Wings and More at Buffalo Wild Wings

One of the things people visit at Buffalo Wild Wings are their delectable wings in 17 different sauces and dry rubs. But one of my favorite from them is their sample platter where you can have the taste of almost everything including one of the best pretzel I know in town. This platter serves a sampler of Buffalo Wild Wings appetizers. Just recently I had a Wings and More party with my blogger friends here where we tried out their latest menu. We had their Mozzarella Burger Smokehouse Burger Most Valuable with traditional wings, honey BBQ ribs, and fried pork chop. And those with hugeRead More →

Rice Entree to Quinoa at CPK

Everyone is on a diet now.  Some are on a restricting diet because they are trying to lose weight or for health reasons. But most of us want a satisfying delicious meal. Home cooked meals can be boring. Our palate seeks some unique taste. Something we don’t usually have.  Thankfully California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) released their latest menue for this season and one involves allowing you for am additional Php45 to upgrade your rice meal to Quinoa!  Isn’t that awesome! Quinoa is said to be a healthier alternative than the usual white rice.  It is kinda difficult to cook so better have the expert doRead More →

La Española new trends in olive oil

Have you ever thought that you can use Olive Oil to make a refrehingly new flavor of ice cream? I don’t believe it until I tasted it when La Española showcases new trends in using olive oil at the recently concluded Madrid Fusion Manila held at SMX Mall of Asia. Chef Xavier Btesh, an experienced executive chef and general manager of hotels and restaurants worldwide showed us how to make Olive Oil Ice Cream at the event and while I was a bit suspicious about the taste, I was surprised how good it turned out. Aside from Ice Cream Chef Xavier also showed us howRead More →

How can you actually distinguish the difference of an organic / all-natural egg to the regular ones we all buy and ate from the grocery or at the restaurant we just dined?   IDK! For all I know, I thought eggs are all created the same. They are all laid by a hen and that’s that. I didn’t know that how a chicken was raised has to do anything with the kind of egg it will lay. had no idea. So, I got my first organic / all natural / fresh eggs from Healthy Options and the first thing I notice was the color of theRead More →

Tim Hortons Philippines

Like everyone else who attended the launch, I was very much excited about Tim Hortons opening in the Philippines especially here in Metro Manila.  I’ve been hearing about Tim Hortons for decades among my friends in Canada. They keep telling me you should try Tims. In my head I tell them “why don’t you go buy me a plane ticket to Canada and maybe I could!”  But what comes out of my mouth is: “Ship some samples so I can try!”  They would, but still nothing beats the real experience. And so when I got an invite to Tim Hortons first Philippines/ Southeas Asian Branch openingRead More →

Jatujak via BigDish

I was missing Thai food so I decided to book us a dinnera at Jatujak via BigDish.  My sister is going to Japan for an entire week so this would be our pre-Valentines fambam dinner.  I picked the branch at SM Megamamall since it was just a few blocks from home.  I made sure everyone is hungry before taking them there, so I did not cook any dinner at all. We arrived 15 minutes earlier than my reservation time of 8:30pm as advised by my friends from BigDish.  Resto resto was not full when we arrived but they had a table reserved for us andRead More →

Red Ribbon Valentines Mamon

Love is one of the hardest emotions to express. That is why, oftentimes, it is hard to either show or say it. But, what if you can do both ways for your loved ones this Valentines? This February, Red Ribbon, one of the  most loved bakeshop chains in the Philippines, joins its customers in celebrating  Valentine’s Day with its new limited edition “Team Kilig” and “Team Hugot” Valentine Mamons that are guaranteed to make this Love Month more memorable. The Red Ribbon Valentine Mamons are made with moist white chiffon  Mamon topped with  Valentine-themed designs. It comes in two variants, the “Team Kilig” and “Team Hugot.”   The “Team Kilig” Mamons are forRead More →

BigDish App

The most annoying thing when dining out is getting a table at a restaurant you want during peak hours.  You either do two things, wait until an available table comes because you are craving for their dishes or leave to find the next best or a resto that’s not so full. Sometimes it even sparks an argument with your dining mates, “Why did you not book a reservation earlier so we don’t have to eat at that crappy restaurant?”     Why go through it all when there’s a way to avoid the argument and hassle. There is a convenient way now to reserve a table on a restaurantRead More →