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  • HOOQd on MMFF 2015 Movies

    #MMMF2015 new wave category

    I’m now HOOQd on MMFF 2015 movies. I must admit, I seldom watch Tagalog movies.  I grew up appreciating Hollywood movies more than I have of Filipino movies.  The only time I get to watch Classic Filipino Movies was when I was required for my Film Appreciation class to do so because we need to […]

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  • Star Wars Everyday + Globe Platinum Broadband = #FillYourWorldWithWonder


    Star Wars Everyday + Globe Platinum Broadband = #FillYourWorldWithWonder.  Yup! Being a Star Wars fan myself, I was excited to attend the Globe Telecom thanksgiving party for their digital partners like bloggers and social media influencer. Just recently, Globe revealed the Star Wars themed Gen3 store at Greenbelt and it was such a galactic experience […]

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  • I’m HOOQd

    We are HOOQd

    When this suspicous looking invitation got to me, my adrenaline was pumping like crazy. I have a childhood dream of being a spy / detective like Sherlock Holmes. Having attended two different events that have required me to tap my inquisitive side, I was hooked. I assumed it was something like it elaborate , critical […]