If you have a disposable Php45,000.00 in your hands right now, where would this money go? Would you use it as a downpayment for a brand new car? Would you buy a new gadget that you wanted to have for so long? Or use it to visit a destination on your travel bucklist? Or buy a new house and lot? Yes. Your 45,000 pesos can get you a brand new house and lot at one of Ayala Land Inc. socialized housing projects, BellaVita. I recently visited one of their properties in Alaminos Laguna and it made me want to buy a couple of units.  Read More →

The Chinese people has a lot of influence over how we Filipino live. One practice everyone seems to be adopting now , inspite of religion , is Feng Shui.  Following tips or things it suggest you do for luck and prosperity seems to be effective for most.  Because of that the number of people practicing it increases. Just recently I met Princes Lim Fernandez, a Feng Shui expert who founded the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony.  We had a Yin and Yang luncheon at New World Hotel in Makati where she gave us tips on the things to do for luck & prosperity beforeRead More →

Part of a nation that regards home cooking as a precious tradition, Filipino homemakers are keen on giving members of their household only the best they deserve. These are people who understands that the value of a home-cooked meal lies in the effort spent preparing it. This is what you call passion. Serving exquisite dishes made with the freshest ingredients, however, is better achieved with the proper appliances required. This is where the precision of technology comes in. Recently, Rinnai, the no. 1 appliance brand in Japan since 1920, demonstrated its desire to elevate the way Filipinos prepare their household meals. In a launch heldRead More →

This came at the right timing.  I’m feeling under the weather, in fact, I am nursing a flu right now.  This is a perfect cheer me up for your loved ones  or family here or abroad an LBC Express Package #SorpresaPadala #AmingLigaya. What I got was a medium kilobox size 14in x 10.5 in x 7 in  packed with lots of goodies perfect for the Holiday cheer. I am surprised how many things this box can fit. Look! I definitely feel the love with this package, daming imported goodies haha! Ako itong nag-abroad ako itong nakatanggap ng pasalubong, ang saya diba?   If you likeRead More →

A pleasant office desk or coffee table is incomplete without a few embellishments. An innovative eco friendly new idea is table top gardening. This is a hobby that has become a personal favourite- it’s easy to do, is a great stress buster and also brings compliments like a full size well tended garden. Many people have a natural green thumb but often do not have enough place to lovingly cultivate a garden as they would like to do. This is the perfect option for them, as it not only allows them to explore their green ideas but also showcase their talent. The first step ofRead More →

So, I was browsing my Facebook timeline and found so many different things I think we nee/want in our life.  So many #NewInnovations that I think will make life easier for all of us or in my case my life.  If I could just have them right here right now, that would be awesome! I don’t want to be selfish so I am sharing my Christmas Wishlist 2016 things I Need/Want in Our Life Now, featuring new innovation products that I don’t know if they are a concept or already available somewhere out there.  If they are available, Dear Santa Claus, I think I’ve beenRead More →

I am sure you have noticed it, I rarely post photos of my family in my blog. I want to give them the privacy they deserve in spite of how public figure I have made myself become because of this blog. I keep my family sacred and safe from outside criticism and everything else. I can take all the stones you want to throw on me but not my family. I will protect them with my life. On the rare occasions I include them on my post, I make sure there is no pressure for them and they feel comfortable with what I will haveRead More →

If you’re fears were like stains that can be washed away would you do it? Fears are like warning signs, some fears are valid like having our loved ones hurt, illness and pain. Some are not, like the fear of the unknown. Recently, I attended the Arial Wash Your Fears Summit held at the Shooting Galery where 100 Fearless Women were gathered to proclaim their fears and get inspiration on how to overcome them and be successful in life.  A panel discussion led by Ms. Kris Aquino hosted by Bianca Gonzalez and 10 female celebrity infuencers in their various fields were featured in the summitRead More →