Celeteque is a skin care brand I’ve known for as long as I remember.   They are loved because of their gentle yet effective skin care product formulation that works with any skin type.  Recently they came out with their DermoCosmetics line.  This is their makeup line that does not only brings life and color to the skin but also nurtures and protects it. Celeteque DermoCosmetics CC Micro-Hydratng Powder is one of their latest offering.  It  comes in three shades, light porcelain, classic natural and deep beige.   This one promises to control oil and shine and has SPF 30 to provide double sunscreen protection.   PerfectRead More →

LANEIGE Milkway Fantasy Makeup Collection

Laneige is one of the makeup brands in the world that I super love. They always come up with the cutest packaging with the most innovative makeup items. Last Holiday 2016, they sent over a sparkling gift, the LANEIGE Milkway Fantasy Makeup Collection! Finally I had the time to unbox all the gifts I got most especially this Milkway Fantasy makeup collection! Here is a sneak preview with swatches of the makeup items: LANEIGE Milkway Fanasy Makeup collection has the following:  the LANEIGE Milkway Fantasy Water Sleeping Mask, the LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar (Bloody Dress and Mystic Rose shades) and LANEIGE Two Tone EyeshadowRead More →

A few days back I got into makeup talk with some non-blogger friends.  Since I became a beauty blogger few years back I became the authority in all beauty stuff with my friends here and abroad. They would ask me what foundation to use or if this certain brand is good or so.  Honestly, I am not that brand conscious I am not that even that obssessed with makeup.  I don’t buy makeyo as well as I already have too much of them from the beauty brands that still trust my opinion and influence. Instead of telling you about this brand or that, I willRead More →

Just in time for the destive party season, Avon came out with a luxurious limited-edition makeup collection.  The Avon Belle in Bloom Makeup Collection with radiant shades, blooming prints, and sparkling accents.  These surely make you look more fabolous with your holiday fashion. Avon Belle in Bloom Makeup Collection has the Avon Belle in Bloom Ultra Color Lipstick, Avon Belle in Bloom Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder, Avon Belle in Bloom Eyeshadow Quad and Avon Belle in Bloom Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in the line. Fall in love with the five (5) different shades availbale for the Ultra COlor Lipstick collection. Choose among Hot Pink, Hibiscs,Read More →

When I first saw Pili, I thought there’s two kinds of Pili in Filipino language, one was Pili as choose and the other was Pili the delicious kind of nut endemic to Bicol. Upon reading the packaging, I learned that it is the nut from Bicol. They use the Pili oil for making the ingredients for the products they sell. What I love about the products is that it’s purely organic plus the fact that it helps the Bicol Region more income stream from their most popular product . Just recently they sent out the products they sell and I was excited to try themRead More →

Laneige x Lucky Chouette is one of the cutest collection ever. IMO! For me, Laneige has the best concept and best packaging when it comes to their makeup collection. One of my favorite is their Laneige Meets Fashion concept. This is where they collaborate with Korea’s fashion designer to create a collection that merges Korea’s K-Beauty and K-Fashion. For the 3rd installment, Laneige collaborated with the character brand Lucky Chouette, a young culture with hybrid and smart-casual street chic concept with graphic elements and humorous artworks and has been growing rapidly over the last three years since its launch in Korea. Chouuette by the wayRead More →

There’s so many products out there but how will you know if a product works for you or not?  Of course you have to try it out.   But what if you don’t want to spend for an entire bottle because you are unsure of the result? Fortunately, Cathy Doll has made their products more convenient for you by having trial sachets that you can get at 7-11 stores in the country!   Some of the Cathy Doll trial sachets 7-11 are the Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream, Ready 2 White Milky White Cream Pack, Water Splash Essence with L-Glutathione , Milky Splash Essence withRead More →

I don’t know anyone who is not impressed or enticed with something beautiful. Recently, Rustan’s had gathered together all the beauty aficionados in one gathering . Aptly entitled So Surreal, the annual affair spotlights the Philippines’ only luxury one-stop beauty shop’s affiliated brands and products through a dreamy lens. Transforming the floors of Rustan’s Makati into an all-white wonderland illuminated by contrasting neon pastels, Beauty Addict continues its four-year streak with whimsical installations and picturesque surreal elements, turning one’s imaginative beauty idea into reality.Read More →

So, every blogger I know right now in Manila is feeling some sense of freedom after the Top Blogs Philippines went offline for probably about a month or so now.  Freedom because they no longer feel compelled to compete with themselves and other bloggers for the ranking that most of them said is flawed but a lot of agencies would follow anyway.  Personally, I think it was good that this Philippines Top Bloggers ranking site is gone because 1) agencies will be forced to do their work  and do a research and 2) it is good because those who are competitive like my and alwaysRead More →