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How to #GetActive : 3 Easy Holistic Approach to Stay Healthy

We all complain we don’t have enough time or money to pursue a healthier  way of living.   But honestly,  time and money is not an excuse to prioritize your health. Recently, Watson showed us 3 Easy Holistic Approach to Stay Healthy  with their #GetActive campaign.   The #GetActive campaign showed us fun,  doable,  and affordable steps to take to …

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We Have Been Doing First Aid Wound Treatment Wrongly #MomsUniteAgainstWoundInfection

What is the first thing you do when you accidentally get wounded? Douse it with alcohol. Right? Wrong! While we always thouht alcohol can clean and disinfect all kinds of germs, the kind of bacteria found on wounds during an injury may be imune from it, which either makes the wound infected some more, make it swell and take a …

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A Salute to Single Moms / Fearless Filipinas #ArielFearlessFilipinas

In a not so distant past I was invited by a Christian group to a workshop/seminar they have for single parents/ single moms.  The title or theme of the workdhop was “Feeling Desperate and Low”.  I got offended and hurt by their title that I immediately said I won’t go to their event.  In my defense I posted the incident …

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