ISI Relaunch Mixer Event at A-Space Makati

ISI Networking Mixer Party

I have been blogging at Earthlingorgeous for 7 years but been writing online when blogging was not even a word.

While I attend events to mingle with the people I interact online in person, I also attend events to broaden my network and reach out to more potential readers and clients.

ISI Networking Mixer Party

When I was invited to attend the Iron Sharpens Iron Mixer party last week of August 2014, I did not hesitate to accept the invitation. While I have met a lot of local PR agencies, digital marketers, bloggers, readers and the like, I want to expand my network some more by looking into other social groups I have not paying much attention to.

When I looked at the poster they sent me I saw some individuals I already know in person so I decided to go.

ISI Networking Mixer Event

ISI’s member demographic consists of mostly 20-50 year old corporate executives, artists, decision makers, expatriates and community attaches. These locals and internationals generally live in or work in Manila.  

With the background check I did, I found out they are actually groups and individuals who help make the Philippine economy survive and thrive because they bring opportunities and business to the country. Contributing to making the Philippines the rising business haven in Asia.

Fortunately I had a pleasant time at the event meeting a lot of inspiring and enthusiastic people I would want to work with.

The event was held at A-Space in Makati a place full of potential and of great use for startups and SME who just need a small working space for meetings or events from time to time.

Here’s what transpired at the event in photos. So much happened at the event I can’t even put into words. (Pics grabbed from ISI)

10483989_10154527492690652_8819303715532299802_n 10520846_10154527488515652_5782259955454910990_n 10606223_10154510858525652_1144445833906065978_n 7353_10154510855055652_8870443116699230903_n 10402586_10154510855765652_6453450101244535742_n 10556405_10154510857685652_6823265961277058478_n 10520846_10154527488515652_5782259955454910990_n IMG_20140828_223002

 A special thanks to Diego Ramos, Ari Bancale, Bryan Gallinger, Camille Escudero, Tom Gotuaco, Brian Tenorio, Olay Rullan,  Doreen, Jana, people from Taclob, owners of BamboomPh, Shinagawa, Bambike, and Scott, Raisa for making my first ISI Networking Mixer event a pleasant one. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Stay gorgeous everyone!



4 Amazing Things at Acer Explore Worldwide Event

Acer Extend

Established in 1976, Acer, a hardwarr+software+services company launched 4 amazing things at their Explore Worldwide event a few days ago.

  1. Acer Liquid Smartphones especially the Acer Liquid Jade smartphones designed for the go-getters and power users who demand seamless performance wherever they are.Acer Liquid JadeAcer Liquid Jade has 5 inch IPS HD screen, 1.3ghz quadcore processor, 21mbps HSPA+connectivity using Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system. With 13mp rear and 2mp front camera. With a 7.5mm ultra-thin body!
  2. Acer Iconia Tablets. Acer Iconia Tab 8, Acer Iconia Tab 7, Acer Iconia One 7 and soon to launch Acer Iconia Tab 10.Acer Iconia Tab 8
  3. Acer Extend. This is what I’m most excited about, the Acer Extend.  It’s a software/app that let’s you connect your Acer phone and laptop in one interface for easy file sharing and browsing at the same time. Just connect , drag and drop! Acer Extend Perfect for data driven companies and those who want to maximize office efficiency.
  4. Toni Gonzaga was launched as Acer’s latest brand ambassador who incidentally is celebrating her 15th year in the industry and promoting her new album Celestine. TONI gonzaga for AcerToni was chosen because they believe she embodies beong aggressive, bold and innovative like the new Acer Liquid Jade.

The Acer Explore Worldwide event was held at the MetroTent in Ortigas and was attended by Acer’s top executives, business partners and media friends and celebrities.

To know more about the latest Acer products I mentioned above, visit or follow them at Twiter @acerph.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Buzzing at Burt’s Bees 30th Birthday Party


It started with Burt, a man who was selling honey at the side of the streets and a Roxanne, a woman who was a Maine artist fell in love and decided to make candles out of the beeswax from Burt’s beehive. From there they earned their first $200 together when they joined a fair in 1984 and a year after they already made $20,000.  The beginning was pretty auspicious but from the beeswax candle came the iconic beeswax candles that everyone loves.

It was in 1991 when Roxanne perfected a recipe that gave birth to the first Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.

Yesterday, I was invited at Burt’s Bees 30th Birthday Party held at the Satin Room of Seda Hotel.

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
And as expected, the party was has a running nature theme filled with everything cute, organic, and golden yellow the color of Burt’s Bees!

Starting with these cute mason jars that we can put our own infused water!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

All invited guest have their own jars to fill!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

What a super cute Bee water container! and yes Honey in honey jars!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
And what’s a party without a cake?

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

And baby cakes haha I mean cupcakes all made by Sonja

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

Now you know whose face is that in the Burt’s Bees logo!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

And yummy macarons

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
Now the table setup is really cute. We have an individual product chosen for us to try! Mine was the Almond and Buttermilk Lotion, I love the scent.

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
Then the program!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

Burt’s Bees classic and best selling products aside from the lipbalm

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
Liz Lanuzo held a fun watercolor painting workshop! Galeng!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
Practice strokes and basics painting styles

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
Then Liz challenged us to make a still life painting, paint whatever was on our table! This is what I did!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
What’s a party without the food!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

Healthy and organic salad

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

Salmon pasta

Happy 30th Burt's Bees

Yummy Blueberry Cheesecake!

And of course the beautiful party people !

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
And the #TeamButiki

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
And instead of us giving Burt’s Bees gift we all went home with our all organic loot!

Burt's Bees loot

It has the Garden Tomato Toner, the Facial Cleansing Towelettes, and Orange Facial Wash review will be up as soon as I have the time to play and use with them all.

Happy 3oth Birthday again Burt’s Bees! Thank you for your all organic wonderful products that I am not afraid to put on my body! I wish you more years of bringing such products to the world!

Happy 30th Burt's Bees
What I wore:  
Dress: Anne Klein 
Sandals: Ferretti
Follow Burt’s Bees on Instagram @burtsbeesph or like Burt’s Bees on Facebook
Stay gorgeous everyone!

Vitress Project Catwalk Event at BGC

Vitress Project Catwalk event

At one point in everyone’s life, everyone wanted to be a model.  The feeling of being look up to or being admired for your look is something everyone aspires for (even the intellectual ones).   The Vitress Project Catwalk Event held at BGC (Bonifacio Global City) last night was everyone’s chance to strut their stuff and feel like runway model for a few minutes of their life. It was a fun event with lots of photo opportunities, paparazzi and everyone can take a selfie as well while enjoying the Vitress Catwalk.


It was the same catwalk where Vitress Brand Ambassadors Solenn Heusaff, Kim Jones and Gretchen Ho walked on as they showed their beautiful hair styled with Vitress!

Of course I and my friends did not miss the chance!


With the bunch of beauty bloggers waiting for the program to start


With mommy bloggers and Marcie Linao

At the end of the event, the media and bloggers were given a gift pack so we can beautify our hair more. This Hairagami is so interesting, is this a subtle way of telling me to grow my hair long again?


To know more about Vitress products you may follow them on Instagram @officialvitress.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Line More, Be Closer Event with Mateo Guidicelli & Jessie Mendiola

Line Philippines with Mateo Guidicelli

“Lalalalala, lalalalala, lalalalalalala, say it better on Line!”

With over 1 billion uploads to date and counting, Line Philippines held a thanksgiving party at the Makati Shangri-la last night with the launch of the Line Premium Calls, a service that allows users to make low-cost calls domestically and internationally to both landlines and mobile devices inside the Line App.

Line Thanksgiving Party with Jessie and Mateo

Mateo Guidicelli and Jessie Mendiola, who was present at the event last night encourages all the 490 million LINE users to try out the new app as they shared their experience with it saying it brought them closer to their loved ones, like friends and relatives abroad and they can’t believe how clear the calls are with Line Premium.

Line Thanksgiving Party with Jessie and MateoLine Thanksgiving Party with Jessie and MateoLine Thanksgiving Party with Jessie and Mateo

Can’t resist but post these cute candid shots of them. Cuteness!

Line Premium Call is just $11cents for Philippines calls on landline and $14cents on mobile. Jessie Mendez said she used this call for his special someone and has brought him and her more closer because of it.

Line Thanksgiving Party with Jessie and Mateo

Such a happy bunch: Brown, Jessie, Stephen Kang, George Kim, Mateo and Cony.

Line Thanksgiving Party with Jessie and Mateo

I also had my share of fun with the Line characters Cony and Brown, trying to third wheel on their secret date.
Line Thanksgiving Party with Jessie and Mateo

Luckily, Mateo Guidicelli came and stole me away from the two saying I don’t deserve to be a third wheel, I better stick with him instead. Haha!

If you haven’t got Line yet download now, we all can use one or more apps like this to make connections with our friends and loved ones easier wherever they are whenever, right?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Gretchen Barretto for Karat World Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Gretchen Barretto for Karat World

What superlatives would you use to describe Gretchen Barretto?

Did you have confident, tough, survivor, and glamorous in mind? If you did so did Karat World that is why they pick her out as their latest brand ambassador/ endorser.

Just like Karat World, Gretchen is indeed Iconic when it comes to reinventing herself and still remain relevant.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Standing up in front of the media and bloggers invited to this exclusive launch at CAV in BGC, Gretchen Barretto allowed everyone to scrutinized the outfit she was wearing for the day.

“Look at my pants, does it look expensive? Not really, Top Shop lang yan,”

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

“How about my top, does it look expensive? Yes it is, Burberry yan eh,”
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

“How about my shoes, does it look expensive? Of course expensive talaga yan!”
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

“Eh, how about my earrings? Nope hindi sha expensive, Karat World yan! It looks expensive lang but it really is not. And that is how you should be dapat mukhang mamahalin. Or at least you can mix-match your attire to make it look expensive. Di naman kailangan lahat mamahalin,” she said.

“When I was tapped to be the brand ambassador for Karat World, I fell inlove with their jewelries. All girls gets excited with jewelries. I fell inlove with the design and I started asking for the price and I was surprised, they are not expensive at all!”

Karat World is releasing new designs of jewelries for the half of 2014 and what Gretchen was wearing at the event is just a preview.

Another preview of the jewelry design they will come out is the lovely heartlock bracelet they gave away to all those who attended the event.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Served in a tray by one of the waiters of CAV everyone was so happy to get the first dibs!

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Here’s what the bracelet looks like,yes I opened my box right there and there and wear the bling right away!

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

The event was hosted by the lovely Gelli Victor and the Gorrisetti family led by Mr. Felix Gorrisetti owner of Karat World , his mom and siblings who has been in the jewelry business for 25 years with humble beginnings from Iloilo.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

A scrumptious full course luncheon was also served at CAV prepared by Chef Marcus G. Feller.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Appetizers and soups
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Crabmeat Salad
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Wagyu Beef Steak yumz!
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

More pics at the event

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

The Karat World family
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

With my blogger friends Julia Arenas, Sabs Hernandez, Rodel Flordeliz and John Michael Bueno

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAVGretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

Of course there’s me! No I did not have a pic with Gretchen.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

What I wore:
Top from Nava
Maxi skirt with thigh-high slit from Forever 21
Sandals from Ferreti
Sling bag from ROMWE

I will be posting about the latest jewelry collection from Karat World soon, stay tuned!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

SONA 2014 Fashion Showcase of Filipiniana Gowns and Statement Attire

Kris Aquino gown for SONA 2014

While everyone are waiting for what lies will be told, I patiently waited for what the country leaders wives, sisters, and female lawmakers are wearing.

My SONA Fashion Showcase post dates back in 2008 when GMA was still the president and my story about the fashion scene at the Batasang Pambansa was picked up by many news agencies that time (GMA7, ABS-CBN, Inquirer and the like. I got email queries to have my photos and story used in theirs and I freely gave it away.

I’m proud to have started this shallow trend each year because instead of just awaiting the lies to be told, there’s something else to look forward to, and that is the showcase of Filipiniana gowns and statement attire we don’t often see in high-fashion runways!

For SONA 2014, Philippine Fashion Designers have been tapped to design clothes for the high-profile people of the Philippine Society. Something I am really happy that happened because we can show to the world what traditionalPhilippine Women Dresses looks like and banner the Filipiniana dresses and gowns with the modern take to it.

lucy gomez sona0214

My favorite personalities that I always look forward to during the SONA is Leyte Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez who is said to wear a gown by Randy Ortiz. Randy Ortiz is also tapped to make the gowns to be worn by of Senator Nancy Binay and Senator Sonny Angara’s wife Tootsy.

We can’t escape finding out what the Presidential Sisters are wearing at the SONA of course. Kris Aquino for one is said to wear a gown made by Cary Santiago. While Basly and P-Noy himself will wear a Paul Cabral barong, patadyong and Filipiniana attire.

Kris Aquino gown for SONA 2014

Kris Aquino Gown Sona 2014

Heart Evangelista, the girlfriend of Senator Chiz Escudero has tasked Joey Samson to make a beautiful Filipinina dress for her for the SONA.

Hearth Evangelista gown Sona 2014

Heart Evangelista SONA 2014 Gown

A Pina terno will be worn by Makati Rep. Abby Binay made by designer Ivarluski Aseron’s

Rep. Abby Binay gown SONA 2014

The Senators Grace Poe, Loren Legarda, Pia Cayetano and Nancy Binay flanking Sen. Sonny Angara *this is his photo from his Instagram

Sona 2014 Filipiniana gowns

I’m looking forward to another remake gown to be worn by Governor Imelda Marcos, in my opinion, she always wear the best and the classiest terno next to Lucy Torres-Gomez.

Other Filipino designers also showed their modern Filipiniana designs like JC Buendia and Noel Crisostomo.

SONA 2014 gowns

I also am looking forward to see what Senator Pia Cayetano, Loren Legarda, Miriam Santiago, will wear at the SONA 2014. That would be a show!

SONA 2014 Filipiniana gowns

I will update this post when I get the actual photos at the SONA 2014 Fashion SHowcase of Filipiniana Gowns and Statement attires.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

#RediscoverReeses Throwback Festival

When was the last time you grabbed a Reese’s ? Do you remember the first time you had one?

Rediscover Reese's
Come August 2, 2014 at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall bring back all those childhood memory and Rediscover Reese’s in this Throwback Festival.

Rediscover Reese's
Rediscover Reese’s chocolate peanut buttery goodness through a weekend pack with fun games and surprises and musical performances by IychyWorms and Never the Strangers.

The event will open to the publicRediscover Reese's at 12nn and the concert will start at 6PM!

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch in SM Aura Premier

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch in SM Aura

Expanding its reach globally, active lifestyle brand, Eddie Bauer, has launched the brand locally at its second-store in Southeast Asia, SM Aura Premier, through a special media preview held last July 21, 2014.

In attendance were VIPs, celebrities, media personalities, and bloggers to experience a wondrous celebration of adventure and heritage. Inspired by the brand’s rich and longstanding heritage, the event highlighted the Eddie Bauer history and its contribution to the world of outdoor adventure.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

Starting off with its humble beginnings, the guests took a trip down memory lane as Eddie Bauer installed a pop-up museum/gallery to showcase the brand’s milestones, signature collections, and artifacts. Afterwards, a fashion show was held to reveal the brand’s latest collection.

Founded in 1920 by a Pacific Northwest outdoorsman by the name of Eddie Bauer, the brand is known for patenting the first-ever quilted down jacket and has since been renowned for patenting numerous other designs that even the United States Army adopted.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

From then on, Eddie Bauer has built its heritage around innovative outdoor products and eventually expanded to include a range of premium-quality clothing, accessories, and gear for men and women that complement today’s modern outdoor lifestyle.

Today, Eddie Bauer remains steadfast in its dedication to provide for outdoor athletes and sports-minded individuals and at the same time manages to hybridize technical innovation with that of a casual sportswear aesthetic.
As a result, Eddie Bauer has transcended its market to include not only the athletic bunch but also individuals with a mere penchant for the outdoor lifestyle as well as those who are always on the go but nonetheless value functionality and style.

With approximately 370 stores throughout the US and Canada, Eddie Bauer has recognized the need to expand its reach as the outdoor sports community continuously grow in Southeast Asia. As such, it is with great optimism that Eddie Bauer ventures into the region.
UNIGLOBE TRAVELWARE CO., INC. A Member of the Primer Group of Companies Primer Star Center.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

Innovation, quality, and a strong passion for the outdoors, Eddie Bauer puts in a significant amount of effort to ensure exceptional quality to each of its products. Divided into three categories namely, First Ascent – Guide built, Guide trusted; Travex – Made for trek & travel; Outdoor – Inspired by adventure, Eddie Bauer offers a full range of styles that elevate the performance and complement the casual wardrobe of an outdoor adventurer. From classic outerwear and the legendary down jackets, to casual denim, polo shirts and khakis, Eddie Bauer is a go to brand for stylish casual outdoor wear.

Whether you’re adept with outdoor sports or simply prefer premium quality and comfortable apparel and accessories, Eddie Bauer can surely complement your lifestyle as it produces innovative yet modern outdoor essentials. Meanwhile, those who aspire to ascribe to the active yet casual cool lifestyle of outdoor adventurers may find a middle ground with Eddie Bauer’s range of casual outdoor pieces that are stylish as they are functional and innovative. Simply put, whatever journey you are about to partake in, Eddie Bauer will ensure that you are well equipped and outfitted to live your adventure!

Visit Eddie Bauer in Eddie Bauer SM Aura Premier (2/L), Eddie Bauer SM Megamall (3/L Mega Fashion Hall), R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, R.O.X. Ayala Cebu, R.O.X. Camp John Hay Baguio and R.O.X. Centrio Cagayan De Oro.

Zalora Marketplace Launch at 12 Monkeys

Zalora Marketplace Launch at 12 Monkeys

A few nights ago, ZALORA, launched their new and improved online shopping haven, the Zalora Marketplace where independent fashion designers and boutiques are given the opportunity to instantly expand their business and reach new customers online.

Zalora Marketplace Launch exhibit

The event was held at 12 Monkeys at Century Mall Makati where an exhibit of the up hottest up-and-coming boutiques, fashion media and bloggers were gathered to have fun and chill and win prizes from select boutiques.

Zalora Marketplace at 12 Monkeys

Zalora Marketplace Launch at 12 Monkeys

Jessica de Mesa, Head of Sales & Marketing for Marketplace said, “We connected with the most amazing local
fashion entrepreneurs in the process of building Marketplace. As we continue to grow ZALORA Marketplace
and seek out new talent, one thing we remain certain of is that Southeast Asia’s fashion industry is alive and

“What we are aiming to create is the biggest online fashion community in the Philippines by connecting
designers and sellers with their customers via ZALORA Marketplace,” said Arianne Kader, Head of Operations
for Marketplace. “It’s also an opportunity for our team to support boutiques by sharing strategies that will help
them become stronger online fashion entrepreneurs.”

2014-06-30 21.45.24


What to expect at Zalora Marketplace but the Philippines’ Rising Fashion Stars such as Estela, WipCaps, Manila Sole, and soon TheOutlet.Ph . To shop at ZALORA Marketplace visit

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