Bloggers Weather Forecast Team at The Explorarium

Bloggers Weather Forecast Teat at The Explorarium

This is what happens when you leave bloggers alone in a studio set-up with a working video camera, green screen and a TV monitor… they become wanna be weather forecasters!

Bloggers Weather Forecast Teat at The Explorarium
Bloggers Weather Forecast Team:
Florencio Jusay Jr. (hanging habagat), Earth Rullan (weather girl), Rain Ferdinand (rain), Mark Vincent Nuñez (wind), Azrael Colladilla (the janitor), Ferdie Bondoy (thunderstorm), Myrns Roman (camera woman), Julie Fuentes (dancing weather).
This is our first broadcast! Please comment below if you want a second edition!
This was just one of the many crazy things we did at the Expolarium at the SM Mall of Asia.

The Expolarium is an interactive museum/ science and technology exploratory gallery where you can take your kids to learn in a fun and interactive way. It is also a place you can take your friends or a date for a fun interactice experience like this!

Have you seen the movie Interstellar? You can pose like the movie poster wearing the spacesuit!


Or drive a solar powered car! I was surprised when it moved! Haha!

Or drive a solar powered car! I was surprised when it moved! Haha!

See how fast can your run. Simulate flying an airplane or driving a car or try the Gyro Ride!

See how fast can your run. Simulate flying an airplane or driving a car or try the Gyro Ride!I

Pin impresion of yourself, can you guess which was me?

Pin Impressions at The Expolarium

Or go back in time and see vintage computer, cellphone, TV set, stenograph, radio and telephone.

Vintage at The Expolarium

There’s just so many fun and educational things to discover at the Expolarium for kids and kids at heart like me!  If you have time soon go pay it a visit!

We were there to meet Robert Irwin of Wild But True of Discovery Kids who had a meet-and-greet and capsule show for his Philippine fans.

Robert Irwin (10) of Wild But True Adventures on Discovery Kids. Bindi Irwin his sister both recieved the Biggest Greenies Award at the Nicolodean Kids Choice Award in 2009.

Robert Irwin (10) of Wild But True Adventures on Discovery Kids. Bindi Irwin his sister both recieved the Biggest Greenies Award at the Nicolodean Kids Choice Award in 2009.

Wild But True Adventures is Discovery Kids newwest show where Robert with his co-host Isabel Yamazaki will find out how mother natyre has influenced our modern world. The show premieres every Tuesday at 5pm starting December 2,2014 and encores every Saturday at 930am and 130pm.

You can get a chance to meet Robert Irwin and his family too at the Explorarium, info is on the poster below.

Meet and GREET robert Irwin

Stay gorgeous everyone!

How To Get Away With Murder?

How to Get Away with Murder

If you catch yourself in a twisted plot to kill someone, how are you gonna get away with the murder?

A brilliant criminal defense professor and a practicing lawyer teaches her student practical applications of the law by involving them on winning her clients case.

Three principles she taught them was to get away with murder you have to 1) Find another suspect, 2) discredit the witness and 3) bury the evidence.

If at school there is the competition to be the best in the class,  in the courtroom, the competition is to win the case.

To be on top or to win a case there are ways people do, sometimes unacceptable nasty things, to get what they want and win a case.

Twisting who is and is not guilty merely on technicalitie, the behind-the-scene courtroom hearing,  what goes on the minds of the main characters and the surprise twist of events are the most exciting to see in this new series.

As a former justice beat reporter and a lover of courtroom TV, suspense and horror flick, I find myself already hooked with this new TV series from Sony TV. It makes you think, it sets light bulb moments, there’s shocking scene and heavy drama involved. There’s so many good ingridients that makes up a damn good TV series.

How to Get Away with Murder
It is a kind of show that was really well researched and challenges your thoughts.

How I know all of these, well I just came from the special blue carpet special screening tonight of How To Get Away with Murder and seen two episodes and wow I can’t wait for more. Jeez I want a marathon already.

How to get away with murder
How to Get Away With Murder premieres tomorrow night Tuesday October 15, 2014 at 9pm on Sony TV Channel. Sony Channel #SonyChannelPh is the former V Channel.

Aside from How to Get Away with Murder, there are two other upcoming series premiering this week as well such as Jane the Virgin, a comedy series and Manhattan Love Story, a romance series that I think I will enjoy watching too.


2015 Feng Shui Convention for Wood Sheep Year

Maroted Allen

I don’t know about you but I believe in lucky charms, it helps enhances good luck, promise. I also believe in doing something to make something happen.

While I am not Chinese, Feng Shui is something I practice not in a hardcore manner, but I take in the good I leave the bad and take precaution. That is how we are supposed to live life right?

2015 Feng Shui Updates

Anyway, meeting Marites Allen, International Feng Shui Master, was a positve experience. It was her birthday party for the media and she gave us some positive vibes, gifts and tips to help make the coming year better for all of us! I love her tips!

What she told were secret so I cannot spill, but if you want to hear something to help you enhance your luck, make things work for you in the year of the 2015 Wood Sheep, you might want to mark your calendars for the 2015 Feng Shui Convention by Marites Allen on December 27, 2014 to be held at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City.

2015 Feng Shui Updates

The 2015 Feng Shui Convention by Marites Allen December event will be the first of many Feng Shui Updates that she will conduct in the

Philippines. It is the biggest gathenng of feng shui aficionados in the Philippines and nearby
Asian cities.

Participants get to learn not only general prospects for the year, but also forecasts on career, relationships, health, and many life aspects for each Chinese zodiac animal sign. Top-quality luck enhancers, including the unique line of auspicious fashion labelled Frigga Charmed Life, will also be available for sale during the event.

Maroted Allen

A much sought-after resource person on feng shui-related subjects, the London-based Marttes will also hold Meet and Greet sessions in major malls where she provides free public lectures and consultations.

Marites is the first and only Filipina to be awarded the

prestigious title “Master in Feng Shui” by the worid-renowned International Feng Shui Associatbn. She has trained in different schools of feng shui under respected mentors from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China.

On January 17, 2015, Marites will conduct Annual Feng Shui Updates in Tokyo, then in London on January 22 and 25. This will be followed by a series of Chinese New Year events and mall tours in the Philippines from January 28 to February 20. She will later meet her European followers on March 2 (Sweden), March 3 (Denmark), March 7 (Osto, Norway), and March 8 (Kristian Sand, Norway). Similar talks are also being set in the US on March 28-29 (Guam), April 2 (Las Vegasl.Apri) 6 (San Francisco), and April 11 (New York).

For further details on these schedules and to reserve seats for the December Convention please call: 09209509390 or email

Incidentally, Marites Allen will open the 1st Frigga Charmed Life Boutique at the SM Mall of Asia in November 2014.

Frigga Xharmed Life Boutique items

Frigga-inspired fashion can ve lukened to wearing one’s lucky charms and carrying auspiciousness wherever one goes.

No price list for the items yet but I was told the bangles she gave us is worth over Php2,000.00 .

The conxept of Frigga is based on fengs

The conxept of Frigga is based on feng shui principles that proper alignment and balancing of the five natural elements (Wood, Earth, Fire, and Metal) can attract prosperity and harmony into our lives.

For inquiries on Frigga Charmed Life please call 09209509390 / 4786378/ 5765323 or visit

Stay gorgeous everyone.

My Gone Girl Movie Review

Gone Girl movie review

If you have been waiting for the next psychopath girl like Glenn Close a.k.a Alex Forest in Fatal Attraction, or much better or rather much worst, then look no further.

After decades of waiting I think Rosamund Pike a.k.a. Amazing Amy a.k.a Amy Dunne at Gone Girl will rank high on your sociopath/psychopath women in movies you will ever find! Her eyes and demeanor says it all, she is just so creepy in this film.

There are very disturbing scenes in the movie that will make your stomach churn. It was so bad, it was soooo effing good.

Gone Girl movie review
Although I haven’t read the book, Gone Girl is one of those Best Seller Thriller/ Suspense book, I heard there was a twist that was not in the book. Like I always say, book versions and movie versions will always differ in a way. Film makers, directors and script writers need to adjust some for cinematic purposes. The twist was kinda good in a way that I sense a possibility of a Gone Girl part 2, Why not?

Yes, I enjoyed the movie. Director David Fincher out done himself in this movie. It was seamless, exciting, engaging and amazingly disturbing!

Ben Afleck fits the role very well as Nick Dune the estranged husband.

Gone Girl Fincer Special Shoot

Opening and ending lines was the climax! Let me try to remember how it was said by Nick Dune: “Sometimes when I look at my wife, My favorite part is stroking her hair… I love to crack her skull and pick her brains out to find answers to some questions that’s bothering me. About what she really feels about me, about us, about our marriage.” It is something like that but not entirely that, but that was the essence.

I recommend Gone Girl, it is disturbing, true, but it is one great Thriller Suspense movie you shouldn’t miss, especially if you liked Fatal Attraction!

Gone Girl is showing on Cinemas October 3, 2014 Rated PG16 by the MTRCB released by 20th Century Fox.

OH, Movie was a bit long, 149 minutes but I wasn’t bored at all.  I enjoyed the movie alot it really draws you in. The “rape-murder” scene is something I haven’t seen before it was so disturbing!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


Announcement: Casting Call Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3

Caasting Call Asia's Next Top Model Season 3
The casting process for Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3 has already begun, and on-ground auditions in Manila will be heldon October 4, Saturday and October 5, Sunday at Maxims Villa on the 5th Level of Resorts World Manila.
Caasting Call Asia's Next Top Model Season 3


Aspiring Filipina models aged 16 to 27 may attend the open casting from 10 AM to 5 PM and find more information at

Collecting Sports Cards Safely

There are many people who collect sports cards for fun and profit. They need to have all the supplies necessary to collect the cards, but they also need to be able to find the cards when they are searching for a part of a set. The person who enjoys these cards must think about all the categories below. The collection of the cards is going to be something that the person can do for money, or they can hold the cards to complete a collection that is going to be worth something to their children or grandchildren.

The Sleeves

The sleeves that people keep in their folios need to be strong enough to protect the cards, but these sleeves must also make it easy for the collector to get the cards out without damaging them. There are plastic sleeves that the collector can use to hold the cards alone, and these sleeves can carry price stickers when the cards are being sold at an auction or in an antique shop. 

The Folios

The folios that people use for their baseball cards must hold the cards carefully, and they must make sure that the folio can stand up to the punishment of being lugged around all the time. The folio can be the heart of someone’s collection, or it can be something that people flip through when they are looking for the card they want to buy.

These folios can come in leather bound perfection, and they can come in a design that looks lovely. The best folios look good on the book shelf when someone is trying to hold their cards for posterity. The best folios are costly, but they can actually increase the price of the collection because the collection is in something that is so nice.

The best way for people to make sure their card collection is cared for is to make sure that they are investing in the right kind of folios and sleeves. These items protect the cards, and they make it easy for people to store the cards. People should click here to find the things they need for their collection.

EverydayMe: P&G Community Website Launch

EverydayMe P&G Community Website launch

Geared at making the women’s life easier, Procter and Gamble (P&G) Philippines launched, a by membership community website with informative global and local lofestyle content, relevant conversation and delightful rewards.

EverydayMe P&G Community Website launchYes you read that right it is by membership the great part is once you sign-up you will get a starter kit of P&G lifestyle products and a membershop card with discounts and coupons worth Php900.00. The membership card gives you priviledge on first dibs on the lates P&G products and you can even request for product samples for testing.  You can also get first hand news on latest events and news about P&G.

EverydayMe P&G Philippines community website has various sections that cover topics that are relevant to the lives ofthe modern, multi-tasking Filipino woman: Family Life – Whether , Health and Well- Being-Tips Home and Garden , Beauty and Fashion – and Smart-Shopping.

The launch was held at The Peninsula Hotel Conservatory where their first celebrity contributors were introduced.

EverydayMe P&G Community Site LaunchEverydayMe P&G Community Site LaunchEverydayMe P&G Community Site LaunchEverydayMe P&G Community Site Launch

During the launch Kim and Jenni’s fab finds and insights come to life through installations showcasing their travel finds and must-haves.
EverydayMe P&G Community Site LaunchEverydayMe P&G Community Site LaunchEverydayMe P&G Community Site Launch

There was also a DIY lip balm station
EverydayMe P&G Community Site LaunchDIY Lip balm syation

And my favorite the Tea station where wr get to create our our own tea mix!
EverydayMe P&G Community Site LaunchEverydayMe P&G Community Site LaunchEverydayMe P&G Community Site Launch memvers can also expect content from top bloggerd and personalities like Camille Co,Frances Amper Sales, Patty Laurel, Jackie Go and Sam Oh.

EverydayMe P&G Community Site Launch

Like I mentioned earlier upon signing in you will recieve a membership card and a starter kit of P&G products liek what we got from the event. This was just somenof my favorite things from the loot.

Olay CC cream

It was a pleasure to see Ms.Jenni Epperson too she was with her family daughter Aryanna and husband Tom.
EverydayMe P&G Community Site Launch

I also love the home-made chocolates from the Peninsula Hotel taste like imported brands!
2014-09-28 20.22.35

Visit EverydayMe to signup and become a member to read member exclusive content and get privileges.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

5 Must-See Shows from FYI™ Channel Premiere In Asia

FYI Channel in Asia

On October 6, BIO™ Channel will rebrand to FYI™, a contemporary lifestyle network reflecting how people live their lives today, across Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan as announced by Alan Hodges, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, A+E Networks.

BIO was also rebranded to FYI in the US on July 8th. 


“FYI’s mission is to inspire personal creativity that emphasizes improvised living, while reflecting our authentic slate of programming,” says Michele Schofield, Senior VP, Programming & Marketing at A+E Networks Asia.  “And with its rich mix of inspirational content, the new channel’s Asian premiere is sure to bring its viewers a season of quality entertainment.”

FYI will feature over 300 hours of original content each year across four programming genres – taste, space, look, and journey.  FYI will include locally-commissioned productions and local acquisitions.  

FYI Channel in Asia

5 Must-See Shows from FYI™ Channel Premiere In Asia

  1. Tiny House Nation, renovation experts and hosts, John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, travel across America to show off ingenious small spaces and the inventive people who live in them. They also help families design, construct and prepare to downsize into their own mini-dream homes no larger than 300 square feet! 
  2. Rowhouse Showdown featuring renovation expert, Carter Oosterhouse as he leads three teams who battle it out to transform dilapidated homes. The team that increases the appeal of their home the most, wins the grand prize of $50,000. 
  3. Destination Flavour: Japan: From the frozen ponds of Hokkaido in the north to the southern multicultural island of Okinawa, we savour the cuisine from local legends and master chefs while watching Adam Liaw immerse himself in a vibrant food culture that embraces innovation and cherishes tradition. 
  4. Destination Flavour: Down Under: Host Adam Liaw continues to unearth hidden flavours, this time those nestled in the Australian and New Zealand landscapes. 
  5. Travels with the Bondi Vet features Dr. Chris Brown, a charismatic vet who leaves his practice in Sydney to begin his exploration of the world’s most beautiful and bizarre places, cultures and animals!

FYI or For your inspiration, for your imagination or for your innovation, will be a personalized experience for each viewer.  The network embraces the way audiences really live their lives – proudly-hyphenated and not constrained by one passion or interest. Never an instruction manual and always an inspiration engine, FYI offers viewers a more adventurous, personalized and non-prescriptive approach to programming with a range of stories that reflect how people actually live their lives today, not defined by just one passion or interest.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Gotham, A Pre-Batman WarnerTV Series Where Legends are Born and Villains Will Rise

2014-09-24 00.46.57

Gotham City has always been synonymous to Batman. But with the new TV series that will be aired on Thursday, September 25,2014 at 9PM on Warner TV Batman is non-existent.


I just saw the exclusive and advance screening of the pilot episode of Gotham held at Fully Booked BGC and WOW! I know I will be hooked.  This series will tell the story of how legends are born and how the villains rise. Everything we will see in the series will take us back at the moment Bruce Wayne’s lost his parents . I love the casting, very promising and convincing.

Gotham will premiere first and exclusively on WarnerTV on Thursday, September 25, at 9pm and will be shown every Thursday night for 16 weeks!

Gotham Series Info

Gotham, an origins story of DC Comics super-villains and vigilantes, this story will reveal an entirely new chapter that’s never been told!.

From executive producer/ writer Bruno Heller {The Mentalist, Rome), this one-hour drama follows one cop’s rise through a dangerously corrupt city teetering on the edge of evil and chronicles the genesis of one of the popular superheroes of our time. 

Gotham Warner TV Series

With a reputation synonymous with law and order, Commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie of The O.C. fame) is one of the crime world’s greatest foes. Everyone knows the name. But what is known of Gordon’s rise from rookie detective to police commissioner? And what did it take to navigate the layers of corruption that secretly ruled Gotham City, the spawning ground of the world’s most iconic villains? 

The crime drama follows Gordon’s turbulent and singular rise through the Gotham City police department, it also focuses on the characters who will become DC Comics’ most renowned and enduring villains, including a teenaged Selina Kyle/the future Catwoman (Camren Bicondova) and Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). The early story arc will focus on The Penguin. Also making its debut in the criminal roster is notorious gang boss Fish Mooney, played by popular actress, Jada Pinkett-Smith. 

Gotham has been fast-tracked to Asia and debuts on Thursday, September 25 at 9pm, Just two calendar days after the US world premiere. WarnerTV is available on SKY cable channel 77. 

Destiny Cable channel 80 and Cignal channel 66. Contact your cable operator to subscribe now. 

Follow WarnerTVAsia on Facebook for updates.

Sharapova, Williams, Murray in the Philippines: What You Need to Know About the International Premiere Tennis League (IPTL) in Manila


In just a little over two months, the Philippines will lay witness to the first ever international tennis competition featuring worldwide tennis superstars Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray, and Carlos Moya as headliners of the Manila Mavericks team. Garnering PHP 23 Million on its initialticket sales, the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) is expediently gaining traction as the sports event of the year. 

Serena Williams in Manila IPTL Philippines

Sharapova, Williams, Murray in the Philippines: What You Need to Know About the International Premiere Tennis League (IPTL) in Manila

What do we really know about the up and coming three-day competition? Here are a few interesting facts about the IPTL: 

International Players Represent Asian Teams 

Four teams representing four countries across Asia will vie for the grand title to take home the winning prize of USD 1 Million. The four teams embody the Indian Aces, UAE Royals, Singapore Slammers and Manila Mavericks. Each team is represented by international tennis big wigs.

The Manila Mavericks 

Andi Murray IPLT in Manila

The Manila Mavericks are represented by seasoned and seeded players: 32 WTA Singles title holder and darling of the press Maria Sharapova, current holder of the Wimbledon Championship title Andy Murray, 11 ATP World Tour Singles title holder Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, tennis legend Carlos Moya, 85 Men’s Double title holder Daniel Nestor, Belgium’s 2013 Sportswoman of the Year Kirsten Flipkens, and Pinoy pride Treat Huey. 

Rival Teams 

Other tennis stars representing the rival teams are: Serena Williams, Nick Kyrgios, Daniela Hantuchova, Tomas Berdych, and Patrick Rafter as part of the Singapore Slammers; Ana Ivanovic, Fabrice Santoro, Gael Monfils for the Indian Aces; and Eugenie Bouchard, Richard Gasquet, Goran Ivanisevic for the UAE Royals. More rival players will be announced as the datedraws closer to the match. 

IPTL in Manila

3 Days, 6 Matches, 30 Sets  

The entire competition in the Philippines lasts for three days. Each day comprises of two matches, with five sets per match. Matches include: Men’s’ Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s’ Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Legends’ Singles. Each season pass entitles the holder to attend all 3 days, with 2 matches per day, making sure fans receive their money’s worth. The Philippines is the first stop of four cities in which the Manila Mavericks will continue torepresent the Philippines to win the grand title of the IPTL Champions and take home the winning purse of USD 1 Million. 

IPTL in Manila

IPTL in Manila Match schedule is as follows: 

28 November 2014  

  • 4:00 pm  India vs Singapore 
  • 7:30 pm Manila vs UAE

29 November 2014 

  • 4:00 pm UAE vs Singapore 
  • 7:30 pm Manila vs India 

30 November 2014 

  • 4:00 pm UAE vs India 
  • 7:30 pm Manila vs Singapore 

4 Teams. 30 Icons. New Rules. Tennis megastars are taking center stage this November 28-30, 2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena for the biggest and most unique sports competition the Philippines has ever seen. For more information on the IPTL, visit and for ticket inquiries.  

P.S. if I’m not mistaken the ticket is good for all 3 games.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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