It really is hard to be a woman, especially when the red flag is up which happens every month of our lives until we reach menopausal, which is another issue of being a woman. Anyway, every month of our lives, we feel more easily annoyed and we are moody. It happens because we have this uncomfortable and sometimes painful monthly period that weighs our mood and physique down. That is why we need the extra attention and love during our period. Especially if you are an active woman who is always on the go, reaching your goals, trying one thing after the other andRead More →

One of the most annoying thing about being a woman is having the mentrual cycle every month. While there are so many menstrual pads, cups and tampons readily available in the market today, it does not eliminate one of the most irritating thing about having it, the odor. While tampons and menstrual cups make for no pads line, I still cringe about using it, I haven’t tried one ever (haha). And while a lot of napkins claim they can be odor free and leak free, it is never stench free. Plus it was found that feminine napkins have chemicals that can be harmful for usRead More →

Did you know that the whitening products I have reviewed and posted about in the past remains to be the top search terms on this blog. This is because many Filipino (men or women) still have this colloquial mindset. In the Philippines whitening is still the number one desired beauty product effect. Because of that whitening products are continuosly being developed and one of the ingredients sourced for “naturally whitening” the skin is Papaya. Papaya has fast become known for its skin whitening properties and many beauty companies have included this as an ingredient in their products. One of the new players that I love right nowRead More →

For those who don’t live alone, especially moms or who those co-habitate with their siblings and parents, having a me time at home is a rare moment. However, we can change that and make me time  to a daily habit. How? By making your bathroom a mini home spa experience. Start by decorating it with scented candles and creating a sanctuary in your bathroom for you can indulge in a relaxing bath time. Then indulge in the shower.  Feel the warm water cascading down your body starting from the top of your head , to your nape, towards the arch of your back…(repeat) Take aRead More →

Everything we know about the way we brush our teeth is wrong. For one,  fluoride is not that safe as we know it. Did you know that fluoride is one of the main ingredients for rat poison and large amounts of fluoride lowers the IQ. Read this article for reference. Then there’s this thing about not gargling / rinsing after brushing that I just read from a blogger friend who attended a toothpaste quiznight recently. The toothpaste company said we should just spit it out. Now if fluoride is bad, but the usual toothpaste we use has fluoride, and the most popular toothpaste brand saidRead More →

With the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila, it will be such a great treat if we all could just sit back, relax and melt all your cares away with a soothing spa ritual right at home when we get there. Fortunately, The Body Shop launched the Spa of the World and Oils of Life #TBSxWorld where you can have a spa bliss right at home. The launch was held last week at SM Makati where beauty enthusiast come together for a day of relaxation to try out the latest product from The Body Shop. We were all given a map to track down where weRead More →

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid, it means you don’t let fear stop you!” Waving our yes or no cards, I felt so bagets again seated in a crowd of young ones . I was one with them while we were discussing about the pains and difficulties of that awkward moment when we were still a teen, discovering ourselves and at the same time experiencing physical changes as a girl. Camp Courage, is a movement that seeks to help Filipina teens build confidence and be able to seize the moment. The kick-off event was held at the Sen. Renato Cumpanero Cayetano Memorial Science andRead More →

I’m just excited to share to you this latest product, An exciting new innovation from Palmolive Naturals Soap with 100% natural charcoal powder is here. Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap. This new soap promises to wash away dirt from your skin ans leaving it clean without feeling dry. Actually it reminded me of that charcoal facial wash and the concept is just like that except this one is in solid form. The Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap is available in 115g and 55g flow wrap with a suggested retail price of php38.90 for the 115g carton and php14.00 for the 55g flow wrap. Have youRead More →