Fucidin First Aid Wound Treatment

What is the first thing you do when you accidentally get wounded? Douse it with alcohol. Right? Wrong! While we always thouht alcohol can clean and disinfect all kinds of germs, the kind of bacteria found on wounds during an injury may be imune from it, which either makes the wound infected some more, make it swell and take a long time to heal or worst! Instead of alcohol, the best first aid treatmemt on any type of wound is to clean it immediately with soap and water.  Cover it with bandage if the cut is deep. But most importantly use an antibacterial cream toRead More →

dengue vaccination at watsons

Did you know that there is no actual treatment or medicine to cure dengue when you got infected by it? I was shocked to learn this recently from Dr. Rontgene M. Solante former President of PSIMD at an event I attended where the latest dengue vaccine was introduced. The only cure he said is prevention by getting an anti-dengue vaccine. But once you got dengue “hydration, fever and pain management plus dasal is all we can do.” This is why he sterny supports anti-dengue vaccination campaigns such as the one Watson is introducing in the country. Watsons, the leading health & beauty chain in theRead More →


I was itching to get my dose of Vitamin Sea and I am glad Roxy Philippines invited me to join the first ever Roxy Fitness #RoxyFitnessph event in the country. Call time was no sleep time for all articipants but so what! we are heading to kick-off our first summer of 2017 adventure! #RoxyFitness happened in other countries like Spain, France, Taiwan, Japan and many other countries where women who wish to have a fun time while stepping up their fitness routine are invited to join. Slots are limited and most participants pay a fee to join. In the Philippines registration fee is Php3,500.00 itRead More →

what people prioritize over sleep

Recently I posted a sleep calculator on my Facebook to reassure myself that my daughter and my sleeping habits are fine. In the calculator it stressed that more than hours it is the time we sleep that matter most when it comes to knowing what time we should wake to feel refreshed more than anything else. Coincidentally , in celebration of World Sleep Day, Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) released its report, “Unfiltered Sleep: A Global Prioritization Puzzle,” which showcases the results of an international survey conducted online in February by Harris Poll on behalf of Philips. The survey looks at how 6,461 adultsRead More →

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss at Beauty Lab


  Without meaning to sound narcissist people around me started saying I look younger, I look blooming, I look prettier , “Are you in love?”, they ask. I wish I am in love with someone right now but I’m not. I am in love with my life (inspite of all the bumps along the way) because it throws my way a lot of opportunities of bits of piece of happiness and new discovery. Just like this Red Light Collagen Treatment Therapy by Suaviss at Beauty Lab /Beauty Lab White Manila which I think is one of the main reason for my glowing skin and appearance.Read More →

Watsons Switch and Save Products

The notion that “cheaper means lower quality” has always been one of the main reasons people still choose expensive and more popular brands. This assumption is what Watsons is trying to change with their Switch and Save campaign wherein they encourage consumers to switch to Watson brands and be able to save money that they can use for things they want. Personally, I have been using  Watson label products and honestly I can’t tell the difference. Here’s some of the Watsons label products you can buy so you can Switch and Save: Products include personal care products lotion, facial masks, liquid hand soap, toothbrush, mouthwash,Read More →

Indoor Cycling Cyclehouse Manila

One thing I dislike about going to a gym is that seeing people and myself going through the equipments and do a routine by myself. I feel less motivated and it feels sad.  As much as I wanted to exercise this situation just keep me away.  If I will be alone exercising , I might just do it by myself at home without having to wear gym attire, look presentable just to sweat it all out! But I know I need to get more physical than I do, walking up and down the stairs for 30 mins just don’t cut it. When I got the invitationRead More →

How can you actually distinguish the difference of an organic / all-natural egg to the regular ones we all buy and ate from the grocery or at the restaurant we just dined?   IDK! For all I know, I thought eggs are all created the same. They are all laid by a hen and that’s that. I didn’t know that how a chicken was raised has to do anything with the kind of egg it will lay. had no idea. So, I got my first organic / all natural / fresh eggs from Healthy Options and the first thing I notice was the color of theRead More →