Members Get More at Watsons

Q: Do members really get more when they shop at Watsons? A: Yes. Q: Members of what? A: SM Advantage Card (SMAC), SM Prestige and BDO Rewards card. Q: Get more of what? A: More discount equals to more savings, more shopped items means more reward points. More reward points which you can use to pay for your next purchases at Watsons. And more privileges than non members. Q: What are those privileges? A: Okay let me count the ways. One, dibs on the Members Only promotions such as items with the green label “more” price tags like this: When you find that tag youRead More →

Watsons Switch and Save Products

The notion that “cheaper means lower quality” has always been one of the main reasons people still choose expensive and more popular brands. This assumption is what Watsons is trying to change with their Switch and Save campaign wherein they encourage consumers to switch to Watson brands and be able to save money that they can use for things they want. Personally, I have been using  Watson label products and honestly I can’t tell the difference. Here’s some of the Watsons label products you can buy so you can Switch and Save: Products include personal care products lotion, facial masks, liquid hand soap, toothbrush, mouthwash,Read More →

Amway Kiss Me

I manned a Kiss Me booth last weekend where I dared as many people to give a kiss as much as they can or if not mirror a dance. Kidding. I just posed at the booth and played the kiss and dance dare game set up by Amway Philippines on the 5th level of Trinoma Mall recently.  This is the first leg of a couple of rounds around the Philippines which will happen in Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, playing to the tune of their Kiss jingle. Amway Kiss  want to raise the awareness on their products such as the Glister products that helps raiseRead More →

I don’t know anyone who is not impressed or enticed with something beautiful. Recently, Rustan’s had gathered together all the beauty aficionados in one gathering . Aptly entitled So Surreal, the annual affair spotlights the Philippines’ only luxury one-stop beauty shop’s affiliated brands and products through a dreamy lens. Transforming the floors of Rustan’s Makati into an all-white wonderland illuminated by contrasting neon pastels, Beauty Addict continues its four-year streak with whimsical installations and picturesque surreal elements, turning one’s imaginative beauty idea into reality.Read More →

So, every blogger I know right now in Manila is feeling some sense of freedom after the Top Blogs Philippines went offline for probably about a month or so now.  Freedom because they no longer feel compelled to compete with themselves and other bloggers for the ranking that most of them said is flawed but a lot of agencies would follow anyway.  Personally, I think it was good that this Philippines Top Bloggers ranking site is gone because 1) agencies will be forced to do their work  and do a research and 2) it is good because those who are competitive like my and alwaysRead More →

Dear Avon, Laneige, Mary Kay and Datu Puti, I got the packages you sent over and I am so delighted to have them. My #BloggerMailBox #2 features the products you sent me, some I have used “played with” as soon as I got them, the others are waiting to be used and abused.Read More →

With the hot and humid tropical climate of the Philippines, a single chore such as waiting for the bus or MRT to work makes us sweat like crazy. Rexona just release the first anti-perspirant activated by movement, the new Rexona MotionSense with its breakthrough patented technology. It contains microcapsules filed with fragrance that burst with friction, so everymove you smell fresher throughout the day. Ergo, the more you move, the more it works. With that said everyone can #KeeponMoving without worrying about smelling like ewwwwness. Haha. I have not tried the Rexona MotionSense, but will give it a try with this whole supply I had,Read More →