Tulip Chocolate + Wonderful Indonesia Festival Finds

Never been to Indonesia, yet. But I might be there, soon.

Just recently, I got acquainted with some of Indonesian products and culture at the recently held Wonderful Indonesia Festival held at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City.

The festival was meant to boost the ever-growing trade relations of Indonesia and Philippines.  Did you know that Indonesia’s export to the Philippines has reached US$3.92 in 2015 according to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.  While Philippines investment in Indonesia for the period 2011-2015 approximately amounted to US$ 25 million.

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Be Your Own Bag Designer @ Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio + #WIWTD 96

Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio Manila

Just recently, I went bag shopping with a friend.  While she was able to grab two bags from the  store I did not get anything.  I held a couple of nice looking ones, but none of them screamed my name.  Then the thought, “how many people have the same bag?”  So, I let them go.

Incidentally,  the Timbuk2 Custom Studio Bag in Manila launch I attended was about designing your own bag yourself.  A bag that is completely unique and personalized because you created it from the silhouette,  fabric,  color,  texture,  size and everything else,  the bag will scream you!

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Japanese Three Arts Mittsu No Geitjutsu @ Ace. Manila Launch

Mittsu NoGeijutsu Ace. #jointhedots

A lot of my friends have been going in and out of Japan.  I must say I am very much envious of their travel photos.  I love seeing the modern, yet functional, sometimes minimalist aesthics of the places and items they capture with their cameras,  How I wish one day to see the land of the rising sun.

While that travel bucket list is waiting to be crossed-out , I am settling for the amazing Japanese things coming to town.  Recently, at the launch of Ace Bags Philippines, I witness a performance of a Japanese three arts Mittsu No Geitjutsu.

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How Globe Changes Entertainment in the Philippines #GlobeWWGX


I rarely watch television.  For one we don’t have cable and two I watch my TV series and movies I failed to watch online and I can do it at my own time.

I think this is now the truth for most consumers, and this is what Globe recognized with the new offerings they recently revealed.   Dubbed as the Next Attraction #GlobeWWGX promises to change the landscape of entertainment in the Philippines by giving original shows, live events and engaging world-class content. Plus a line-up of  new international content partners and improved broadband plans that takes entertainment in the Philippines to a higher level.

So how do they plan to change entertainment in the Philippines?  Let me tell you the ways:

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My Toycon Philippines 2016 Pop Life Fan Experience


It was literally like a kid in a toystore, only better. Because all the characters you just see on the comic books and watch on television come to life and there’s no better feeling than being able to immense yourself in a world you only thought can exist in your dreams.

The first day of Toycon Philippines 2016, which is running for 15 years in the country, had their major milestone. This was the first time they finally had international artist/ characters come over and have that incredible Toycon experience like they do in the states because they partnered with Pop Life Entertainment this year.

Imagine they were able to get Lois and Clark Superman, Game of Thrones Hodor, Starwars Boba Fett, Twilight Saga pack of wolves and have Stan Lee over a live Skype on top of the list!

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How This Week Went #AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 5

#AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this weekly vlog thing for more than a month now!  It’s actually fun and less tiring. I mean it’s mindless, you don’t need to think of the words to say, no need to edit too much (I like my videos raw) and I don’t have to give a lot of details because the video says it all.

If you notice my week starts on a Tuesday because I don’t normally take labada (blog gigs) on a Monday.   This #AboutThisWeek Vlog included the events and whatnots that I attended during the week of  April 1-23 ,2016 which included the following:

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