I am feeling under the weather lately and this is a throbbing feeling the past month. I wanna vent out, I hope you don’t mind. If you do, skip reading. I hate Mother’s day simply because it celebrates the who I have become and not who I want to be and who I really am.   While I love my child so much I also love myself. I can’t give what I don’t have.   When people.greet me a happy mother’s day I wanna cringe. Mothers never really get their day, all their days are spent taking care of their family , their kids andRead More →


In a not so distant past I was invited by a Christian group to a workshop/seminar they have for single parents/ single moms.  The title or theme of the workdhop was “Feeling Desperate and Low”.  I got offended and hurt by their title that I immediately said I won’t go to their event.  In my defense I posted the incident on my personal Facebook wall and vent out how I am never gonna associate myself with a group who thinks so ill of single moms like me. How could they uplift us if at the start they think so low of us.  If that isRead More →


I saw a video posted by Daily Mail UK on Facebook earlier and it broke me down.   It was a video of a guy and his mother who is suffering from Dementia.  His story was so like mine, but mine was worst because his mum can speak understandable words.  My mom have a language of her own, garbled made up words, she can only understand herself. His mum like my mom looks physically OK but inside they are all messed up.  Everyday, for the past two years,  my sister and I die whenever our mother can’t even tell who we are , what ourRead More →

The Chinese people has a lot of influence over how we Filipino live. One practice everyone seems to be adopting now , inspite of religion , is Feng Shui.  Following tips or things it suggest you do for luck and prosperity seems to be effective for most.  Because of that the number of people practicing it increases. Just recently I met Princes Lim Fernandez, a Feng Shui expert who founded the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony.  We had a Yin and Yang luncheon at New World Hotel in Makati where she gave us tips on the things to do for luck & prosperity beforeRead More →

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams – Oprah Winfrey Every start of the year we write on a new journal / plannner. In it we write our schedule , who we met, where we went, what happened, how much we spent and so on. It’s more of the present and past or short term. It’s good for moments when we get nostalgic and what to recall what we did when and where and when at a certain date and time. A few days after 2017 I got two copies of the Dreambook Life Coaching Journal. I haveRead More →

Last Christmas a handful of my favorite brands and PR agency people sent out their Holiday 2016 Gifts .  It was only right after New Year celebration that I got the chance to unwrap them all.  Oh wait, this was not all of them because some of them were persihable goods or gift certificate for my shopping convenience.  I have posted them on my Instagram. In case you are wondering if I got your gifts, I did and here’s my Holiday 2016 Gifts Unwrapping video: My Holiday 2016 gifts featured in this video came from Prestige Brands, Primer Group of Companies, Mary Kay Philippines, HappyRead More →

When a new year comes, I always say, the best year is yet to come.  That is true for me at least, because every year I get opportunities to live the dream. For that, I can’t be thankful enough to everyone who made my 2016 such a blast! It was not perfect but I wouln’t ask for it to be any different, because I know that is how it should be. Just this 2016 I had an abundance of travel adventures and see places I didn’t even have in my must-see places to visit.  A lot of first happened this 2016 ! For starters, IRead More →

I have not even blogged about my #EarthintheUSAadventure in Los Angeles and Oregon yet. But here I am blogging about something timely and scary. I need to blog this right away so as to remind everyone else out there to be very careful where they use their credit card/ debit card, especially in the USA.   I’m a victim of credit card skimming in USA and lost Php20,000 from the scammers. Here’s how my story goes… ‘Twas the day before Christmas when all through the house, everyone was stirring, even a mouse! It was a busy day for me, December 24, 2016. I was doingRead More →