I’m sure you’ve seen donation cans here and there but I guess you have not seen one like the #PlusCan yet. Unlike any other donation drive can, the Plus Can has Derek Ramsay photo and autograph on it and a plus sign as the holes for dropping coins inside like piggy banks. The Plus Can Project is one of the latest Habitat for Humanity Philippine Fund Raising project done alongside with Derek Ramsay who is the celebrity Ambassador for this project. Each cans can be bought for Php500.00 at the Habitat for Humanity office in Makati, you can keep it for yourself and stare atRead More →

The first time I got acquainted with Organique Acai was after my mom got confined from a stroke more than a year ago. When you have someone ill in your family you will try everything to make them well again. Acai (pronounced as a-sa-hee) Berry is known around the world as one of the most potent Superfoods. Some of the benefits include immune booster, lower cholesterol level that is good for heart health, helps digestion, keeps cells strong and improves mental function. What made us buy Organique Acai as the specific brand (there are many other brands out there), is the most concentrated acai drinkRead More →