the iKlips Duo an OTG flash drive specifically made for the iOS and Mac Market.  The iKlips Duo and iKlips Duo+ makes transfering, sharingRead More →

Vivo V5 Plus Review + Sample Shots + Videos Philippines

After the Chinese New Year my S6 Edge just died on me and I panicked because I don’t have a back up phone.  I gave my other phones to my sister and daughter because I don’t actually subscribe at having too many phones when you can actually get away with one.   Thankfully my PR friend handling Vivo V5 Plus, willingly gave me a brand spanking new unit, with no obligations whatsoever to blog or whatever.  But of course I won’t give them anything in return. I am more willing to give back the generousity and kindness by means of reviewing the fone and posting aboutRead More →

Vivo V5 Plus

I’ve been taking selfie shots since I’ve owned a camera.  And when I say camera I mean those 110 filmed point and shoot cameras a.k.a. as lomo cams .  Selfie also known as selca or self capture is a great work-around to take photos of yourself with the view when there’s no one around to take it for you. Self timer also works. While some people feel weird doing it but I don’t.  It is not being vain or anything but just not wanting to disturb anyone else so you find a way to do it by yourself.  It’s what “innovative” people do to “survive”Read More →

Women today are not just dominating the fashion and beauty industry, but research says that they have a lot to say on leading a life beautifully. Women play a significant role in portraying this concept at large. The advertisement and marketing sector of this economy has a significant say on how women have influenced sales and brought success to most companies. Beauty is not just about being magnanimous about a great physique but it also defines ones personality and way of lifestyle. These attributes are also helpful for us gamers to explain what it is like to break the monotony and start with something newRead More →

  Don’t you feel annoyed when you are in the middle of a game and suddenly all the graphics start to freeze or images gets buffered? Hard core gamers can relate and I’m sure they all wish for the most powerful laptop or desktop to use epecially when they are on the height of their gaming. Fortunately Dell Philippines recently introduced their most powerful gaming laptop to date.  The new Dell  Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop that is tailored to the needs of gaming enthusiasts.  It  features the most aggressive performance design and components offered within the Inspiron laptop family with powerful quad core processors fromRead More →

Before I left for the states, I was sent an Asus Zenfone 3 Max for review. I was not able to do an unboxing even in my hotels in U.S. because my schedule was packed. Events and mall touring in the daytime and sightseeing with friends in the nighttime. I usually go back to my hotel around 2am and then sleep for a few hours then move again. I am not complaining though. Not everyone gets this chance of a lifetime. Anyway, I was not able to use the Zenfone 3 Max in L.A. California but I made full use of it when I wasRead More →

ASUS today announced the launch of ZenFone 3 Deluxe, the distinguished flagship model of the new ZenFone 3 Series designed for users who demand a smartphone with the very best performance and features. The desirable ZenFone 3 Deluxe has the highest-specification components of the ZenFone 3 Series models and is the ultimate expression of ASUS smartphone design. ZenFone 3 incorporates many world’s-first technical achievements and breakthroughs, the result of a determined effort to empower users with the very best in smartphone design and technology. World’s first all-aluminum-alloy smartphone with invisible-antenna design ZenFone 3 Deluxe features an incredibly slim and elegant all-metal unibody chassis, and isRead More →

So, I was browsing my Facebook timeline and found so many different things I think we nee/want in our life.  So many #NewInnovations that I think will make life easier for all of us or in my case my life.  If I could just have them right here right now, that would be awesome! I don’t want to be selfish so I am sharing my Christmas Wishlist 2016 things I Need/Want in Our Life Now, featuring new innovation products that I don’t know if they are a concept or already available somewhere out there.  If they are available, Dear Santa Claus, I think I’ve beenRead More →