NORDSTROM, Now Open to Philippine Residents! 

Nordstorm Philippines

A relentless drive to exceed expectations. Nordstrom has worked to deliver the bestpossible shopping experience, helping customers possess style—not just buyfashion.

Nordstrom, Inc. is a leading fashion specialty retailer based in the United States.Founded in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle, today Nordstrom operates in 36 states with 117 full-line stores in the United States and one in Canada, 155 Nordstrom Rack locations, two Jeffrey boutiques and one clearance store. The brand also servescustomers online in 96 countries through Our e-commerce site, which operates in partnership with their private sale site HauteLook, gives customers access to off-price fashion at considerable savings. Currently, their and HauteLook sites serve customers in Canada and Australia. The brand recently began serving customers through Trunk Club, a personalized styling service.

Nordstorm Philippines

Since 1901, Nordstrom has been guided by its founder’s philosophy: offer the bestcustomer experience possible. The brand offers a large selection of quality fashionapparel, shoes and accessories for men, women and children.

Being a strong contender in the e-commerce and retail industry for more than 100 years (and counting), everyone would then agree if the brand claims itself as the“unerring eye for what’s next in fashion”.  Nordstrom believes that fashion is abusiness of optimism, and in that spirit they continue to grow and evolve. Free shipping and free returns, mobile shopping and exciting new retail partnerships offer them continued opportunities to serve more customers in more ways with a fresh, relevant shopping experience and inspiring style. Fashion changes. Shopping changes. Their commitment to happy customers doesn’t.

 Nordstorm Now Ships in the Philippines

They are proud to announce that residents of the Philippines can now shop and have their purchases delivered to their doorsteps, which will becharged with a shipping cost to be added on top of their billing. But worry not because Photius is here to provide you with great discounts, deals and coupon codes which you can use for every transaction you make with Nordstrom. Enjoy thosetreats and look for available deals here:

Happy Shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Uniqlo 17th Philippine Store Carries Expanded Kids & Babies Collection

Uniqlo Marilyn Monroe UT Collection

Uniqlo just keeps getting stronger as it opens it’s 17th store in the Philippines at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Makati. Highlighted at the special opening was the Kids and Babies Expanded Collection for the 2014 Fall/Winter season.

Uniqlo 17th Philippine Store

Uniqlo Kids and Babies Expanded Collection for the 2014 Fall/Winter season.

Uniqlo Kids and Babies Expanded Collection for the 2014 Fall/Winter season.

The new lineup of kids clothes is centered on 5 ideas that should be incorporated in the design of kids and babies clothes — freedom of movement, comfort, easier removal, fun design and safety features to promote kids growth and health.

Uniqlo Kids and Babies Collection

I was one of the first to roam around and shop at the new store of course!

Uniqlo 17th Philippine Store
Some of the men’s collection for as low as Php590.00

Uniqlo Men's Wear
and the women’s Life Wear for as low as Php390.00Uniqlo Women's Wear
But but but, my most favorite item that I found on the store and got it of course was their Marilyn Monroe UT Collection! I only got one coz I bought stuff for the daughter of course, but there’s about 12 different design in the collection. This was the most standout design for me! The Marilyn Monroe UT is sold at Php590.00 only! 
Uniqlo Marilyn Monroe UT Collection
The 17th Uniqlo Philippine Store is located at the 2nd level of Power Plant Mall and is open from 10am to 10pm on weekends and 10am to 9am on weekdays.
Happy Shopping!
Stay gorgeous everyone!

WIWTD #39: Black Unicorn

black unicorn

And when you spiral through the atmosphere
All they see is motion
They never see the tears, they never feel the pain
black unicorn
They always think it’s nothing but it’s something, such a shame
So caught up in the fantasy, humanity has made a love story out of tragedy
But there is no romance in life that’s on the ledge
And there’s no one to talk you down and tuck you in the bed

Black Unicorn

Lord, it’s so ironic that it’s funny
Of something for the books or the bars
To bob your head and nod
I recall, so many never ever thought you’d make it
So sad they were mistaken, the joy they tried to take it

black unicorn

Black Unicorn

Mama said that “The best thing you can do and be is you. This world ain’t got but one, so give credit where it is due”
Ain’t that the truth
And here you are, a black unicorn
Mythical, mystical, since the day that you were born
Mastered all the madness, let the magic have his way
Let the power paint the day, let the god have his say
Cause there’s a place that you can go, no one else is allowed
Sitting up on your cloud, so high when you look down
Just glance upon the beauty and the wonder to be found
Then know that you can stop your search, cause love is all around – 2 Chainz
Black Unicorn

black unicorn
What I wore:
Sweater: H&M
Pants: Wrangler Denim Spa Jeans
Sneakers: Converse Wedge All Star
Bangles: Frigga
Bag: Liz Clairborne

N.CAT Philippines

Wore this at the Sangobion Go Love Life Shopping event and a visit to the newly opened N.Cat Accessories store with blogger friends Aylin, Marj and Ruth. Will blog about both events soon.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

WIWTD #38: Mesh Around


While messing around and about was meant to cause havoc, I wore a white mesh dress to be comfy when I raid the racks of the first H&M store in the Philippines!

H&M Manila Philippines VIP Opening Night
Light, comfy, easy to put on and easy to take off. That was the plan. But of course I did not sacrfice fashion. Since mesh is just starting to make waves here in the Philippines after making waves in the Sping/Summer fashion week shows in London, New York and Paris!

H&M Manila Philippines VIP Opening Night
Mesh Around
2014-10-15 22.06.44

Mesh Around
What I wore:
Dress: Cinderella
Shoes: Ferretti
Bag: Liz Claiborne
Cuff: Frigga
Bracelet: Karat World

It was a good decision to have worn this easy breezy dresa. I get to shop fast and efficiently and was able to mingle thereafter. No stress just mesh!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

My Viy: The Spirit of Evil Movie Review

Viy: The Spirit of Evil movie review

While religion is something most people clung into for some things they don’t know and cannot control. There is always a logical and scientific explanation to everything.

Viy: The Spirit of Evil movie review
I attended the advanced special screening of Viy: The Spirit of Evil in hopes that I will jump out of my seat and scream at the top of my lungs but surprisingly it did not.

It was not a bad thing though, the movie was very interesting that even though I had those moments I wanted to leave, I just can’t because I want to understand what was going on and find out what just happened, what was happening and why it happened.

While it was not that kind of shock and scare horror movie I am used to,  Viy: The Spirit of Evil  was a kind of a horrifying movie with real life fears and evils. The kind of evil that lurks in the real world that we are all prone to face from  day to day.

As for cinematography, the movie was well made.  It is the original movie shown in Russia and was dubbed in English. For someone who has seen it all this movie kinda made me feel like watching those Jackie Chan movies before like Drunker Master because of the dubbing but it was well-dubbed I must say.

It is best seen in 3D as those flying things will somehow get you jolt-off your seat thinking those things will hit you in the face. The graphic effects were awesome, fantastic and seamless, I love it! it will make you squirm it is mind-blowing!

Viy: The Spirit of Evil

Movie Backgrounder

It is record breaking movie inn Russia that made $17 million on its first weekend showing in that country. Viy is the name of a dark and notorious monster resposible for many deaths of many village folk in a sleepy 17th Century Village in Ukraine. Viy’s most terrifying ability is to murder and cut through the soul of any one with just a gaze of his many eyes.

Produced by Russian Film Group and Marins Group, Viy stars Jason Flemyng (seen in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and  Charles Dance (who plays Tywin Lannister in the Game of Thrones).

Viy: The Spirit of Evil is distributed internationally by Universal Pictures and will be shown in 3D in select theaters in Metro Manila and in 2D nationwide starting October 22, 2014.

But wait there’s more…..WIN an iPhone6!  

Watch Viy on October 22, sign your movie ticket printed name and signature, take a selfie with it and visit upload your pic by following the steps to the “Watch and Win iPhone 6 promo logo”.

Follow @futureupdate on Instagram for more update and winner announcements.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

H&M Manila Philippines VIP Opening Night

H&M Philippines

The much talked about H&M Manila Philippines VIP Opening Night finally happened. Last night about 1,500 VIP guest were invited for an advanced shopping spree at the newest global fashion brand that is now available in the country!

I didn’t say a word about me going until the last minute because I was waiting for my “Golden Ticket” but apparently I didn’t get one. I have an e-invite to the shopping party so my ticket was face value!

H&M Manila Philippines VIP Opening Night
I was one of the early birds so I was able to scale and scout the humongous red carpet area!

H&M Manila Philippines VIP Opening Night
One of the major concern of my readers was how are the prices at H&M Philippines?

H&M Philippines

How are the prices at H&M Manila Philippines? Affordable than you can imagine!

VIP Shoppers of H&M Manila lining up at the cashier on the 1st floor. View from the 2nd floor!

VIP Shoppers of H&M Manila lining up at the cashier on the 1st floor. View from the 2nd floor

Without this wrist band you can't shop!

Without this wrist band you can’t shop!

I have my eyes on this set!H&M Philippines shopping! 20141015_210731
Almost everyone you need to know from the Philippines fashion, entertainment, media and PR industry was there. But the shopping frenzy was more crazy than people watching so you may bump into a lot but no guts to take pic. So here are just my rare photo moments with people haha!

H&M Manila Philippines VIP opening

With Angela Nepomuceno, Ruth dela Cruz, Jackie Go, Christine Dychiao and Sophie Sumners of America’s Next Top Model! 

H&M Manila shopping 20141015_204540

See something you like?  Go!  Public opening is on October 17, 2014 and early birds get voucher of Php6,000.00 for tge first 200 if I am not mistaken.

I was asked if it is worth it to line up as early as 6am for the opening on Saturday, I say yes with Php2,000 you can get a lot of nice pieces depending on what items you buy.  Basics starts at Php290.00 the highest I saw was Php2,090.00.  You can get a nice bag with nice quality for Php2,000.00 or a pair of boots then get a basic tshirt.


As for the quality, the ones I saw were good, fabric was nice and stitching was ok. I just hope in the next coming days and weeks and months of H&M Manila Philippines, the quality will not detiriorate just like some other popular global brands in Manila most of them sell rubbish now.

Thank you H&M for the advanced shopping opportunity! I will definitely comeback. Thank you foe the lovely presents as well!

H&M Philippines VIP Gift
Happy Shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

WIWTD #37: How to Get Away with a Mirror #OOTD

how to get away with a mirror selfie ootd

Unlike your favorite fashion/style bloggers, I don’t have the luxury of time, a nice SLR camera and an assistant/ yaya/ driver/ brother/ sister/ mom/ boyfriend/ officemate/ friends by my side to take my #OOTDs.(Waaah that made me sound like a loner!)

Any who, to show my sponsors that I love the stuff they gave me, I take mirror selfies OOTDs instead.

How to get away with a mirror selfie OOTD
How to get away with a mirror selfie OOTD? Find a nice fitting room and snap!

How to get away with a mirror selfie

For the outfit details/closeup take #shoefies while inside the car. This was taken on my way to a meeting at Sofitel!

For the outfit details/closeup take #shoefies while inside the car. This was taken on my way to a meeting at Sofitel!



At the Blue Carpet Screening of How to Get Away with Murder at Century City Mall

how to get away with murder blue carpet screening
how to get away with a mirror selfie ootd

What I wore:
Dress: Apostrophe
Owl Pendant: Desigual
Sneakers: Converse
Canvass bag: Freeway

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Make a Choice: Be a Home Based E-Educator

Make a Choice: Be a Home-Based e-Educator at 51Talk

The crazy traffic jam situation in Metro Manila is totally unacceptable. But many Filipino workers choose to suck it up than sulk it out and do nothing and waste time and money.  But little do they know millions of pesos are being wasted with all the hours spent on the road because of traffic.

I am fortunate to not have to succumb to the rush hour traffic because I’m a home based online worker who leaves home whenever I want and I don’t need to rush and chase hours.

While blogging is my full-time work, I honestly tell everyone that it is not for everyone especially now that the “competition” is steep and almost everyone now owns a blog.  I think my edge would be my staying power and my passion for writing and sharing my experiences and information online.

While being a blogger may not be for you, there is another option you can try, and that is by being a home based e-educator.

Make the Choice: Be a Home-Based E-Educator

Make a Choice: Be a Home-Based e-Educator at 51Talk

Make a Choice: Be a Home-Based e-Educator at 51Talk

With more than 1,000 e-Educators across the Philippines, it’s hard to differentiate oneself from th& rest.

51Tatk, the premiere online English school in China and the Philippines, introduces Make the Choice, the company’s jump to a more digital approach. Through this program, they integrate language and technology which appears to be the perfect fit for Filipinos looking for a career online.

The Philippines is known to be very proficient in English, which is why online teaching is a very viable career which can be done by almost anyone.

Make the Choice encourages Filipinos to experience something outside of their comfort zone – an alternative career that allows them to have a healthy balance between work and their personal life.This also gives them the option to work from home and have flexible working hours.

“Having an online classroom allows instructors to create a schedule around their daily routine, Plus, they don’t have to worry about a long commute. This gives them even more time to spend with their families, which we noticed is a priority for most Fifipinos”, says 51Tatk COO and co-founder, Shu Ting.

51 Talk COO, Shu Ting; Jim Paredes and Michelle Gumabao talks about 51Talk.

51 Talk COO, Shu Ting; Jim Paredes and Michelle Gumabao talks about 51Talk.

51Talk also introduced three ambassadors to help inspire Filipinos – Jim Paredes, Delamar Arias, and Michele Gumabao.

Get Hired in 5 Steps!

Get hired in 5-steps:

With a salary of Php70,000.00 , it sounds tempting! Tempted? Get hired in 5-steps:  Fill-up Online Application Form, Phone Interview, Skype Interview, Teaching Demo, Pre-Service Orientation and you’re hired!

Just to ket you know, working at home is not as easy as it sounds. At home you get a lot of disturbances from your family and you juggle home work and work work.  Plus, since you work online you’re social life may be minimized a bit as you will have to render time at work alone through your computer.  It takes a lot of getting used to and discipline,  but once you have mastered it, it becomes easy as pie!

For those interested like 51TalkPh on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @51TalkPh.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

WIWTD #36: Girl Meets Boy

Jack Purcell

She had the swagger of a girl. She blushed like a boy. She had a girl’s toughness. She has a boy’s gentleness.

girl meets boy
She was as meaty as a girl. She was as graceful as a boy. She was as brave and handsome and rough as a girl. She was as pretty and delicate and dainty as a boy.

girl meetds boy
She turned boys’ heads like a girl. She turned girls’ heads like a boy.

2014-10-10 21.58.42

She made love like a boy. She made love like a girl. She was so boyish it was girlish, so girlish it was boyish, she made me want to rove the world writing our names on every tree. I had simply never found someone so right. Sometimes this shocked me so much that I was unable to speak. Ali Smith, Girl Meets Boy: The Myth of Iphis (Canongate Myths)

“I don’t really know anything. I’m just cute and fun to watch.” – Shawn Hunter

Jack Purcell
What I wore:
Bag: Belissima Firenze
Phone: RedMi from
Sneakers: CONVERSE Jack Purcell Classic

Wore this today for the 51Talk launch and Century Tuna Superbods Cook-off will tell you more about both events later.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

My Giordano Moment TBT Photo Contest’

throwback 25 years of giordano

Let me show you what I look like in Highschool, junior Highschool to be exact.

throwback 25 years of giordano

#MyGiordanoMoment: Oversized Giordano Polo 1994. Dancing to the tune of “Dance Model” for our school.

Oversized polo, baggy pants and rubber shoes was the “in” porma during thise days.  Do you know what decade this was?  This was the decade when my sense of fashion was non-sense! Hahaha!

This was the decade when internet, Facebook, Social Media was non-existent, the trend we follow is what we see on TV and #OOTDs was never a thing!

Throwback  25 yrars of Giordano

#MyGiordanoMoment: Giirdamo Polo and Tshirt 1996 at my reunion summer outing with my Highschool BFFs.

Giordano was the bomb brand during those days. If you wear Giordano you are cool!

I’m sure if you belong to my decade you have a number of photos wearing a Giordano item (pants, bag or top).  If you do you might want to join Giordano’s ongoing contest.

As part of Giordano Philippines’ 25th anniversary celebration, the brand has launched a #ThrowbackThursday campaign for all Giordano fans who can relive the 90s in style with the ‘My Giordano Moment TBT Photo Contest’. 

“The brand has enjoyed 25 good years here in the country. No doubt Giordano fans have also created good memories throughout the years with our products. This campaign allows us to look back and see how far we have come as a brand. Also, it’s a chance for us to see which clothing styles stood the test of time,” said Bea Lim, VP for Marketing – Giordano Philippines.


How to join the   ‘My Giordano Moment TBT Photo Contest’

  1. Like Giordano Philippines on Facebook and follow @GiordanoPH on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Upload your throwback photos wearing any Giordano merchandise, from tops and bottoms to bags and caps, on any of the three social networking sites.
  3. Use the hashtag #MyGiordanoMoment followed by the year it was taken and merchandise description (#MyGiordanoMoment  #Polo  #1995).

Two winners will be announced weekly and will take home PhP500 worth of gift certificates each.  

The contest is open to everyone. Last day of sending entries is on October 31, 2014. The last batch of winners will be announced via Giordano Philippines’ social networking sites on the first week of November.  

Happy throwback time!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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