Missoni Eau de Toilette Philippines

What makeup, clothes, shoes and fragrance I wear depends on my mood.  There are days I just want to be laid back, I want to wear a scent that is carefree and not overpowering.  Then there are days I want to get inntouch with my feminine side and a floral flirty scent goes well with it. I recently got two bottles of Missoni Eau de Toilette and immediate opened them up to see which one best fit my personality.   The one with the orange bottle has thjs powdery fresh scent. Very light and a little musky, I can wear this everyday with my GoldRead More →

Do you know of any scent that can last up to 6 days? Sounds unbelievable at first but if you experienced or rather smell it in person you will know it is possible. Recently I, together with other mommy bloggers, were taken to Puregold QI Central to find out which scent can last up to 6 days. In a sealed tempered glass display they placed two glam dresses one was sprayed with an expensive perfume brand the other dress was rinsed with Downy Parfum collection Passion variant. Obviously, Downy Parfum collection won.  I personally use Downy on my clothes and I am always happy toRead More →

Inspired by the unfailing spirit of women around the globe, the new and upgraded Downy Parfum Collection was formally launched simultaneously across Southeast Asia recently . Now with more concentrated perfume for fabric that lasts longer than expensive fine fragrances. This innovation from consumer products company Procter & Gamble (P&G) offers long-lasting perfume for fabric that lasts longer than expensive fine fragrances, created for women who #NeverFade. The bold launch mounted an ambitious multi-country gala event across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, encouraging empowered women to inspire more women across the region on International Women’s Day. The regional campaign was led by the PhilippinesRead More →

Enchanteur Paris Philippines launch

Paris is one of the cities in the world I always wanted to see someday, hopefully in the near future.  I love Paris because it is the capital of art and culture. They house the best artist in the world,  painter or poets all came from there. I also adore the quintessential architecture not just the Eiffel Tower,  but the Louvre,  the Roman Arc, Scare Coure Basilica,  and so much more!  I can talk about it all day!  Haha! Everything French is also sexy in a way.  If you meet any French people,  let them talk their language and you will just get mesmerized.  Read More →

Clean Reserve Sustainable Fragrance

When I first got my hands on the Clean Reserve I got one big question in mind. What is sustainable fragrance and how they do it? According to Clean Reserve sustainable fragrance starts from the source of the ingredients they use in each scent. They partner with farmers from Southeast Asia who has knowledge and skill in eco-conscious extraction methods such as obtaining the sweet vanilla-tinged resin without harming the tree. Now that I know what is susainable fragrance is all about, I am curious about the smell. I got the Clean Reserve in Blonde Rose in 60ML bottle and the Clean Resere Warm CottonRead More →

I don’t know anyone who is not impressed or enticed with something beautiful. Recently, Rustan’s had gathered together all the beauty aficionados in one gathering . Aptly entitled So Surreal, the annual affair spotlights the Philippines’ only luxury one-stop beauty shop’s affiliated brands and products through a dreamy lens. Transforming the floors of Rustan’s Makati into an all-white wonderland illuminated by contrasting neon pastels, Beauty Addict continues its four-year streak with whimsical installations and picturesque surreal elements, turning one’s imaginative beauty idea into reality.Read More →

I’m excited about many things that is about to happen but I cannot tell you about them yet.   Not yet, but when everything is solid or when they are done , you will be the first to know about them.  I am just happy how things fall into place, even if you did not plan for it.  It is definitely true that when something is meant to be it will be.  You don’t have to ask for it , it will be delivered on your lap.  Just like all these things sent to me by my brand and PR friends who never forgets :Read More →

How do you travel light when you still can’t decide which perfume bottle to bring when you travel?  I ofent fell into this trap and bring at least two of my favorite perfume with me.  What I do is wrap it inside socks after packing it on a ziplock hoping no bad accident will happen. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky except for missing perfume caps.  I know some who got their bottles broke.  It spilled all over their clothes, shoes and everthing else in their lugages! Fret no more as I have discovered two perfume atomizers that enables you to bring your perfume everywhere.  The TravaloRead More →