#GetActive Campaign Watsons

We all complain we don’t have enough time or money to pursue a healthier  way of living.   But honestly,  time and money is not an excuse to prioritize your health. Recently, Watson showed us 3 Easy Holistic Approach to Stay Healthy  with their #GetActive campaign.   The #GetActive campaign showed us fun,  doable,  and affordable steps to take to be in tip-top shape. Eat Better Making or consuming healthy recipes/ menu need not be time consuming or expensive.  Chef Barni of Sexy Chef showed us two easy-to-prepare recipes that are delicious, affordable and to-go “mason-jar” meals.   One was  the Overnight Peanut Butter BananaRead More →

Indoor Cycling Cyclehouse Manila

One thing I dislike about going to a gym is that seeing people and myself going through the equipments and do a routine by myself. I feel less motivated and it feels sad.  As much as I wanted to exercise this situation just keep me away.  If I will be alone exercising , I might just do it by myself at home without having to wear gym attire, look presentable just to sweat it all out! But I know I need to get more physical than I do, walking up and down the stairs for 30 mins just don’t cut it. When I got the invitationRead More →

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this weekly vlog thing for more than a month now!  It’s actually fun and less tiring. I mean it’s mindless, you don’t need to think of the words to say, no need to edit too much (I like my videos raw) and I don’t have to give a lot of details because the video says it all. If you notice my week starts on a Tuesday because I don’t normally take labada (blog gigs) on a Monday.   This #AboutThisWeek Vlog included the events and whatnots that I attended during the week of  April 1-23 ,2016 which included the following:Read More →

Since most of us now are into fitness, Rexona , the brand that has been hosting the already iconic Rexona Run, has taken it to the next level with a diversified fitness event, the first ever Rexona Fit Fest, which is also the first fitness festival in the Philippines. This year, the number one deodorant partnered with the top fitness clubs in the country for a one-of-a-kind fitness event that offers different ways for people to get fit and stay fresh as they move. The #RexonaFitFest is a collaboration between Rexona and the best and most fun workouts offered in the Metro. Fitness clubs joiningRead More →

When I saw Derek Ramsay’s standees being set-up at the event venue, I can’t help myself but drool over his amazing physique. I even quipped to fellow bloggers I was with at the event “OMG! Ang Pandesal ni Derek ang sarap. Bagay na Bagay sa Century Tuna!” Yes, I know, this is the side of me you don’t see often in this blog because I am trying to be wholesome here! Hahahaha! Anyway, I said that a dozen of times until the program started and the newest campaign of Century Tuna , #100PercentTuna, was introduced which is a campaign to debunk the misconceptions on achievingRead More →

I had the chance to finally try Crossfit Training myself at one of the most prestigious fitness training facility for athletes here in the country today, SPARTA Pioneer! Thanks to #EnsureStayStrong media event for inviting me over to experience what happens at a Crossfit Training Session for Beginners and if it is for me. We see it almost everywhere. Our favorite athletes, sexy celebrities and even some friends in our Facebook timeline do it. They take pics and some vids that looks intense but looks easy at the same time. But how hard or how easy can it really be? At SPARTA, they had usRead More →