How can you actually distinguish the difference of an organic / all-natural egg to the regular ones we all buy and ate from the grocery or at the restaurant we just dined?   IDK! For all I know, I thought eggs are all created the same. They are all laid by a hen and that’s that. I didn’t know that how a chicken was raised has to do anything with the kind of egg it will lay. had no idea. So, I got my first organic / all natural / fresh eggs from Healthy Options and the first thing I notice was the color of theRead More →

Trick Your Body Into Thinking It's Younger 

“I trick my body into thinking it’s younger.” This was once a funny line  Samantha Jones said in the Sex and the City 2 Movie that I start to appreciate at my age. Samantha was one of the fiercest female TV character who empowered women in the world in so many ways during the height of SATC. She said this line in the movie while on vacation with Carie and Miranda and she took out her pill box amusing and confusing her younger girl friends. “Women our age shouldn’t joke about vitamins,” Samantha said. “Women who are not our age, shouldn’t say women our age,”Read More →

It’s been almost two years since the first time I started a relationship with Organique ACAI. By the first year I have known the brand, I was the luckiest of all the people invited at the grand brand relaunch here in the Philippines when I won the all-expense paid trip to the California USA to see the home or Organique ACAI. The trip was supposedly to visit the plant, but since production schedule in US was changed to March, I instead covered the first and formal launch of Organique ACAI in the USA. I’m sure you are all wondering why the launch in US justRead More →

As a reciever, I appreciate gifts that are well-thought off. It’s not about how much it is but what it is. Gift-giving should reflect how much our loved ones mean to us. By showing them that we care about their health and wellbeing, we tell them wholeheartedly that we only want the best for them. Healthy Options brings back that sense of goodwill with the launch of the Healthy Options Holiday Gift boxes that infuse timeless Christmas traditions with wholesome goodness. “Holiday traditions remind us the value of selfless giving and caring for one another. That spirit of love becomes real when we help theRead More →

  Update!  Winners of the #BDJFair2016 VIP passes announcement!   Yup, this is my 16th #AboutThisWeek Vlog most I post here on the blog to serve as a teaser post for the other events I have not blogged about yet, some are there on my YouTube channel as to have a regular content in there. This week of October 1- 8, 2016 covered the MVP Huddle with BDJ Buzz at the Lucy in the Sky Cafe in Greenhills, watching The Girl on The Train at the Columbia Pictures office at Shangri-la Mall, the Cutera beauty break held at Aruga by Rockwell hotel in Makati, attendingRead More →

I had a traumatic experience with neighborhood dogs when I was in gradeschool. I was a very mischievous child back then. Very playful and have that I don’t care attitude. I run around the neighborhood like I own it (we live in a very sheltered subdivision in Quezon City back then and we all know the neighbors life family, I miss that kind of neighborhood to be honest.) Anyway, since I was the michievous one, I would run around the neighborhood like I own it.Read More →

When was the last time you know you were eating right?  What is food intolerance and how is it different from food allergy? I have accepted the challenge of avoiding foods I’m intolerant to for the next three months. I am doing this for my health and well-being . Plus the fact that I want to see the big difference it will do to me in terms of my weight, my waist, my sleeping patterns, my feeling of bloatedness , loss of energy at times and other discomforts I suffer like headache, lower bach ache and cramps.Read More →