#1DayMagic K-Palette Event at R Space Makati

It was like a reunion of sorority girls as my favorite  beauty blogger, glossy magazine and lifestyle writer friends and gathered in the #1DayMagic event by K-Palette.

#1DayMagic K-Palette Event at R-Space Makati
There were other friends in there but there was a beautiful chaos happening that I did not get to take a pic with them. But here is Team Butiki for you. Nikki Tiu of Ask Me Whats and Trixie Reyna of Kristn.ph .

#1DayMagic K-Palette Event at R-Space Makati
The event was to launch K-Palette’s new makeup offerings the 1 Day Magic line where ones look can be transformed to a beautiful Kawaii look that us ever so popular in Japan.

#1DayMagic K-Palette Event at R-Space Makati
Kawaii look pertains to the big baby doll eyes, well defined and contoured facial features and sweet pouty lips and super flush blush effect.

It was indeed a magical day as if we were transported in Japan as the makeup artist who did the demo of the Kawaii look using the 1 Day Magic makeup items only speeks Japanese and needed a translator.

#1DayMagic K-Palette Event at R-Space Makati
We were all impressed with the makeup and the transformation it can do! I will tell you more about the makeup in another post promise!

As I’ve mentioned the event was magical! It was my first time to finally see Eric Mana perform live and it was entertaining and surprising! Galeng!

#1DayMagic K-Palette Event at R-Space Makati

Donna, the host and Shen all participated. No pics of Shen though as my fone batt died boohoo!

#1DayMagic K-Palette Event at R-Space Makati
Congratulations Cherryl Tan Chua for this successful launch of the the 1 Day Magic makeup by K-Palette!

#1DayMagic K-Palette Event at R-Space Makati
Here is the entire line! I can’t wait to try it out myself!
1DayMagic K-Palette makeup

The 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara, 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner, 1 Day Magic Makeup Contour and Highlight Palette, 1 Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Gretchen Barretto for Karat World Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Gretchen Barretto for Karat World

What superlatives would you use to describe Gretchen Barretto?

Did you have confident, tough, survivor, and glamorous in mind? If you did so did Karat World that is why they pick her out as their latest brand ambassador/ endorser.

Just like Karat World, Gretchen is indeed Iconic when it comes to reinventing herself and still remain relevant.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Standing up in front of the media and bloggers invited to this exclusive launch at CAV in BGC, Gretchen Barretto allowed everyone to scrutinized the outfit she was wearing for the day.

“Look at my pants, does it look expensive? Not really, Top Shop lang yan,”

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

“How about my top, does it look expensive? Yes it is, Burberry yan eh,”
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

“How about my shoes, does it look expensive? Of course expensive talaga yan!”
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

“Eh, how about my earrings? Nope hindi sha expensive, Karat World yan! It looks expensive lang but it really is not. And that is how you should be dapat mukhang mamahalin. Or at least you can mix-match your attire to make it look expensive. Di naman kailangan lahat mamahalin,” she said.

“When I was tapped to be the brand ambassador for Karat World, I fell inlove with their jewelries. All girls gets excited with jewelries. I fell inlove with the design and I started asking for the price and I was surprised, they are not expensive at all!”

Karat World is releasing new designs of jewelries for the half of 2014 and what Gretchen was wearing at the event is just a preview.

Another preview of the jewelry design they will come out is the lovely heartlock bracelet they gave away to all those who attended the event.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Served in a tray by one of the waiters of CAV everyone was so happy to get the first dibs!

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Here’s what the bracelet looks like,yes I opened my box right there and there and wear the bling right away!

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

The event was hosted by the lovely Gelli Victor and the Gorrisetti family led by Mr. Felix Gorrisetti owner of Karat World , his mom and siblings who has been in the jewelry business for 25 years with humble beginnings from Iloilo.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

A scrumptious full course luncheon was also served at CAV prepared by Chef Marcus G. Feller.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Appetizers and soups
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Crabmeat Salad
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV BGC

Wagyu Beef Steak yumz!
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

More pics at the event

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

The Karat World family
Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

With my blogger friends Julia Arenas, Sabs Hernandez, Rodel Flordeliz and John Michael Bueno

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAVGretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

Of course there’s me! No I did not have a pic with Gretchen.

Gretchen Barretto x Karat World #Iconic Launch at CAV

What I wore:
Top from Nava
Maxi skirt with thigh-high slit from Forever 21
Sandals from Ferreti
Sling bag from ROMWE

I will be posting about the latest jewelry collection from Karat World soon, stay tuned!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

SONA 2014 Fashion Showcase of Filipiniana Gowns and Statement Attire

Kris Aquino gown for SONA 2014

While everyone are waiting for what lies will be told, I patiently waited for what the country leaders wives, sisters, and female lawmakers are wearing.

My SONA Fashion Showcase post dates back in 2008 when GMA was still the president and my story about the fashion scene at the Batasang Pambansa was picked up by many news agencies that time (GMA7, ABS-CBN, Inquirer and the like. I got email queries to have my photos and story used in theirs and I freely gave it away.

I’m proud to have started this shallow trend each year because instead of just awaiting the lies to be told, there’s something else to look forward to, and that is the showcase of Filipiniana gowns and statement attire we don’t often see in high-fashion runways!

For SONA 2014, Philippine Fashion Designers have been tapped to design clothes for the high-profile people of the Philippine Society. Something I am really happy that happened because we can show to the world what traditionalPhilippine Women Dresses looks like and banner the Filipiniana dresses and gowns with the modern take to it.

lucy gomez sona0214

My favorite personalities that I always look forward to during the SONA is Leyte Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez who is said to wear a gown by Randy Ortiz. Randy Ortiz is also tapped to make the gowns to be worn by of Senator Nancy Binay and Senator Sonny Angara’s wife Tootsy.

We can’t escape finding out what the Presidential Sisters are wearing at the SONA of course. Kris Aquino for one is said to wear a gown made by Cary Santiago. While Basly and P-Noy himself will wear a Paul Cabral barong, patadyong and Filipiniana attire.

Kris Aquino gown for SONA 2014

Kris Aquino Gown Sona 2014

Heart Evangelista, the girlfriend of Senator Chiz Escudero has tasked Joey Samson to make a beautiful Filipinina dress for her for the SONA.

Hearth Evangelista gown Sona 2014

Heart Evangelista SONA 2014 Gown

A Pina terno will be worn by Makati Rep. Abby Binay made by designer Ivarluski Aseron’s

Rep. Abby Binay gown SONA 2014

The Senators Grace Poe, Loren Legarda, Pia Cayetano and Nancy Binay flanking Sen. Sonny Angara *this is his photo from his Instagram

Sona 2014 Filipiniana gowns

I’m looking forward to another remake gown to be worn by Governor Imelda Marcos, in my opinion, she always wear the best and the classiest terno next to Lucy Torres-Gomez.

Other Filipino designers also showed their modern Filipiniana designs like JC Buendia and Noel Crisostomo.

SONA 2014 gowns

I also am looking forward to see what Senator Pia Cayetano, Loren Legarda, Miriam Santiago, will wear at the SONA 2014. That would be a show!

SONA 2014 Filipiniana gowns

I will update this post when I get the actual photos at the SONA 2014 Fashion SHowcase of Filipiniana Gowns and Statement attires.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

C’ntro by Centropelle Launch at Fairview Terraces


To keep up with the present generation, Centropelle, the shoe brand made in the Philippines and loved by generations ago has decided to rename and rebrand itself as C’Ntro.

C’ntro takes it’s name from the C of Centropele to remind everyone of the brand that has been there for ages. Centropelle is a sister brand of Rusty Lopez that

C'ntro boots Php2,195.00

C’ntro boots Php2,195.00

has been in the country for over 30 years. While ‘ntro as Intro or introduction of the new generation of this shoe brand that is affordable, stylish and durable as well.

Personally, I used to shop at Centropele, but when new brands came in the country, it has been a long time since I visited and to my surprise they have kept up with the elegant and fashionable shoe designs that Filipina women love. Thw clincher is the price. Surpringly they remain as affordable as ever.

Take a look at these boots for example. In other stores it will be priced a thousand or two more but here at C’ntro these boots are sold at Php1,900.00 – Php2,200.00 only!



But of course we know not every Pinay dares to wear boots. So C’ntro has those stylish flats and sandlas that fit the taste of every Filipina women who put comfort first with regards to their footwear.

Flats and Sandals Php599.95 - Php899.95

Flats and Sandals Php599.95 – Php899.95

But of course those sexy sexy heels and stilletto will never be out of the shoe racks of C’ntro as youngvprofessionals who rock the corporate world wear them with fierce and confidence! Here are my favorite among the bunch!


Tstrap with heels

Tstrap with heels


Neon and metallics strappy heels

Neon and metallics strappy heels

And of course if there’s shoes there’s bags!


But wait there’s more a SALE! For the entire month of August buy 2 flats for Php899.95 only!

Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Best Sellers Best Price Ever Sale!

Best Sellers, Best Price Ever!



Starting at GMT 1:00 pm, 72 hours only
25th July-27th July
Free worldwide shipping within 24 hours

Get a Chance to Walk the Runways of New York Fashion Week this 2014

Do you want to get a chance to model for the New York Fashion Week 2014 Show?  Here something you can do to make that dream happen!

WeChat, the fastest growing social mobile app in the country, is giving young aspiring Filipina models a once-in-a-lifetime chance to walk the runways of New York Fashion week this September 2014.

WeChat teamed up with top global designer Vivienne Tam to launch a search for the next international supermodel.

In line with the brand’s mission of integrating into the lives of Filipinos everywhere, this search aims to handpick the most passionate, confident, and deserving young model to fly to New York and live her dream of walking the prestigious runways of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

“The winner will get to walk my fashion show in New York in September at Lincoln Center,” shares Vivienne Tam. “By using WeChat, I am able to connect with people from all over the world for this amazing opportunity. The winner will be in New York a few days before my show, and get to do the fittings with me and meet all the press and photographers from all over the world.”

WeChat x Vivienne Tam Model search

Vivienne Tam, a designer known for her culture-bridging, East-meets-West designs, was born in China, grew up in Hong Kong and is now based in New York. She blends her cultural roots with a modern aesthetic, resulting in artistry known for its form and attention to detail.

This life-changing opportunity brought in partnership with WeChat includes a chance to fly to New York, meet Vivienne Tam in the flesh, and wear an original design from her upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collection.  

How to get that chance to Walk the Runways of New York Fashion Week this 2014?

  • Visit www.wechatpp.io/vivienne-tam-model-contest and follow the instructions to submit the fields required, or
  • Access the WeChat application, adding the official Vivienne Tam™ account (VTAMFASHION), and following the instructions to submit your application.
  • Provide your first name, last name, age, measurements, WeChat ID, mobile number, email, and two photos: (1) one headshot, and (2) one full length body shot along with a bio and personal statement not to exceed 50 words explaining why you would like to be chosen as the Vivienne Tam ™/WeChat International 2014 model.

By following VTAMFASHION on WeChat, users can be in the running and get access to updates about the search. Vivienne will then select the top contestants who best exude the confidence to wear her designs. From there, fans can participate in the selection process by voting for their favorite contestant through the site.

With WeChat and Vivienne Tam, your fashion dreams are now within your reach.

Learn more about WeChat and download the app at www.wechat.com
WeChat Philippines Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/WeChatPH

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch in SM Aura Premier

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch in SM Aura

Expanding its reach globally, active lifestyle brand, Eddie Bauer, has launched the brand locally at its second-store in Southeast Asia, SM Aura Premier, through a special media preview held last July 21, 2014.

In attendance were VIPs, celebrities, media personalities, and bloggers to experience a wondrous celebration of adventure and heritage. Inspired by the brand’s rich and longstanding heritage, the event highlighted the Eddie Bauer history and its contribution to the world of outdoor adventure.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

Starting off with its humble beginnings, the guests took a trip down memory lane as Eddie Bauer installed a pop-up museum/gallery to showcase the brand’s milestones, signature collections, and artifacts. Afterwards, a fashion show was held to reveal the brand’s latest collection.

Founded in 1920 by a Pacific Northwest outdoorsman by the name of Eddie Bauer, the brand is known for patenting the first-ever quilted down jacket and has since been renowned for patenting numerous other designs that even the United States Army adopted.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

From then on, Eddie Bauer has built its heritage around innovative outdoor products and eventually expanded to include a range of premium-quality clothing, accessories, and gear for men and women that complement today’s modern outdoor lifestyle.

Today, Eddie Bauer remains steadfast in its dedication to provide for outdoor athletes and sports-minded individuals and at the same time manages to hybridize technical innovation with that of a casual sportswear aesthetic.
As a result, Eddie Bauer has transcended its market to include not only the athletic bunch but also individuals with a mere penchant for the outdoor lifestyle as well as those who are always on the go but nonetheless value functionality and style.

With approximately 370 stores throughout the US and Canada, Eddie Bauer has recognized the need to expand its reach as the outdoor sports community continuously grow in Southeast Asia. As such, it is with great optimism that Eddie Bauer ventures into the region.
UNIGLOBE TRAVELWARE CO., INC. A Member of the Primer Group of Companies Primer Star Center.

Eddie Bauer Brand Launch Manila

Innovation, quality, and a strong passion for the outdoors, Eddie Bauer puts in a significant amount of effort to ensure exceptional quality to each of its products. Divided into three categories namely, First Ascent – Guide built, Guide trusted; Travex – Made for trek & travel; Outdoor – Inspired by adventure, Eddie Bauer offers a full range of styles that elevate the performance and complement the casual wardrobe of an outdoor adventurer. From classic outerwear and the legendary down jackets, to casual denim, polo shirts and khakis, Eddie Bauer is a go to brand for stylish casual outdoor wear.

Whether you’re adept with outdoor sports or simply prefer premium quality and comfortable apparel and accessories, Eddie Bauer can surely complement your lifestyle as it produces innovative yet modern outdoor essentials. Meanwhile, those who aspire to ascribe to the active yet casual cool lifestyle of outdoor adventurers may find a middle ground with Eddie Bauer’s range of casual outdoor pieces that are stylish as they are functional and innovative. Simply put, whatever journey you are about to partake in, Eddie Bauer will ensure that you are well equipped and outfitted to live your adventure!

Visit Eddie Bauer in Eddie Bauer SM Aura Premier (2/L), Eddie Bauer SM Megamall (3/L Mega Fashion Hall), R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, R.O.X. Ayala Cebu, R.O.X. Camp John Hay Baguio and R.O.X. Centrio Cagayan De Oro.

WIWTD #28 Toblerone Epic Snow Party


Friday night was a fun night cold cool night with my blogger friends at the Toblerone Epic Snow Party. More than just being excited about the new Toblerone Snowtop flavor, we just wanted to goof around the Ice Bar and be eskimos for awhile.

Epic Snow Party
Epic Snow Party
Ice cold
Epic Snow Party
Epic Snow Party
Epic Snow Party
Epic Snow Party
Epic Snow Party

What I wore:
Skirt and sleeveless top: SM WOMAN
Shoes: Payless Shoestore
Snowcoat: Imperial Ice Bar
And I just heard tonight, Adam Levine got married so,let’s drink to that!  Toblerone shots on Ice Shot Glass!

What is Red Cross x Ariel Aid Couture and How Can You Help?

Ariel Aid Couture

I am sure everyone is aware of the kindness of mankind when an out pour of support and donations in cash, kind add time flooded when the Philippines suffered the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda.

Since then, the flow of clothing donations at Red Cross Philippines never stopped. To date, Ms. Gwen Pang, Red Cross Secretary General said they get 16,000 tons of clothes each year already!

Imagine that number!

What is Ariel Aid Couture?
Because of the bulk of clothing they get Ms. Pang decided to talk with the Procter and Gamble Philippines to help washing the clothes so they will all be clean when they give it away.

All the donated clothes they get are in good condition and are wearable, but some of them are too fashionable to give to peole in evacuation centers.

“Plus it would be unequal if we give this sort of clothing to someone but not give the same to the other.” Ms. Pang said. “Or just imagine how awkward it will be to give an evening gown to a calamity victim,right?”

Last year, 2013 for Typhoon Yolanda, these clothes were sold to shoppers who are interested to buy pre-loved and styled clothes. Ariel Aid Couture is a Pre-Loved Clothing Sale that converts all donated clothes into cash which Red Cross Philippines use to buy the most important items needed in their relief operations.

Clothes are converted to basic necessities. Here is infographic that will show you what each item of clothing you buy is equal to:

Ariel Aid Couture
1 top = 25 hotmeals or a medicine kit
1 bottom = 20 bottles of water or 2 wound cleanser kits
1 dress = 1 blanket and mat set or 2 mosquito nets
1 outerwear = to 2 food supply packs or 1 hygiene kit
1 celebrity clothing = 2 hygiene kits or 3 or 5 food supply packs
Isn’t that amazing?

Now you are wondering how can you be a part of Ariel Aid Couture and how can you help Red Cross in this endeavor?  There are 3 Ways to Join Red Cross Philippines and Ariel Aid Couture:

  1. DONATE! By donating your pre-loved clothes to Red Cross Philippines. You can call the hotline for pick-up if it is in bulk.
  2. VOLUNTEER! By volunteering! 16,000 of clothes is a lot, Red Cross needs people to sort these clothes out.
  3. SHOP! By shopping at aid couture event. The more you shop the more you help raise funds for Red Cross relief operations!

Prices of items sold at the #ArielAidCouture event starts at Php200.00 to Php650.00 while celebrity clothing starts at Php1,000.00 to Php1,500.00!    

With that said I am encouraging come shop at the Ariel Aid Couture Pre-Loved Clothes Sale event on Auguat 2 and 3, 2014 at Glorietta Activity Center and Market! Market! The shopping event starts from 10am up to mall closing time!  There will be about 10,000 pieces of clothes to be sold at this event!

It is guiltless shop until you drop event. A shopping spree you can do without feeling bad afterwards because the more you shop the more you help!  And believe me, all the goods sold at this event are worth it, there are branded and designer clothes and you can even buy a designer styled clothes from Ariel aid couture event.

In fact I was at the preview styling event held at the P&G office yesterday and the event was attended by the top Philippine fashion designers like Rajo Laurel, John Paras and Happy Andrada!

Aid Couture Ariel
Here’s a sneak peak of the clothes they styled:

Ariel Aid Couture
See you there!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

WIWTD #27: The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party

Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party

Did you know that one of my dream auto, if ever I decided to drive and own one is a hummer? I just love how big-ass it is, very sturdy and in your face auto that if you wouldn’t think someone as tiny as me would like to drive but I would!

So, when I got invited by Hansel Premium to join them for a Hummer Limo party, I did not hesitate. Hummer and Limo combo that sounds fun.

The pick-up happened at Oakwood Premium Nostalg Center in Ortigas. While waiting for our ride we had drinks at the executive bar. With the Hansel Premium as our snacks. I’ve been snacking on Hansel Premium even long before this trip. It just taste so good it actually taste better than the imported brand.

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party

Stacy and Dahan of Plump Pinay are avid fan of this biscuit too! And Hansel Premium has been in the market for about 3 years now it’s just that they think it is about time to boost their online presence so they invited us over for a fun experience!

P7118842 - Copy
Here comes our ride!

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party
The hummer limo is so cool that we can’t resist taking a photo opp with it!


Pics grabbed from Azrael because they are way cooler than my shots hahahaha! Plus para lang akong artista sa mga shots nya!

P7118866 - Copy
Ok one more beauty and outfit shot!

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party
Now let’s get inside!


Pastries, Hansel Premium and sparkling wine inside!

Let the party begin!


Yes I am the “bar” girl pouring the wine for everyone!

Group shot inside the hummer limo

After a few sip of the sparkly everyone got loose and the party commenced! Hahaha!

Games inside the limo were happening too, prize was a shopping spree worth Php2,000 at Rustans for 3 winners

It was a weekday and we were traveling around Ortigas area. We all know how crazy the traffic jam is at the area on an office day and so our ride was a head turner that everyone who saw our ride would stop, look and take a pic and wave! The Hummer Limo was semi-tinted so they can see probly shadows of us. So I decided to be silly and stick my head out of the sun-roof and waved at the people outside!

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party

“Hello Manila!” we all shouted and I waved at the people, and they waved back! It was fun! Probably they thought they saw a celebrity! Who would dare ride such an auto in Manila if not a VIP or celebrity right? Hahahahaha!

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party

It was a beautiful day outside and even people in the office buildings, the high rise, were screaming for us to wave at them so I did! Haha!

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party
My girls are happy ! Danah, Stacy, and Yuki of My Style Cat

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party
I super love this ride!

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party
It would have been way much cooler if Hansel Premium provided some small packs of their biscuit so we can toss it out to the people outside who are waving at us and taking our picture. It would have been a memorable experience for all of us and even the people and an awesome brand recall as well. That will be so much cooler. Maybe we can do this another time? Hi Rebisco people! :)

The Hansel Premium Hummer Limo Party
What I’m wearing:
Dress by Postura from Zalora.ph
Sandals from Ferreti
Eyewear from Flyshades
Slingbag from Avon Fashions
Thanks so much for this fun ride. Until next time!

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