HOOQ Hangouts: How Weekends Should Look Like


How is your weekend like?

Mine?  I would like to spend it doing nothing.  Thinking ’bout nothing, especially work or anything that I’ve been stressing the whole weekdays.  I’d like to immerse myself in less stressful things and maybe escape by diving into a whole new world that will keep me energize for the the coming weekdays.  Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat!  That is how weeknds should look like.


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What I Think About the New Ghostbuster Answer the Call Movie

I grew up watching the Ghostbuster cartoons and movie.  I remember staying home on a Friday to watch the cartoon and I religiously watch every episode. I also enjoyed the movies . When I learned there was a new Ghostbusters movie, I was half excited.  Half excited because instead of the usual male Ghostbusters Egon, Winston, Ray, Peter and receptionist/ secretary Janine, the new movie features female Ghostbusters Abby, Erin, Jillian , Patty and receptionist/ secretary Kevin. I don’t know what to expect because honestly, I have not even seen the trailer!

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How Globe Changes Entertainment in the Philippines #GlobeWWGX


I rarely watch television.  For one we don’t have cable and two I watch my TV series and movies I failed to watch online and I can do it at my own time.

I think this is now the truth for most consumers, and this is what Globe recognized with the new offerings they recently revealed.   Dubbed as the Next Attraction #GlobeWWGX promises to change the landscape of entertainment in the Philippines by giving original shows, live events and engaging world-class content. Plus a line-up of  new international content partners and improved broadband plans that takes entertainment in the Philippines to a higher level.

So how do they plan to change entertainment in the Philippines?  Let me tell you the ways:

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My Thoughts on Finding Dory


One of the reasons I made a blog is that I don’t want to forget happy experiences, people, places and things I come across.  I just had this unreasonable fear of memory loss when I get older . I did suffer for temporary amnesia awhile back in my life and it was not fun (that is another story to tell that I may or may not want to share in here).

Finding Dory was a sequel to the hit movie Finding Nemo.  Story plot was when Dory suddenly remembered she had a family and that she should look for them.  The adventure revolves around how a fish with short term memory loss can find her way into finding someone she can’t even remember.

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My Toycon Philippines 2016 Pop Life Fan Experience


It was literally like a kid in a toystore, only better. Because all the characters you just see on the comic books and watch on television come to life and there’s no better feeling than being able to immense yourself in a world you only thought can exist in your dreams.

The first day of Toycon Philippines 2016, which is running for 15 years in the country, had their major milestone. This was the first time they finally had international artist/ characters come over and have that incredible Toycon experience like they do in the states because they partnered with Pop Life Entertainment this year.

Imagine they were able to get Lois and Clark Superman, Game of Thrones Hodor, Starwars Boba Fett, Twilight Saga pack of wolves and have Stan Lee over a live Skype on top of the list!

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OUTCAST: New Horror Series From Creator Of The Walking Dead Premieres On FOX On June 4

I was at the advanced screening of the first episode last night and I enjoyed it so much I can’t wait to see more.  It’s my kind of series/shows, I really like horror – thriller flicks.  This one is an exorcist kind of series but there is something about the lead star that makes me drawn into the series making me want to watch some more.  This will make a good marathon series.  Season 1 will start on June 4, 2016 n FOX but the Season 2 is already in the making!

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How This Week Went #AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 4

#AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 4

I’m getting the hang of this, not attending too many events, not posting too often on the blog. It’s kinda like freedom ! I’m not bound by rushing to post things right away (unless its a deadline). I’m focusing on the things that matter most in my personal life and there’s no need to blog about it!

#AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous covering events that happened in the week of April 11-15, 2016 :

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M&Ms Election 2016 Vote for #MMsYellow Candydate

#MMsYellow #VoteMMs2016


The election fever is definitely on and everyone is in a frenzy. Luckily, M&Ms is here to the rescue by  lighten up the agigated mood by having this fun, sweet and spotaneous M&M’S®  Election 2016 .  Everyone is invited to participate to vote for their chosen CANDY-DATE (preferably #MMsYellow)  and get a chance to win cash prizes and M&M’S® merchandise.

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