#RediscoverReeses Throwback Festivala

When was the last time you grabbed a Reese’s ? Do you remember the first time you had one?

Rediscover Reese's

Come August 2, 2014 at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall bring back all those childhood memory and Rediscover Reese’s in this Throwback Festival.

Rediscover Reese's

Rediscover Reese’s chocolate peanut buttery goodness through a weekend pack with fun games and surprises and musical performances by IychyWorms and Never the Strangers.

The event will open to the publicRediscover Reese's at 12nn and the concert will start at 6PM!

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch in SM Aura Premier

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch in SM Aura

Expanding its reach globally, active lifestyle brand, Eddie Bauer, has launched the brand locally at its second-store in Southeast Asia, SM Aura Premier, through a special media preview held last July 21, 2014.

In attendance were VIPs, celebrities, media personalities, and bloggers to experience a wondrous celebration of adventure and heritage. Inspired by the brand’s rich and longstanding heritage, the event highlighted the Eddie Bauer history and its contribution to the world of outdoor adventure.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

Starting off with its humble beginnings, the guests took a trip down memory lane as Eddie Bauer installed a pop-up museum/gallery to showcase the brand’s milestones, signature collections, and artifacts. Afterwards, a fashion show was held to reveal the brand’s latest collection.

Founded in 1920 by a Pacific Northwest outdoorsman by the name of Eddie Bauer, the brand is known for patenting the first-ever quilted down jacket and has since been renowned for patenting numerous other designs that even the United States Army adopted.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

From then on, Eddie Bauer has built its heritage around innovative outdoor products and eventually expanded to include a range of premium-quality clothing, accessories, and gear for men and women that complement today’s modern outdoor lifestyle.

Today, Eddie Bauer remains steadfast in its dedication to provide for outdoor athletes and sports-minded individuals and at the same time manages to hybridize technical innovation with that of a casual sportswear aesthetic.
As a result, Eddie Bauer has transcended its market to include not only the athletic bunch but also individuals with a mere penchant for the outdoor lifestyle as well as those who are always on the go but nonetheless value functionality and style.

With approximately 370 stores throughout the US and Canada, Eddie Bauer has recognized the need to expand its reach as the outdoor sports community continuously grow in Southeast Asia. As such, it is with great optimism that Eddie Bauer ventures into the region.
UNIGLOBE TRAVELWARE CO., INC. A Member of the Primer Group of Companies Primer Star Center.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

Innovation, quality, and a strong passion for the outdoors, Eddie Bauer puts in a significant amount of effort to ensure exceptional quality to each of its products. Divided into three categories namely, First Ascent – Guide built, Guide trusted; Travex – Made for trek & travel; Outdoor – Inspired by adventure, Eddie Bauer offers a full range of styles that elevate the performance and complement the casual wardrobe of an outdoor adventurer. From classic outerwear and the legendary down jackets, to casual denim, polo shirts and khakis, Eddie Bauer is a go to brand for stylish casual outdoor wear.

Whether you’re adept with outdoor sports or simply prefer premium quality and comfortable apparel and accessories, Eddie Bauer can surely complement your lifestyle as it produces innovative yet modern outdoor essentials. Meanwhile, those who aspire to ascribe to the active yet casual cool lifestyle of outdoor adventurers may find a middle ground with Eddie Bauer’s range of casual outdoor pieces that are stylish as they are functional and innovative. Simply put, whatever journey you are about to partake in, Eddie Bauer will ensure that you are well equipped and outfitted to live your adventure!

Visit Eddie Bauer in Eddie Bauer SM Aura Premier (2/L), Eddie Bauer SM Megamall (3/L Mega Fashion Hall), R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, R.O.X. Ayala Cebu, R.O.X. Camp John Hay Baguio and R.O.X. Centrio Cagayan De Oro.

Zalora Marketplace Launch at 12 Monkeys

Zalora Marketplace Launch at 12 Monkeys

A few nights ago, ZALORA, launched their new and improved online shopping haven, the Zalora Marketplace where independent fashion designers and boutiques are given the opportunity to instantly expand their business and reach new customers online.

Zalora Marketplace Launch exhibit

The event was held at 12 Monkeys at Century Mall Makati where an exhibit of the up hottest up-and-coming boutiques, fashion media and bloggers were gathered to have fun and chill and win prizes from select boutiques.

Zalora Marketplace at 12 Monkeys

Zalora Marketplace Launch at 12 Monkeys

Jessica de Mesa, Head of Sales & Marketing for Marketplace said, “We connected with the most amazing local
fashion entrepreneurs in the process of building Marketplace. As we continue to grow ZALORA Marketplace
and seek out new talent, one thing we remain certain of is that Southeast Asia’s fashion industry is alive and

“What we are aiming to create is the biggest online fashion community in the Philippines by connecting
designers and sellers with their customers via ZALORA Marketplace,” said Arianne Kader, Head of Operations
for Marketplace. “It’s also an opportunity for our team to support boutiques by sharing strategies that will help
them become stronger online fashion entrepreneurs.”

2014-06-30 21.45.24


What to expect at Zalora Marketplace but the Philippines’ Rising Fashion Stars such as Estela, WipCaps, Manila Sole, and soon TheOutlet.Ph . To shop at ZALORA Marketplace visit http://marketplace.zalora.com.ph

Reminiscing Childhood Filipino Street Games at Palarong Nuffies

Palarong Nuffies

I feel sad for the kids of this generation. They are turning themselves or are forced to be autistic when they are not.

I say this because I have a daughter who has autism so she has difficulty with social interaction. Even if she wants to play with other kids, kids are afraid of her because she is different. And as sad as it sounds some parents of regular kids wouldn’t want their kids near mine because she might hurt them or might “infect” them? It is an ignorant notion that brought them fear of things they don’t understand which is understandable. I just got tired explaining so I rather have my daughter go to places where she is accepted as she is.

Anyway, as I was saying kids these days, they choose to be autistic or maybe forced to be autistic because their parents are scared-to-death to have their kids play outside with other kids because it is dangerous. They would rather chug their kids with their gadgets (tablets, iPad, androids, PC, Xbox etc) and have them play games online or offline on their own all day because they will be safe.

I had a great childhood, I climb trees, rode bikes, bathe in the rain, get bruised playing chase or hide-and-seek or whatever kids game we have in my time. I enjoyed all sort of games that made me social and made me interact a lot with kids in our neighborhood.

Pinoy Street Games

When Nuffnang Philippines invited me to join the Palarong Nuffies I did not hesitate. I want to get myself involved at something physically challenging and interact with my fellow bloggers more than just sit and dine with them during events.

This was the first Palarong Nuffies held at Treston International College at the Global City in Taguig where I was able to reminisce childhood Pinoy street games with my fellow nuffies.

What are Childhood Pinoy Street Games?
They are children’s play involving creativity, physical contact, challenge, resourcefulness, innovation, strategy , team work, exercise and fun!

Some of the Filipino Street Games I used to enjoy were Patintero, Luksong tinik, Bending Body, Tumbang Preso, Shiato, Taguan Pong, Piko, Chinese Garter, 10-20 and the like.

Although the only Pinoy street game we played at Palarong Nuffies was Patintero, some of the games we played there were Parlor Games at birthday parties like Limbo Rock, that went to the Market Thing, Find the coin in the bin of flour, Pass the egg, and all sorts of relay games.

My team was Team Blue, we won 3rd place for the cheering competition! What a shock! Haha!

Palarong Nuffies
Intense game of Patintero with Abe Olandres and Chuckie Dreyfus! 

Have you ever imagine Rowena Wendy Lei like this!

Picture-21-600x398Go Jackie Go!  Most flexible Nuffie of the day! Grabe!



Free face powder for everyone!



Camille the Batang Bibo awardeee!



Jackie the Batang Hakot awardee!



Victor Basa won the Most Valuable Nuffie at the games!


Group shot!



It was such a fun experience.  I was talking with the other Nuffie that day and we all wish this was not the first and last .  We want more and hopefully more players!     And maybe next time include Siato , Agawang Base, Agawang Panyo, Tumbang Preso in the games eh?

Thanks to the sponsors Krispy Kreme, Nestle Nestea, O+, and Gardenia.

Read more about the Palarong Nuffies at the Nuffnang Philippines blog!

How about you do you remember any childhood street games you did when you were a child?



P&G Launches #AquaBeauty with Olay AquAction and Pantene Aqua Pure

#AquaBueaty Olay AquAction Pantene AquaPure

The body is made up of 75% of water and to keep our body healthy and beautiful  hydration is the key.

Inspired by the nourishing power of water, P&G launches Aqua Beauty its newest innovations in beauty care with the new Olay AquAction and Pantene Aqua Pure.

#AquaBeauty Olay AquAction Pantene Aqua Pure

Olay AquAction

With Olay ambassador Nikki Gil admitted that like any other women keeping her skin hydrated is a challenge.   Most people experience this in fact according the P&G study, skin is like a leaky bucket that constantly loses moisture to its surroundings. Breathing and evaporation from skin makes us lose up to 2 glasses of water a day!  Add to that environmental effects to our skin.

#AquaBeauty Olay AquAction Pantene Aqua Pure

P&G also mentioned  another cause of moisture loss — skin fatigue This is the loss of skin energy, which means the skin loses its ability to hold on to moisture, causing the “leaky bucket” to be even more leaky as a result. T

The new Olay AquAction with HydraLock technology promises to hydrate to deliver firm, bouncy and supple skin. HydraLock technology is a combination of two powerhouse ingredients that quench the twin causes of skin dryness. P&G has discovered an ingredient that is capable of outperforming hyaluronic acid, an ingredient known to fill and seal skin’s leaky bucket and seen as the current gold standard in hydration care. Known as WSK, this ingredient was extracted from the white jelly leaf, renowned throughout ancient Chinese history and modern times for its beauty- enhancing properties.

Meanwhile, Niacinamide brings the skin energy level of aged cells back to more youthful levels, so that over time, it gives skin the energy to renew itself, and make components that enable skin to hold onto its own moisture more effectively. The result is 12-hour non-stop hydration and skin that feels hydrated and healthy.


Pantene Aqua Pure

Not to be outdone, Pantene also unveils a new standard in nourishment led by Pantene ambassador Denise Laurel. New Pantene Aqua Pure is formulated for the woman who has complained that her hair feels lifeless and weighed down. Pantene Aqua Pure is designed to nourish your hair without the weight for light, clean hair and “the perfect swish”, as demonstrated by Denise.

#AquaBeatuy Olay AquAction Pantene AquaPure

The new formulation has hair cleansing and nourishment. But the difference lies in the rinse. Clean Rinse technology in Aqua Pure shampoo rinses off quicker to remove traces of excess residue that weigh hair down. Traditional conditioners sometimes made Filipinas feel like their hair was heavy and limp. Now, new Aqua Pure conditioner gives hair the nourishment from conditioner, while keeping hair beautifully light and virtually weightless. Hair that is light and has body is possible with new Pantene Aqua Pure!


I know the product info jargon sounds confusing to most and doesn’t mean anything until I can tell you what I really think of it based on experience.  At the moment I got hold of the entire range of the Pantene Aqua Pure while I only have the Olay AquAction Toner .   So it might be easier for me to say something about the hair product than the skin care product since the Toner doesn’t really show much of the hydration effect , might have been better if I have the moisturizer itself.  I will see if I can get hold of the entire Olay range so I can give you a feedback.

#AquaBeauty Olay AquAction Pantene Aqua Pure

For now, Denise and Nikki loved the #AquaBeauty product so it must be good.   As for the guest at the Red Carpet launched we all enjoyed the food and the view!

#AquaBeauty Olay AquAction Pantene Aqua Pure

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh

There are many parties in New York, destination weddings, Florida style and different events that are all about specific colors and styles. Now let’s talk about the beautiful green mint color. Starting with the frosting for cupcakes and ending up with the bridesmaids dresses, this color looks just fresh, current and in one word: amazing.

From sportswear to business jackets, everything looks good in green mint. This shade can be approached in monochrome outfits, with small accents of other colors or through some strong contrasts, adding to the whole look a dose of boldness.


The street fashion, starting with Susie Bubble, who is famous for integrating natural mix-ups inspires us to pair a sport floral printed jacket with a green mint dress. Maria Kolosov displays a romantic rock star look combining a leather jacket with a skirt for extra minty fresh femininity, while Hanne Gaby Odie uses blue accents and a gray base to highlight key parts in the same green shade.

You can find green mint outfits in the collections of different famous brands like Marc Jacobs, YSL, Rodarte, A.L.C and Versus. It was definitely the color of 2012 but it may be a true hit in the summer of 2014. Also, you have to check the absolutely adorable Ray Ban minty sunglasses. The color is basically screaming freshness and happiness. Only imagine how good the green mint looks on your tanned body.

Minty coolness can be found anywhere, in clothes, accessories, cakes, wedding invitations and even on bedroom walls. But it can look really bad if worn wrong. So to avoid the disastrous imagine you better pick the mint shade that fits your eyes, skin tone and attitude. Also, it rarely works from head to toe, and if you’re not some experienced Vogue editor who knows fashion well, you should not try to do the all mint look, just don’t.

Herbal Essences Scentsual Shameless Pleasure Launch Party


Filipino’s are generally shy and easily embarrassed, especially Filipino women. As much as the modern days are here women who are provocative enough to admit what they find stimulating and exciting are seen as bold and vulgar.

At the Herbal Essences Scentsual Shameless Pleasure Launch Party held at Gramercy 71 last June 11, all the guest, mostly women, were asked to admit and encouraged to indulge on their pleasures! After all, there is no shame in seeking things that make one deliriously happy.

Herbal Essences Scentsual Shameless Pleasure Launch Party

The return of Herbal Essences was marked with an event that had attention-grabbing, thought-provoking monologues about unapologetically admitting and seeking one’s own definition of shameless pleasure. The segment, Shameless Talk, featured two of the most colorful, candid personalities in the social scene—actress/host Kat Alano and writer Erika Paredes. The two talked about their most shameless pleasures, and how women should be empowered to openly chase after what pleasures them.
Herbal Essences Scentsual Shameless Pleasure Launch Party

Highlight of the event is the playful reveal of TV host/celebrity blogger Divine Lee as the brand ambassador of Herbal Essences. Hot on the heels of appearing in a video where Divine was revealed as the woman behind the moans overheard at a coffee shop, gym, yoga studio and shower room, she gamely confessed her very own shameless pleasure.
Herbal Essences Scentsual Shameless Pleasure Launch Party

Divine takes pride in and celebrates her reputation as a “babaeng bakla” – fun, spirited and naughty – headlining the hit podcast Becky Nights and expressing herself on Twitter while sharing her hilarious takes on anything under the sun through her blog www.divinelee.com. She’s also very open in declaring her affections for her boyfriend, actor Victor Basa.

Procter & Gamble Philippines decided on Divine Lee as brand ambassador as she epitomizes what Herbal Essences stands for: the female go-getter who’s naughty and nice, playful, adventure-seeking and unafraid to chase after what she wants.

“Divine Lee is the made-for-Herbal Essences woman. She is deliberate and bold in the decisions she has made both in her professional and personal life. Divine demonstrates how to want pleasure and act on it. She’s charmingly unapologetic about her pursuit of pleasure. She is a perfect fit for Herbal Essences which makes even the most ordinary act of showering pleasurable and rapturous,” says Pepe Torres, country marketing manager for hair care of P&G.

Herbal Essences Scentsual Shameless Pleasure Launch Party

Inspired by the shameless confessions, the guests were encouraged to share their shameless pleasures publicly. Guests were treated to various pleasurable activities such as having their pictures taken at the naughty and sensual Shameless Shower photo booth, sampling deliciously sinful food selections and exciting admissions onstage about their shameless pleasures. The whole event area was suffused with a natural fragrance to highlight the refreshing scent Herbal Essences gives off, resulting in a scentsual shower experience.
Herbal Essences Scentsual Shameless Pleasure Launch Party

The launch ended on a high note with a party headlined by DJ Callum to the delight – make that pleasure – of many who danced the night away.
WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat

Like Facebook.com/Herbal EssencesPH and follow Twitter.com/HerbalEssencesPH to stay up to date on the exciting activities planned for Herbal Essences.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

World Cup, Father’s Day, Mercury Retrogade, Hormones — Happy Friday the 13th!

This is on helluva Friday.  #Fridaythe13th, full moon, mercury retrogade, FIFA #WorldCup, hormones, mom and bro’s bday, #FathersDay … tonight’s gonna be a CRAZY good day!#TGIF everyone. 

The World Cup Season will end on July 13, 2014 , so during the whole month of June expect your boys/men to be out-of-reach at this time.  Chill girls let’s just enjoy the view and have fun window shopping (for boys) if you are forced to watch with them (hello hormones!).

Father’s Day is June 15, 2014 Sunday, so if you don’t have anything yet for your father’s then it is easier to please them this time just take them to a viewing party and bring a lot of beer, pizza and chicken wings!

It’s full moon and Friday the 13th plus the Mercury Retrogade in effect until July 2, so all the lunatics out there, take it easy and do something relaxing, all superstition and science behind all this crazy thingamajigs, it will all pass.

Hope you all survive gracefully hahahaha!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

212 VIP Rosé EDP by Carolina Herrera Launch at Niner Ichi Nana

212 VIP Rose EDP

Prestige Brands has never failed me.   Whenever they have fragrance launch, I am sure it is to one up the one it preceded, and this 212 VIP Rosé EDP by Carolina Herrera launch at Niner Ichi Nana surely did.

First was the hand-outs upon registration: NYC Envelope VIP Party Essential

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
What’s inside?

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
A pretty glam envelope clutch with a pen and some “VIP Party cards” with Makeup, Drink and Music involved

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila

Our gorgeous host Gelli Victor to guide us through the party

212 VIP Rose EDP Fragrance launch manila

So there was a setup to made up the guest to have the Best Party Look Ever!

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
Smokey eyes and thicker brows that’s what they did to me

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
Then concocted a customized drink for me according my preferences and personality

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
What is a party without the music, we headed to the DJ’s booth to make the Best Party Playlist!

212 VIP Rose EDP Fragrance launch manila

What’s all the glam without photos! Instax at our disposal! Of course we took a lot of them!

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
Party like a true VIP! Are you on the list?

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
212 VIP Rosé EDP by Carolina Herrera for men and women

212 VIP Rose EDP Fragrance launch manila
The bottle

A glass bottle with a sophisticated degradé effect in matt rosé. An engraved ring and our VIP signature, the magnetic cap, give our bottle a cool and chic femininity.

The scent


21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila

Sparkling and festive – Champagne rosé
Voluptuous innocence – Fleur de Pêcher
Addictive elegance – Queen Wood, white musk, enveloping amber

21 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera Launch Manila
212 VIP Rosé EDP by Carolina Herrera is now available at your favorite fragrance stores in the country.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Wacoal 25 Years Anniversary

Women’s intimate apparel giant, Philippine Wacoal Corporation, is celebratingits 25 years of beautifying Filipinas inside and out.

Philippine Wacoal Corporation shared this milestone achievement with the people that fueled its success for the past 25 years through a thanksgiving dinner inspired by the refined Japanese art of beauty. This event is dedicated to the company’s employees, socio-civic partners, and trusted business affiliates like SM, Rustan’s, and Landmark, to name some, for the due recognition that they deserve for being steadfast partners of the women’s intimate apparel brand for the past 25 years.

Japanese themed dinner fo Wacoal 25 uears

The guests were treated to a showcase of traditional Japanese ceremonies and performances, such as the KagamiBirakiToastand a Taiko drum performance, to pay homage to the company’s Japanese origin.

It has always been Wacoal’s mission to be an instrument in the campaign to empower women. And Philippine Wacoal Corporation has stayed true to this commitment since it was established in 1989 to provide high quality products and superior customer service to its patrons.

Wacoal Loves Every Body

This year, Wacoal is set to launch its “Wacoal Loves Everybody” campaign which aims to celebrate the beauty of women in all shapes and sizes and further enhance its dedication to help Filipinas realize the beauty they have inside and out by expanding the reach of its intimate apparel line, known to give women the confidence they need to make them comfortable of the skin that they are in.

This year’s campaign and other business plans are geared to strengthen the foundation of its intimate apparel line to give an extra boost of confidence to all Filipinas. This is also expected to contribute to the growth and strength of the company and provide more opportunities for its stakeholders.

For 25 years, Philippine Wacoal Corporation has established its position in the women’s intimate apparel industry and its role in the promotion of women empowerment. And the company will continue to do so onwards. To learn more about the perfect underwear for Filipinas and the Wacoal Loves Everybody campaign, visit www.wacoal.ph.

Mr. Takashi Iwasaki

“Wacoal Corporationwas founded in Japan in 1946 to meet the needs of and bring comfort to the modern woman. This vision has not changed and this is the same vision that brings continuous success to our local company,” said Takashi Iwasaki,Philippine Wacoal Corporationchairman and CEO.
Wacoal has grown steadily over the years and is now among the top brands in the intimate apparel industry. It is also one of the widely distributed brands in the country with 52department store counters, eight direct sales branches, and three online stores.

28 Keep Abreast

Philippine Wacoal Corporation has always been active in promoting awareness about women’s needs in the country, but it was in 2005 when it made a mark by starting the Keep Abreast Program. The movement helped women fight breast cancer by reinforcing the public’s knowledge about their lethal enemy. Year-round seminars were held to promote the early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the deadly

32 Habitat for Humanity

Aside from this, the women’s intimate apparel brand continuously engages in sociocivic activities, in an effort to make a positive contribution to society. It championed environmental awareness through its Keep Earth campaign and forged partnerships with Habitat for Humanity to promote social development by helping build homes, and the Philippine Marketing Association to provide corporate-world learning
experiences for students.

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