How This Week Went #AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 4

#AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 4

I’m getting the hang of this, not attending too many events, not posting too often on the blog. It’s kinda like freedom ! I’m not bound by rushing to post things right away (unless its a deadline). I’m focusing on the things that matter most in my personal life and there’s no need to blog about it!

#AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous covering events that happened in the week of April 11-15, 2016 :

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M&Ms Election 2016 Vote for #MMsYellow Candydate

#MMsYellow #VoteMMs2016


The election fever is definitely on and everyone is in a frenzy. Luckily, M&Ms is here to the rescue by  lighten up the agigated mood by having this fun, sweet and spotaneous M&M’S®  Election 2016 .  Everyone is invited to participate to vote for their chosen CANDY-DATE (preferably #MMsYellow)  and get a chance to win cash prizes and M&M’S® merchandise.

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Make a Stand! Captain America: Civil War


Here we go again, being asked to pick a side. Who do you choose? Captain America or Ironman?

The thought is tummy churning but we have to make a stand on this one. The Captain America: Civil War movie plot revolves around Captain America and Ironman fighting about them being superheroes and that if being one should be regulated by the government or not. Oh the irony of it all!

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Madonna In Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippine Leg Day 1 Experience

Madonna Live in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Leg Day 1

I can die now.  Seeing Madonna in Manila live was one of the amazing things that happened in my life.  I’ve been wishing and praying and hoping for her to come in the Philippines for the longest time I could remember.  I grew up with Madonna’s songs, she was literally at every decade of my life.  Madonna is the Pop Icon, Queen of Pop that every girl in my time look up to because she embodies an empowered woman, who goes for what she wants, doesn’t take bull, say what she feels and express herself very well.

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Let Me Tell You What Is A Modern Filipina

Modern Filipina Yassi Pressman Nadine Lustre #CreamsilkTransformations

Modern Filipina, do you have a concept of what it is?

To me, a Modern Filipina is not a pushover.  She knows her rights and fights for it.  She doesn’t stay quiet and take BS. She goes for what she wants . She is an achiever.  She doesn’t step on anyones foot. She is loving, caring and thoughtful but she also knows how to take care of herself. She does not abandon. She inspires. She is an enabler.

Yesterday, Creamsilk spearheaded an event to celebrate the #ModernFilipina.  The Philippine’s top magazines gathered in one venue to put a spotlight on the modern FIlipina to enjoy a glamorous, empowering and inspiring acivitity to help kick off each women attendees transformation . Workshops on fashion, beauty, confidence building and hair care are just few of the the things that happened at the event venue.

Modern Filipina Creamsilk Transformations

Modern Filipina Creamsilk Transformations

Photo booths were scattered all over the place so everyone can capture their transformations that day.  Sara Black was there taking photos and teaching everyone how to look their best in any photo shoot, which is really cool, although I did not get a chance to have a shoot with her as the stub for the number of people she was alloted to shoot are already taken (bummer).

To cap it all off, the first ever live cover shoot of the top women magazines Yes! Metro, Cosmopolitan, Preview, Meg and Mega happened with Heart Evangelista, Rachelle Ann Go, Colleen Garcia, Julie Ann San Jose, Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman as the Creamsilk Covergirls and yes brand ambassadors of Creamsilk who embodies the essence of a #ModernFilipina .

It was hard to take photos of the the live shoot with all the people in the event venue  (something any media who went there to cover gets frustrated about)…  So, I just got backstage pass, to have #selfie with the stars (backstory on how I got there? I’ll never tell).  But here are the backstage photos, you cannot see anywhere.

Modern Filipina Yassi Pressman Nadine Lustre #CreamsilkTransformations

#ModernFilipina #CreamsilkTransformations Julia Ann San Jose

Rachel Ann Go Modern Filipina #CreamsilkTransformations

Heart Evangelista Modern Filipina #CreamsilkTransformations

Modern Filipina Yassi Pressman Nadine Lustre

Ms. Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach was able to make it to the event but her bodyguards from Ms. Universe were really strict and tight so I was not able to take a backstage hanash #selfie with her.  This was her first public appearance in the Philippines as Ms. Universe btw.  She just got back from the U.S.  Pia also went through a lot of transformations to get to where she is that is why she is also a perfect brand ambassador of Creamsilk and the #CreamsilkTransformations campaign.

How about you, what is your concept of a Modern Filipina?  what do you think of the latest lineup of brand ambassadors of Creamsilk?   Were you at the #CreamsilkTransformations event how was your experience?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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15 Ways to Invite Good Luck for the New Year Pinoy Style

How to Invite Good luck this coming new year

Well, well, well, hold your Chinese New Year rituals to invite good fortune until the eve of Chinese New Year.
This coming January 1st is the Western Calendar New Year and even before Feng Shui and Chinese New Year became a trend, there was the Filipino ways of Celebrating the coming of the New Years Eve.

So, how to invite good luck for the new year Pinoy style? (a.k.a. mga pangpaswerte sa Bagong Taon)

1. Wear polkadots! The more polka dots you wear the luckier / fortunate you get for the coming year. Polkadots symbolizes coins/ money it is like attracting money to come to you.

wear poladots for new years eve

2. Put coins and money on your pocket, wallet, purse and bag and shake shake shake them all around at the stroke of midnight. This tradition is said to invite more money in your pockets and you will never run out of money!
3. Place 12 kinds of round fruits on your dining table. This symbolizes money again and the number symbolizes the 12 months of the year. This assures never to lack money all throughout the year!

Image from mrs sanborn
Image from mrs sanborn

4. Hanging 12 pieces of grapes by the front door. Again symbolizes money luck for the coming year.
5. Serving sticky rice cake (suman or kakanin) on your Media Noche or Midnight Dinner for the New Year. Thi

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#MMFF2015AwardsNight What Happened

Jennylyn Mercado MMFF 2015 Best Actress

#MMFF2015AwardsNight became a trending Tweet in the Philippines, ever wondered why?   Let me tell you the story from the audience side of the event.

Yes, I was there. It was my first time to attend the Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night.  In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect for this year.  I was actually clueless about the #MMFF2015Scandal (which was also a trending hashtag on Twitter).  I was out-of-the-loop since the holidays, we have not watched local/free TV since then and I have no idea what is happening outside! Yes, I had a social media break as well.  I didn’t know that there was some kind of  silent protest going on.  All I know was I was invited by HOOQ to be there and watch the awarding of the New Wave Categories, you know the short films and animation film entries.  I was not planning on staying long, but the curious cat wanted to stay, so I did and yup I #GetHOOQdonMMFF !

#MMFF2015AwardsNight #GetHOOQdonMMFF



While we all thought it’s glam and fun , because when they put it on air, it looks like it.  When the show is off-the-air, it was boring, or well, there was a lot of dead air and waiting time.   There were so many vacant seats.  Most people did not follow the dresscode. It was actually the saddest awards night I’ve ever been (as if I’ve been to many) But well of all supposedly celebrity studded events I’ve been this one feels short.


If I am not mistaken, this was the first time the MMFF Awards Night was held in Cubao, the KIA Theater to be exact, formely known as New Fronteir , just a stone throw away from Gateway Mall.  I had no idea why they moved the venue there but from the previous I’ve been to KIA Theater, it was not that grand place like CCP Theater  where the MMFF Awards Night usually happens.

Another thing I observed was not too many big stars attended the #MMFF2015AwardsNight.  The biggest stars present were the host and award presenters and performers themselves, but in the audinece, not much was there.  (Update: I was told most stars were travelling but with the tension inside the theater it could be a silent protest. Just saying!)  What happened to loving their craft and supporting the Filipino movie industry?  If ever they are in protest of the festival, could they ever put up another kind in their own?  How could they if amongst themselves they can’t compromise.  MMFF movies and stars and supporters should like one not competing with each other breaking the Filipino movie industry not binding it together, IMO.

Richard Gutierrez and KC Conception hosted the event.  Jennelyn Mercado who incidentally won the 2015 MMFF Best Actress (#WalangForever) and  HOOQ Female Star of the Night  was a presenter for the 2015 MMFF Best Actor. Jennelyn accepted Jerrico Rosales Award for the 2015 MMFF Best Actor since they are co-stars in the movie #WalangForever who incidentally also won the 2015 MMFF Best Picture.


Stars like Janella Salvador and Marlo Mortel , Yasi Pressman, Alonso Mulach, Bella Padilla, all performed at the event.  Tirso Cruz III who won the Best Supporting Actor and Cesar Montano won the HOOQ Male Star of the Night was also an award presenters. Janine Gutierrez, Ara Mina, Maria Ozawa, Bret Jackson, Andrea del Rosario were all award presenters as well.  Aisa Seguerra was there with her wife who incidentally was also a presenter and a part of the New Wave Full Length film Toto which incidentally won the 2015 New Wave Full Length Best Picture award.



One of the epic episodes that happened at the event was when Director Eric Matti won the 2015 MMFF Best Director award for the movie Honor Thy Father.  Direk Eric did not accept his award but somebody accepted it for him at the #MMFF2015AwardsNight and read the directors speech which was very fiesty.  He aired his grievances over the 2015 MMFF Award Jury and Committee because their movie was disqualified all of a sudden for the MMFF Best Picture Award together with other independent film entries who should have been nominated as well.

You may listen / watch to his speech read by a friend here:

Meanwhile, Tirso Cruz III and Cesar Montano also aired their concern about the seemingly unfairness of the committee.   KC Conception and Richard Gutierrez also speak up, KC was kinda shaken a bit when she was saying how she feels about the entire alleged #MMFF2015Scandal .

It was also noticeable that nobody came to stage when Janine Gutierrez announced the 2015 MMFF 3rd Best Picture Award winner My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore.  Everyone waited for someone to come up, when nobody did, one of the award presenters took the award.


Direct Carlo Caparas was also daring as a presenter when he cussed over the fake nominees mentioning 2015 Presidential Election Winners.  It was funny!

When My Bebe Love was called again as winner for the Gatpuno J. Villegas Cultural Award, somebody came up stage and accepted it.  I am surprised that there was no representative from OctoArts Film and the actors from the movie were no show too.  I don’t know what happened.  It would have been great for Maine Mendoza to personally accept her first acting award as she won the 2015 MMFF Best Supporting Actress award.  I was thinking that the My Bebe Love actors and actress especially Maine and Alden Richards have wild followings and that the Kia Theater was too small and the venue was so easily accessible that the festival security won’t be able to handle.  Who knows!


I am not an authority to say if the winners at the #MMFF2015AwardsNight were deserving or not as I have not seen any of the 2015 MMFF Movies. All I was able to see were the 2015 MMFF New Wave Category Short Film and Animation finalist because they are available via HOOQ and I think they all deserve it.

Winners of the New Wave category include the animated film, Buttons, which was created by Marvel Obemio, Francis Ramirez and Jared Garcia of De La Salle University – College of St. Benilde and the short film entitled, Mumu, written and directed by Cheryl Tagyamon of UP Diliman.

Other winners included Krystal Brimber (Best Festival Child Performer: Honor Thy Father); Cesar Montano (HOOQ Male celebrity of the night); Jennylyn Mercado (HOOQ Female celebrity of the night); Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone (Best Original Story, Walang Forever); Paul Sta.Ana (Best Screenplay, Walang Forever); Erik Matti (Best Director, Honor Thy Father); Tirso Cruz III (Best Supporting Actor, Honor Thy Father); Maine Mendoza (Best Supporting Actress, My Bebe Love); Jericho Rosales (Best Actor, Walang Forever); and Jennyln Mercado (Best Actress, Walang Forever). The Best Picture Award was for Walang Forever followed by Buy Now Die Later (2nd Best Picture) and My Bebe Love (3rd Best Picture).

As for the Best Dressed I think KC Conception, Janine Gutierrez and Jennelyn Mercado were equally glowing that night. KC changed three times during the entire event! Bongga!


For now , because of what I witnessed at the #MMFF2015AwardsNight I will watch a number of movies, so I can make my own opinion and tell you if they were wrong or right.  All I can say is that we should support all Filipino movies #parasaekonomiya .

Some of the 2015 MMFF finalists and winners will be available on soon so we can all #GetHOOQdonMMFF.  You may sign up now for a free 30 day trial or pay Php149.00 for a monthly subscription or get it free if you have GLOBE Broadband subscription of Php1,299.00 and up!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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HOOQd on MMFF 2015 Movies

#MMMF2015 new wave category

I’m now HOOQd on MMFF 2015 movies.

I must admit, I seldom watch Tagalog movies.  I grew up appreciating Hollywood movies more than I have of Filipino movies.  The only time I get to watch Classic Filipino Movies was when I was required for my Film Appreciation class to do so because we need to make our own compilation of movie reviews.

I was glad to have finally activated my HOOQ account just now as I heard I can watch past Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) movies there and even the  #MMFF2015 New Wave Categories.

HOOQ, Asia’s largest video-on-demand service, has signed a groundbreaking deal with the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) to screen a selection of the official entries on the app.  Btw, HOOQ is the exclusive presenter for the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival and its New Wave Category, a partnership geared towards promoting quality Philippine entertainment, something we all should all support to make the industry survive for furutre generations. #parasaekonomiya!

HOOQd on MMFF 2015 Movies

The New Wave category I am talking about is the first time in the 41-year history of the film fest that entries are simultaneously available in theaters and online, exclusively through HOOQ.  It is such a perfect timing this Holiday break as I get to do my Tagalog Movie Marathon and watch al the entries for the new wave category at MMFF 2015.

The MMFF New Wave category has been around since 2010 to give the opportunity to independent filmmakers to showcase their entries and the chance to take home prize money that could potentially be used to fund future film projects.  This year’s finalists were selected by a jury out of hundreds of national submissions which was then trimmed down to five finalists each.

I’m totally HOOQd on MMFF 2015 movies in fact I have seen the finalist for the Animation Short Film Category already . Each film is under 10 minutes  and will be screened from December 17 to 24 at Glorietta 4, Robinsons Movie World Ermita and SM Megamall.  All ten entries will be available on HOOQ from December 18.

Entries for animation include the following:

  1. The Seed by Joven Maniaol shows the relationship of a man and his wife’s dog, with whom he does not favor, and how this relationship develops when the dog irrevocably ruins an anniversary surprised prepared by the husband.  The film was inspired by the Pixar animated film UP and French film “Floating in my Mind.”
  2. Buttons was created by Marvel Obemio, Francis Ramirez & Jared Garcia of De La Salle College of St. Benilde.  It is a story about 2 voodoo dolls living in a world where others seem to not notice their existence until one day, a mysterious voodoo doll shows up.  The taboo nature of voodoo one of the pulls that attracted the creators to animating this story.
  3. Geo was written and directed by John Aurthur Mercader of Puppeteer Animation Studio has previously won the grand prize for Animahenasyon, the biggest animation film festival in the country.  His team also won best in technical quality, Best Animation in Category B (6-30 mins.), and the Hero TV Choice Award in Animahenasyon.  The short is about young Geo with a wild imagination, whose mother must always come to his rescue whenever he takes it a step too far.
  4. Little Lights by was written and directed by Rivelle Mallari, the only finalist submission that claims no affiliation to a school or studio.  It is a touching story about a physically weak yet strong-willed firefly named Charlie who struggles with his fear of darkness and finding his place within the firefly community.
  5. Alamat ng Giraffe, directed by Alyssandra Kyle Mallari and written by Karl Marlo Gonzales and Mel Jeffrey Jabido of De La Salle College of St. Benilde, tells a made-up legend on how the giraffe came to be.

My current favorite for the Animation is Buttons and Seed because of the storyline, but if we talk about something we havent seen before the Alamat ng Giraffee is kinda funny.

Alamat ng Giraffee HOOQd on MMFF 2015 Movies

Included in the new wave category for MMFF2015 are  Short Film Entries mostly done by indie film makers and they are also shown on HOOQ now.

The entries for Short Film include:

  1. Daisy, a story about a wife and mother Barbara who orders a Proxy Daisy robot to take care of household duties, only for Barbara to have a growing realization that there may be something very wrong with the robot that she has let into her families’ lives.  Written and directed by Bryan Reyes of Colegio de San Lorenzo, this is his first film competition that he joined on a whim and shot two days prior to the contest deadline.
  2. Ding Mangasyas (Tough Guys) centers on 2 brothers who have had a lifelong love-hate relationship filled with violence.  They’re faced with the emotional reality of separation as one of them packs up to work in the US. The film was directed by Justine Emmanuel Dizon and written by Jason Paul Laxamana of Kayumanggi Pictures, who was initially discouraged by the rejection of this same film in another competition.  This is his first national competition, and he is proud to show off the “homegrown” talents of his team who are from Pampanga like him.
  3. Lapis follows the career shift of a pencil artist in his 50s as he applies for a job as a graphic artist only to be confronted by the realization that his medium of expertise is defunct in a modern world.  This moving film that addresses the conflict of analog vs. digital artistry was inspired by real stories of unemployment in the country.  Written and directed by Maricel Cariaga of Center Stage Productions, this is her third competition after UP POV 11 and Sinkwento International Film Festival, wherein she placed top 3 for both.
  4. Momento features an ageing couple, Teresita and Ronaldo, as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary–despite Teresita having made a terrible discovery earlier in the film that “marks the darkest hour of their relationship.”  Written and directed by Jan-Kyle Nieva of the UP Film Institute, Nieva states that he enjoys disturbing films and made this film to challenge himself into delving into a genre that he has not previously explored.
  5. Mumu is about a fresh grad named Kara who resists pursuing a nursing career despite her nagging mother and pressure from witnessing the success of her friends.  She also finds herself being haunted by a ghost – a character she had played in a blockbuster horror film. Mumu is directed by Cheryl Tagyamon from UP Diliman, who also wrote the film.  Mumu has thus far won 3rd place in the National Digital Arts Awards 2014 Motion Graphics Category for Students, and in the UP Film Institute’s Black Beret Film Festival it won the Audience Choice Award, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, and Best Performance.

Just like the Animation, entries at the Short Film category is  under 10 minutes  and will be screened in theaters (aside from HOOQ) from December 17 to 24 at Glorietta 4, Robinsons Movie World Ermita and SM Megamall.

As of this writing, I have seen Momento and Lapis and my heart crushed with both storyline, I am totally HOOQd on MMFF 2015 movies now, can you see the lineup below!

HOOQd on MMFF 2015 Movies

If you want to be HOOQd on MMFF 2015 movies and see the new wave category finalist I am talking about and a lot of more Blockbuster Tagalog Movies and past MMFF entries, download HOOQ now.  It has the largest collection of Pinoy movies and TV series, which includes close to a hundred winners and finalists of the Metro Manila Film Festival such as “Baler”, Immortal, Dekada 70 , “Tanging Yaman”, “Mulawin the Movie, “Pedro Penduko” and many more.

New users can enjoy a 30-day trial by signing up at  Monthly subscription is available at only  P149 and can be charged on your Globe mobile bill or via credit card, or it comes free with Globe Home Broadband plans P1,299 and up.

The price you pay for a subscription is so worth it as you can watch the movies over-and-over again and catch up on old ones too! They have Hollywood movies and series in there too but as for now love your own and watch MMFF2015 entries.  It’s something tho get HOOQd at during the Christmas break!  Make this as a gift to yourself.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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My Star Wars: The Force Awakens “Review”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens review

There has been an awakening, have you felt it?” 

The Force Awakens with this one for sure,  and  I bet all the diehard fans out there, felt it too.  Star Wars fans, I am sure you are one of those who have seen the movie. As of this writing there were advanced screening and blocked showing held wherever in the planet you are from. A die hard fan, has the will. Do or do not, there is no try, as Master Yoda said.

Star Wars (Episode VII): The Force Awakens, the 7th Installment of the Star Wars franchise did not disappoint at all. The 27 years of waiting was definitely worth it. The 30th anniversary celebration was absolute remarkable. This is another movie to remember, especially for Star Wars fans who can relate to every detail of the movie.

Star Wars (Episode VII: The Force Awakens

It is a great family movie.  Not so gory, not so dark.  It was in fact kinda sentimental and melodramatic.  But of course it wouldn’t be Star Wars without those EPIC Battle, light saber fight, those aerial stunts and starship fights.  Awesome!

It was refreshing to see new characters and new actors who portrayed the major roles in the film. They are lucky to have gotten the roles as they are already made.  Finn, Rei (or Ray or Rey), Kylo Ren , BB8 to name a few.

My Facebook profile pic was a giveaway as to what to expect.  That’s all I can say.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I will watch it again.

All I can say is that I am heart broken because someone died again in the movie like in any of the franchises, but this death was sigh. I just can’t.

Watch it and you will know what I am talking about. I can’t wait for Star Wars Episode VIII

Maybe I will update this post in a week so I can discuss more of the pointers I want to talk about which I won’t at the moment because I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who have not seen it yet.

May the force be with you!


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