What’s New from the #BloggerMailBox 3 + Getting Back to Handwritten Journals

When you are juggling one too many things and don’t keep a writen journal of things, you lost track of it. I used to religiously write on my journal when blogging was not my thing yet. I would write every detail of the events that happened the entire day, plus smiley faces drawings at the end of my entry (when they’re not even called emoji’s back then). On my planner, I would note my expeses for the day, every bit of detail and even cents. Where I went, what I did, what time and with whom (some have codenames). I did that because I have this fear of losing my memory and will not remember a thing, so by writing it down, I can recall the events of the day easily. Digital cameras were not even a thing back then, so I had printed photos, lots of them.

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How to Learn Ballet with Lisa Macuja-Elizalde #WIWTD 98

Ballet with Lisa Macuja

What did you want to be growing up? One of my dreams back then was to be a Ballerina.  

Ballet classes during my time was made available at a mall near our place.  When we pass by the foodcourt I would look at the pretty girls with their hair neatly tied in a bun, wearing white  thighs and tutus, with synced movements.   They all exude grace and poise.  “I want to be like them,”  I would exclaim.

If you are a girl in the late 80’s early 90’s I am sure you can relate.  It was the generation When most girls were enrolled in a Ballet Class maybe during summer break or just a short course.  It was the peak of World Class Prima Balerina Lisa Macuja (now with a hypen Elizalde) when being an online influencer was not the ambition of young people. 

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Compartmentalize Wardrobe with UNIQLO LifeWear


Do you compartmentalize your wardrobe, like according to occassion?

I do, just like how it was shown at the UNIQLO LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016 Collection Preview held at A-Space Makati recently.

It was a capsule show showcasing what would fit our individual lifestyle that reflects the times in which we live. The show echoes how the brand embraces individuality and belief that personal style should come from how you wear your clothes not the other way around.

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Celebrate the Skin You Love #Silkamazing15

If you will meet the teenager me, she would be someone insecure of her skin color because all her bestfriends are tisay.  So, I did back then, tried those whitening products that you have to soak your skin into for 15 minutes.  Then after rinsing it off, you are still reeking off the smell of the whitening product you just used.  It was embrassing.

Lucky for this generation of teenagers, there are lots of product options out there .  One of them is Silka who just recently celebrated their 15 years in the industry.  I think they are one of the less irritating and non-smelly product back then haha!

While the brand is one of the trusted and used produt for whiteing, I am glad that as part of celebrating their anniversary they launched new product variants that don’t just focus on whitening but on moisturizing as well.

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Reasons to Watch a Live Ballet Manila Performance #RevengeoftheClassics #WIWTD 97

“In Russia, families goes to watch a live ballet performance.  In the Philippines families goes to malls.  We would like to change that,” Lisa Macuja-Elizalde the country’s most profilic ballet.

Lisa Macuja started dancing when she was eight.  However, it was only when she turned 18 when she got immensely involved in ballet.   She recieved a scholarship from the USSR Ministry of Culture and was offered to study at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (formerly known as Leningrad Choreographi Institute).  Graduated top of her class in 1984 she debuted as the prima ballerina in the Nutcraker, Don Quixote, and Giselle at the Mariinski Theater.   She was know then as the foreigner being the first foriegner to become part of Kirov Ballet. When she returned in the Philippines in 1986 she became the first artist-in-residence of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and guest artist at Ballet Philippines , the rest is history so they say.

I am a fan.

Ballet Manila 21st Season Performance #RevengeoftheClassics

I was very young when I remember seeing her and my first live ballet performance at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  It was one of those family weekend we spent when CCP complex was  more than just a theme park and the mall culture isn’t a thing.

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Hoegaarden Rosée a Beer for the Ladies


Please don’t judge. I know I’ve been on a beer drinking spree for the past three days straight.  Today, I am counting on my fourth because of my supplies haha!   Anyway, I was not a beer drinker couple years ago until I got acquainted with a few good beers recently because some friends from the bar scene have been introducing me to them.

Just the other day,  Hoegaarden Rosée was finally released in Manila.  The launch happened at Draft in Greenbelt 2 where the place was dressed up like a lovely rose garden.   At the event, attendees were able to sample an exquisite rose-tinged, raspberry flavored beer with an intruguing character and a suprisingly refreshing taste, perfect for the tropical Philippine weather.

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How to Be Lucky and Meet Lucky Blue Smith in Manila?

Lucky Blue Smith was introduced as a Penshoppe ambassador back in February 2016 when he front-lined the brand’s Spring-Summer 2016 campaign. ( You may read the story here (click!) .  LBS was not able to come here in Manila then but he will come here this month as a special guest model for Penshoppe’s fashion show.

On July 29, Lucky Blue will walk the runway as a special guest model for Penshoppe’s fashion show at the Conrad Manila.  Fans can also look forward to a special meet and greet session with Lucky Blue at Penshoppe SM Aura on July 30 (Saturday)

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Faux Pas Paris the Perfect Rainy Day Pair

Just recently, I went to an event wearing a canvass sneakers. Unexpectedly, a big outpour happened and my shoes and feet got drenched in rain (huhuhu!).

I was planning to buy a rainy day boots so my shoes and my feet will survive the rainy day season.  Fortunately , a more stylish waterproof footwear came to the rescue!  Say hello to a  Faux Pas Paris !

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Be Your Own Bag Designer @ Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio + #WIWTD 96

Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio Manila

Just recently, I went bag shopping with a friend.  While she was able to grab two bags from the  store I did not get anything.  I held a couple of nice looking ones, but none of them screamed my name.  Then the thought, “how many people have the same bag?”  So, I let them go.

Incidentally,  the Timbuk2 Custom Studio Bag in Manila launch I attended was about designing your own bag yourself.  A bag that is completely unique and personalized because you created it from the silhouette,  fabric,  color,  texture,  size and everything else,  the bag will scream you!

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