My Enemy Movie Review & Reflection

Enemy Movie Review

Just like what I mentioned in my social media post, Enemy is a mindfuck movie that will make your head hurt trying to analyze what just happened or what’s gonna happen.

I was totally out of my wits and dumfounded about this film. I just knew I just had to endure seeing the entire film for the eff of it but nothing more.

It started with a mind game and ended with one.

Enemy Movie Review

Do not expect too much. It looks like an artsy-fartsy experimental film especially with the sepia filter used to make it look vintage like.

Enemy stars Jake Gylennhaal with an MTRCB R-16 rating. I think they should make it R-18 just because it is soooo confusing even an adult with a low IQ and EQ will find it disturbing. Oooops.

The movie will be showing in Philippine cinemas on July 31, 2013. Thank you Solar Pictures for having me at the special screening.

#RediscoverReeses Throwback Festival

When was the last time you grabbed a Reese’s ? Do you remember the first time you had one?

Rediscover Reese's
Come August 2, 2014 at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall bring back all those childhood memory and Rediscover Reese’s in this Throwback Festival.

Rediscover Reese's
Rediscover Reese’s chocolate peanut buttery goodness through a weekend pack with fun games and surprises and musical performances by IychyWorms and Never the Strangers.

The event will open to the publicRediscover Reese's at 12nn and the concert will start at 6PM!

Philips 2014 Home Entertainment and Sound Collection

Philips 2014 Home Entertainment and Sound Collection

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you’re given
It’s all how you use it  

Or what you use…

Last week, I was taken to a different dimension of viewing and listening pleasure when I got to experience Philips 2014 Home Entertainment and Sound Collection.

Take for example the Philips DesignLine and Ultra HD range, which brought home theater to a whole new level.

Built with a multi-core Ultra Pixel HD engine that delivers EISA Award-winning picture quality on both native UHD and Full HD content, the new range of Philips TVs deliver astonishing depth and clarity and are the ideal choice for any room in your house.

Philips Ultra HD Ambilight

The unique Ambilight feature virtually expands the TV screen, creating an exceptional and impressively immersive viewing experience by throwing a soft glow of light matching the on-screen colours onto the wall behind the TV. In addition, new apps which are supported in our Ambilight range allow consumers to interact with Ambilight during sport events, continuing the great success story of this light technology and adding a whole new dimension to their TV viewing experience.

What’s watching movie without hearing the audio in good quality?

Philips has one of the best in audio innovations such as Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100, (first soundbar with detachable speakers)  E5 speakers, Soundbar HTL6140, Soundstage HTB4150B and 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home theater HTB5580  . They deliver the best sound without the clutter, preserving the purity of the original audio content, resulting in greater sonic accuracy. For true connectivity, Bluetooth wireless music streaming from your music devices for breathtaking music quality in the comfort of your home!

Philips 2014 Home Entertainment Collection

The world’s first Soundbar with detachable speakers- the Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 and the Philips E5 speakers, are the ideal home cinema audio solution for consumers who want 5.1 channel surround sound without the wires. With space a premium in the home, these two products offer true freedom with detachable speakers and subwoofer that are wireless. Featuring Surround on Demand, the Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 and Philips E5 speakers automatically transform to a 5.1 channel surround sound experience when the surround speakers are detached.


And my personal favorite from the bunch, (although I love all of the products and I badly need them all in my new home!)  the music on the collection!

Philips M1X-DJ

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, the Philips M1X-DJ makes mixing, playing and sharing tracks simple, providing an authentic DJ experience. Combining a sleek design aesthetic and easy-to-use interface with innovative technology, the portable M1X-DJ allows anyone to create incredible sets that will blow your friends away and stream songs through Lightning connector/Bluetooth.

If a heart-thumping beat is what gets you moving at a party, then get ready to be blown away by the Philips range of hi-fi systems – NTRX500 and NTRX700.

The smart and easy-to-use DJ mixing functions turn anyone into the star DJ of the party while the handles and wheels allow for easy transportation to the party venue of choice.  260K LED lights and versatile light effects complete the party atmosphere as you feel the beat coursing through your


The earphones I’m using The A5-PRO is engineered to meet the highest standards and demands of international DJs and industry pros offering true-to-life sound reproduction that is distortion-free even at high volumes. Combining the finest materials like durable anodized aluminium, alloy steel finishes and hand-stitched leather for maximum comfort and construction, the A5-PRO is a key feature of the sold-out Armin Only Intense World Tour.

Philips 2014 Home Entertainment and Sound Collection Price List

Product Recommended Retail Price (Php)
Philips DesignLine 3D Smart Ultra Slim LED TV with Ambilight 3-sided XL and Perfect Pixel HD (55PDL8908S)Available in 55 inch Php 228,990.00
Philips 5500 series Full HD LED TV with Ambilight 2-sided and Digital Crystal Clear (55PFT5509) Not available
Philips 6600 series Slim Smart Full HD LED TV with Ambilight 2-sided and Pixel Plus HD (55PFT6609S)Available in 55 inch Php 99,990.00
Philips 4300 series LED TV with Digital Crystal Clear (24PHS4309S)Available in 24 inch To Be Advised
Philips 4500 series Full HD LED TV with Digital Crystal Clear (32PFA4509)                       Available in 32/40/50 inches32PFA4509S/9840PFA4509S/98



Php 16,990.00

Php  28,990.00

Php  43,990.00

Philips 6500 series Slim Smart Full HD LED TV with Ambilight 2-sided and Pixel Plus HD Available in 42/50 inches42PFT6509S/9850PFT6509S/98  

Php 49,990.00

Php 71,990.00

Philips 6600 series Slim Smart Full HD LED TV with Ambilight 2-sided and Pixel Plus HD. (55PFT6609S)Available in 55 inch55PFT6609S/98  


Php 99,990.00

Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 Php 39,990.00
Philips E5 speakers Not available
Philips Soundbar HTL6140 Not available
Philips Soundstage HTB4150B Not available
Philips 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home theater HTB5580 Not available
Philips A5-PRO Php 17,999.00
Philips M1X-DJ Php 15,999.00
Philips Mini Hi-Fi System NTRX500 Not available
Philips Mini Hi-Fi System NTRX700 Not available

For more information please visit or the Philips Sound Facebook page at


My Begin Again Movie Review and Why You Should Watch the Movie!

It’s been awhile since I saw a romantic comedy drama movie that I swooned over that much until today. Begin Again is a movie that both caters to romantic fools and music lovers. There’s a lot of authenticity in the way the movie was made that people who romanticize love and relationships and as well as having a career in the music industry is all about.  The movie is fun and very authentic and yes it will melt your heart away!

Begin Again Movie Review

Here are five reasons why you should watch begin again.

  1. Keira Knightly, she is such a revelation in the movie. I love her more than ever because of this movie!
  2. Adam Levine, need I say more?
  3. Mark Ruffalo, even if some might find his character a bit crass, there’s something very appealing about him I can’t pin point, maybe his genuineness? or not trying hard to be charming coz he is already charming as he is?
  4. The MUSIC, it has got to be the MUSIC.  the song lyrics, musical scoring, musical editing, the works.  REMINDER:  MUST BUY THE SOUNDTRACK!

Begin Again also reminded me a bit of Music and Lyrics starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. The theme was kinda the same but different approach.  It was different and the same at the same time.  You should watch the movie and tell me if my comparison of both movie is wrong. Ye be the judge.

Thanks again Solar Pictures for having me at the Advanced Screening, and thank you SM Cinemas and EPlus Tap to Pay for hosting the advance showing.

Begin again is now showing at your favorite cinemas nationwide today  July 9, 2014. WATCH IT and Fall in love!



World Without Strangers Music Festival by Giordano

World Without Strangers Music Festival by Giordano

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” — William Butler Yeats

If you have been reading this blog you all know I support local music artist and festivals. So when I heard that Giordano will have their first World Without Stranger Music Festival, nobody could ever stop me from going. The WWS was a free-for-all OPM concert featuring 15 local bands including Callalily, Sponge Cola, Urbandub, Franco, Up Dharma Down, Gracenote, Techy Romantics, Taken By Cars, Kala, Autotelic, Join The Club, Cygnet, Maude, Hidden Nikki and Yolanda Moon and of course no other than Giordano’s latest brand ambassador Rico Blanco.

The World Without Strangers is an advocacy campaign by Giordano inspiring and encouraging everyone to create that ideal world. “A world without strangers is a borderless one where people walk hand in hand and celebrate life as one,” Rico Blanco, music icon and Giordano Philippines’ latest brand ambassador.

As part of the campaign Giordano had a statement t-shirt designing contest and the winners were also awarded at the event, their designs will be available at their stores by end of July. WWS Citizens were also recognized at the music festival, they are the 12 individuals who have contributed to creating that ideal world–from social workers to artists, from writers to taxi drivers. Their videos were shown during breaks at the music fest.

The music festival started at 2PM but we arrived at about 6pm where Kian Cipriano of Callalily started performing!

I had my Share a Coke can with me while watching and shared it with Kian and Sis! Haha!

Taken by Cars set is always great. I love her!


We went to have dinner at Kenny Rogers and this is what greeted us when we got back! Glorietta was packed!

The it was Spongecola’s turn!

Yael so love his fans that he went to the general audience section and have someone carry him so he can see everyone and they can see him upclose. Karyl was also there to support her husband !

The Boys Night Out hosted the event and during one of the breaks, I was feeling playful and had my blogger friend Ruth dela Cruz join them on stage when they called for someone who just broken-up with his boyfriend! Obviously Ruth was uncomfy at the situation I put her into so it manifested on how she behaved with Sam YG, Toni Toni and Slick Rick! But really she is not suplada and not really bagong break-up, it is my fault she was there!

The finale of course, save the best for last, and according to the BNO, he is the highest paid performer at the event.


Reminiscing Childhood Filipino Street Games at Palarong Nuffies

Palarong Nuffies

I feel sad for the kids of this generation. They are turning themselves or are forced to be autistic when they are not.

I say this because I have a daughter who has autism so she has difficulty with social interaction. Even if she wants to play with other kids, kids are afraid of her because she is different. And as sad as it sounds some parents of regular kids wouldn’t want their kids near mine because she might hurt them or might “infect” them? It is an ignorant notion that brought them fear of things they don’t understand which is understandable. I just got tired explaining so I rather have my daughter go to places where she is accepted as she is.

Anyway, as I was saying kids these days, they choose to be autistic or maybe forced to be autistic because their parents are scared-to-death to have their kids play outside with other kids because it is dangerous. They would rather chug their kids with their gadgets (tablets, iPad, androids, PC, Xbox etc) and have them play games online or offline on their own all day because they will be safe.

I had a great childhood, I climb trees, rode bikes, bathe in the rain, get bruised playing chase or hide-and-seek or whatever kids game we have in my time. I enjoyed all sort of games that made me social and made me interact a lot with kids in our neighborhood.

Pinoy Street Games

When Nuffnang Philippines invited me to join the Palarong Nuffies I did not hesitate. I want to get myself involved at something physically challenging and interact with my fellow bloggers more than just sit and dine with them during events.

This was the first Palarong Nuffies held at Treston International College at the Global City in Taguig where I was able to reminisce childhood Pinoy street games with my fellow nuffies.

What are Childhood Pinoy Street Games?
They are children’s play involving creativity, physical contact, challenge, resourcefulness, innovation, strategy , team work, exercise and fun!

Some of the Filipino Street Games I used to enjoy were Patintero, Luksong tinik, Bending Body, Tumbang Preso, Shiato, Taguan Pong, Piko, Chinese Garter, 10-20 and the like.

Although the only Pinoy street game we played at Palarong Nuffies was Patintero, some of the games we played there were Parlor Games at birthday parties like Limbo Rock, that went to the Market Thing, Find the coin in the bin of flour, Pass the egg, and all sorts of relay games.

My team was Team Blue, we won 3rd place for the cheering competition! What a shock! Haha!

Palarong Nuffies
Intense game of Patintero with Abe Olandres and Chuckie Dreyfus! 

Have you ever imagine Rowena Wendy Lei like this!

Picture-21-600x398Go Jackie Go!  Most flexible Nuffie of the day! Grabe!



Free face powder for everyone!



Camille the Batang Bibo awardeee!



Jackie the Batang Hakot awardee!



Victor Basa won the Most Valuable Nuffie at the games!


Group shot!



It was such a fun experience.  I was talking with the other Nuffie that day and we all wish this was not the first and last .  We want more and hopefully more players!     And maybe next time include Siato , Agawang Base, Agawang Panyo, Tumbang Preso in the games eh?

Thanks to the sponsors Krispy Kreme, Nestle Nestea, O+, and Gardenia.

Read more about the Palarong Nuffies at the Nuffnang Philippines blog!

How about you do you remember any childhood street games you did when you were a child?



My Transformers: Age of Extinction Movie Review

Well, I was disappointed in this latest Transformers movie. It did sound like the Transformers is in the age of extinction with the way this movie was edited. They wasted a lot of time with unnecessary scenes that bored the hell out of me.

I’m sorry, the graphics were awesome and I am still in love with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. But some scenes were dragging. In fact, even if the movie lasted for 2 hours and 45 minutes, it seemed like forever to me!

Transformers is really a mushy cartoon I watched when I was a child (you know save the Earthlings/humanity from those who want to destroy it because of Faith & Hope & Love) I remember all those robot characters in there and it makes me giddy to see them. It would have made more impact if they cut a couple or more scene to make more impact.

They build up tension then temper down then build it up then down again. There was not long suspension of breath-taking scenes although I was hoping there would be one or at least they sustained the bigger scenes longer than drag the story all the way.

If you are a fan of the Transformers go ahead an watch it. But don’t expect too much. Transformers: Age of Extinction movie sucked that it didn’t made me anticipate about the next Transformer movie. Did Michael Bay really directed the movie the editing sucked. It was like edited by an amateur.

Thank you Solaire Resorts for having me at your Solaire VIP Screening.

Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh

There are many parties in New York, destination weddings, Florida style and different events that are all about specific colors and styles. Now let’s talk about the beautiful green mint color. Starting with the frosting for cupcakes and ending up with the bridesmaids dresses, this color looks just fresh, current and in one word: amazing.

From sportswear to business jackets, everything looks good in green mint. This shade can be approached in monochrome outfits, with small accents of other colors or through some strong contrasts, adding to the whole look a dose of boldness.


The street fashion, starting with Susie Bubble, who is famous for integrating natural mix-ups inspires us to pair a sport floral printed jacket with a green mint dress. Maria Kolosov displays a romantic rock star look combining a leather jacket with a skirt for extra minty fresh femininity, while Hanne Gaby Odie uses blue accents and a gray base to highlight key parts in the same green shade.

You can find green mint outfits in the collections of different famous brands like Marc Jacobs, YSL, Rodarte, A.L.C and Versus. It was definitely the color of 2012 but it may be a true hit in the summer of 2014. Also, you have to check the absolutely adorable Ray Ban minty sunglasses. The color is basically screaming freshness and happiness. Only imagine how good the green mint looks on your tanned body.

Minty coolness can be found anywhere, in clothes, accessories, cakes, wedding invitations and even on bedroom walls. But it can look really bad if worn wrong. So to avoid the disastrous imagine you better pick the mint shade that fits your eyes, skin tone and attitude. Also, it rarely works from head to toe, and if you’re not some experienced Vogue editor who knows fashion well, you should not try to do the all mint look, just don’t.

Biggest LED Billboard in the Philippines Unveiled

Now on it’s 2nd year, SM Lifestyle Entertainment unveils the biggest LED Billboard in the Philippines at the SM MOA Arena last night. The LED Billboard will accommodate promotional materials of MOA Arena Events, ads of brand partners, live news feeds, traffic updates , weather updates and promos and discount that is significant to the public.

Biggest LED billboard in the Philippines at

The Mall of Asia Arena Media Mesh is a 700 square meters digital screen designed to encourage awareness of shows at the SM Mall Asia Arena and inform the millions of patrons that visit the Mall of Asia Complex of traffic updates, weather advisory, flood advisory and other significant information.

Here’s a short clip to show you how massive the billboard is:

World Cup, Father’s Day, Mercury Retrogade, Hormones — Happy Friday the 13th!

This is on helluva Friday.  #Fridaythe13th, full moon, mercury retrogade, FIFA #WorldCup, hormones, mom and bro’s bday, #FathersDay … tonight’s gonna be a CRAZY good day!#TGIF everyone. 

The World Cup Season will end on July 13, 2014 , so during the whole month of June expect your boys/men to be out-of-reach at this time.  Chill girls let’s just enjoy the view and have fun window shopping (for boys) if you are forced to watch with them (hello hormones!).

Father’s Day is June 15, 2014 Sunday, so if you don’t have anything yet for your father’s then it is easier to please them this time just take them to a viewing party and bring a lot of beer, pizza and chicken wings!

It’s full moon and Friday the 13th plus the Mercury Retrogade in effect until July 2, so all the lunatics out there, take it easy and do something relaxing, all superstition and science behind all this crazy thingamajigs, it will all pass.

Hope you all survive gracefully hahahaha!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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