My Street Hugh Street Pop-up Playground BGC

When I was a child we didn’t have the luxury of the internet. The only place we made friends (and occassional enemies) was  our school, church or the street where we live in and nearby streets as well. It was safe back then. I recall how all the kids in our village know each other. When there is power outage at nighttime, what we called blackout then (brownout if it happens daytime), all the kids in the neighborhood go out and play under the light of the moon and stars! We play all sort of street games. It was a trip down memory lane whenRead More →

How can you actually distinguish the difference of an organic / all-natural egg to the regular ones we all buy and ate from the grocery or at the restaurant we just dined?   IDK! For all I know, I thought eggs are all created the same. They are all laid by a hen and that’s that. I didn’t know that how a chicken was raised has to do anything with the kind of egg it will lay. had no idea. So, I got my first organic / all natural / fresh eggs from Healthy Options and the first thing I notice was the color of theRead More →

daikin home central air conditioning system

  How many airconditioning unit do you have in your homes? I bet it depends on the number of rooms and household members. In our condo, we have two, one for each bedrooms and we have been considering getting one for the living area. It get really hot and humid living in a closed building. Just recently I got acquainted with the idea of a Home Central Air Conditioning System because of Daikin which they said they will launch in the country soon. With this new revolutionary technology they will introduce a unified system which incorporates temperature, moisture and air flow control. This wil giveRead More →


I saw a video posted by Daily Mail UK on Facebook earlier and it broke me down.   It was a video of a guy and his mother who is suffering from Dementia.  His story was so like mine, but mine was worst because his mum can speak understandable words.  My mom have a language of her own, garbled made up words, she can only understand herself. His mum like my mom looks physically OK but inside they are all messed up.  Everyday, for the past two years,  my sister and I die whenever our mother can’t even tell who we are , what ourRead More →


If you have a disposable Php45,000.00 in your hands right now, where would this money go? Would you use it as a downpayment for a brand new car? Would you buy a new gadget that you wanted to have for so long? Or use it to visit a destination on your travel bucklist? Or buy a new house and lot? Yes. Your 45,000 pesos can get you a brand new house and lot at one of Ayala Land Inc. socialized housing projects, BellaVita. I recently visited one of their properties in Alaminos Laguna and it made me want to buy a couple of units.  Read More →

The Chinese people has a lot of influence over how we Filipino live. One practice everyone seems to be adopting now , inspite of religion , is Feng Shui.  Following tips or things it suggest you do for luck and prosperity seems to be effective for most.  Because of that the number of people practicing it increases. Just recently I met Princes Lim Fernandez, a Feng Shui expert who founded the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony.  We had a Yin and Yang luncheon at New World Hotel in Makati where she gave us tips on the things to do for luck & prosperity beforeRead More →

Part of a nation that regards home cooking as a precious tradition, Filipino homemakers are keen on giving members of their household only the best they deserve. These are people who understands that the value of a home-cooked meal lies in the effort spent preparing it. This is what you call passion. Serving exquisite dishes made with the freshest ingredients, however, is better achieved with the proper appliances required. This is where the precision of technology comes in. Recently, Rinnai, the no. 1 appliance brand in Japan since 1920, demonstrated its desire to elevate the way Filipinos prepare their household meals. In a launch heldRead More →

This came at the right timing.  I’m feeling under the weather, in fact, I am nursing a flu right now.  This is a perfect cheer me up for your loved ones  or family here or abroad an LBC Express Package #SorpresaPadala #AmingLigaya. What I got was a medium kilobox size 14in x 10.5 in x 7 in  packed with lots of goodies perfect for the Holiday cheer. I am surprised how many things this box can fit. Look! I definitely feel the love with this package, daming imported goodies haha! Ako itong nag-abroad ako itong nakatanggap ng pasalubong, ang saya diba?   If you likeRead More →