I am feeling under the weather lately and this is a throbbing feeling the past month. I wanna vent out, I hope you don’t mind. If you do, skip reading. I hate Mother’s day simply because it celebrates the who I have become and not who I want to be and who I really am.   While I love my child so much I also love myself. I can’t give what I don’t have.   When people.greet me a happy mother’s day I wanna cringe. Mothers never really get their day, all their days are spent taking care of their family , their kids andRead More →

The universe listens! Remember the time when we had too many things to do, sick that we can hardly lift a finger and got nobody to turn to to help us. Solo working parents like me raise your hands! There even was this time that you just wanna disappear onbthe face of the earth because everyone things you are a superman they can rely to all the time when inside you are just a damselle in distress waiting for a hero. These cosmopolitan challenges have been successfully addressed by honestbee, an app that acts as your personal concierge.  honestbee is an all-in-one, on-demand lifestyle platformRead More →

Fucidin First Aid Wound Treatment

What is the first thing you do when you accidentally get wounded? Douse it with alcohol. Right? Wrong! While we always thouht alcohol can clean and disinfect all kinds of germs, the kind of bacteria found on wounds during an injury may be imune from it, which either makes the wound infected some more, make it swell and take a long time to heal or worst! Instead of alcohol, the best first aid treatmemt on any type of wound is to clean it immediately with soap and water.  Cover it with bandage if the cut is deep. But most importantly use an antibacterial cream toRead More →

#AyalaMallPlay Play Time at Ayala Malls

When I was a child I would like to be an adult fast. I would wear my moms clothes, makeup and shoes and role play as an adult doing what I think adults do – take charge, enjoy life and do whatever they want with no adult telling them what they and cannot do. Fast forward to today, I take everything back.  I wish I was a child again with an adult looking out for me. An adult who takes care of me, making sure I have a comfy shelter, clothes to wear, food on my plate, pay for my education.  Being an adult isRead More →

dengue vaccination at watsons

Did you know that there is no actual treatment or medicine to cure dengue when you got infected by it? I was shocked to learn this recently from Dr. Rontgene M. Solante former President of PSIMD at an event I attended where the latest dengue vaccine was introduced. The only cure he said is prevention by getting an anti-dengue vaccine. But once you got dengue “hydration, fever and pain management plus dasal is all we can do.” This is why he sterny supports anti-dengue vaccination campaigns such as the one Watson is introducing in the country. Watsons, the leading health & beauty chain in theRead More →


In a not so distant past I was invited by a Christian group to a workshop/seminar they have for single parents/ single moms.  The title or theme of the workdhop was “Feeling Desperate and Low”.  I got offended and hurt by their title that I immediately said I won’t go to their event.  In my defense I posted the incident on my personal Facebook wall and vent out how I am never gonna associate myself with a group who thinks so ill of single moms like me. How could they uplift us if at the start they think so low of us.  If that isRead More →

Hot, hotter and hottest.  That is the only season I know we have in the Philippines. This means it is actually always summer here. While most of us still deny this fact by believeing we have cool and cold kinda wintery season days, truth is we don’t. It is eiher less humid and humid days.  The only thing that changes during summer in the country is that kids take a break from school so they are always at home making house chores double for home makers. Fortunately Electrolux released new products which can turn our homes summer ready all the time. These new home appliancesRead More →

end sexual exploitation of children

When I heard the horrifying story behind the “Destruction of Daisy” I got weak in the knees, chills down my spine and tears ran down my face.  I asked myself how could a human do such harm to innocent children?  What could have drove the perpetrator and even his cohorts do such things and not feel remorse or fear? As a mom, I am glad the evil man behind it was caught but I am heartbroken because that guy never showed remorse.  His cohorts who buy his sh*t has not been caught either.  They will all just find new source of freaky inhumane entertainment for theirRead More →