As much as possible I avoid drinkking softdrinks. If there’s option of water, iced tea, softdrink, I’d get water. If the option is only softdrinks, I’d take RTO for some odd reasons RTO helps take away my headaches! It was such a good news to know that Del Monte finally came up with a healthier options to softdrinks. The new Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink which is made of real fruit juice. It has no added sugar, and is fortified with 100% of yur daily Vitamin C needs! Another great thing to know about the new Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink is it is caffeineRead More →

Growing up during my time, my parents and the people around me told me that girls should never ever do the first move in courtship. But as I grow older, I realized that it was the girls who always do the first move because them boys have to see some interest before they do their thing. See, they are afraid of rejection as much as any of us do. What I miss during my time though was when boys send love letter, flowers, chocolates , jewelries and seranade. Plus they are willing to wait for months or even years to get your sweet yes toRead More →

My fascination about the Lunar New Year, Chinese Horoscope and Feng Shui started when I was a teen. I remember buying special Chinese New Year issues of broadsheets so I can read up tips and forecast. As much as possible, I try to do it at home and my family would not mind. They call me the “house witch” because I’d do those cermonies of lighting incense and candles in the house , doing chants, throwing stuff and setting up a special altar for this occassion. They never mind because it never hurt anyone. And I think most of them feel the good vibes IRead More →

SM Cinema 7 & 8 at SM Mall of Asia

f you have been to SM Mall of Asia Cinemas before, then you are on for a treat.  Movie dates gets so much better with the newly opened Cinema 7 & 8 at SM Mall of Asia this December 15, 2016. The brand new SM Cinema 7 and Cinema 8 of SM Mall of Asia houses 153 seats each and is both equipped with a top-of-the-line digital cinema projector system, Christie CP 2215, and Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology for the best rendition of your favorite blockbuster films into the big screen. To complete the cinema experience, moviegoers can sit comfortably in the cinemas’ stadium-type,Read More →

This came at the right timing.  I’m feeling under the weather, in fact, I am nursing a flu right now.  This is a perfect cheer me up for your loved ones  or family here or abroad an LBC Express Package #SorpresaPadala #AmingLigaya. What I got was a medium kilobox size 14in x 10.5 in x 7 in  packed with lots of goodies perfect for the Holiday cheer. I am surprised how many things this box can fit. Look! I definitely feel the love with this package, daming imported goodies haha! Ako itong nag-abroad ako itong nakatanggap ng pasalubong, ang saya diba?   If you likeRead More →

Beyond the scintillating lights in the streets, exciting events filling up our weeks, and Christmas carols echoing in the halls, the holidays also bring the sweet smell of special Christmas treats in the air! This season, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is giving us a sweet reason to indulge as it comes forth with delectable holiday pastries. A trifecta of decadent cakes awaits customers in the thick of the Christmas rush, bringing sweet comfort one slice at a time. First on the list is a longstanding favorite, the Red Velvet Cake (Php135/slice). Between layers of moist sponge cake lie luscious servings of cream cheese frosting, showing exactly why this traditionalRead More →

We all eat out especially when with friends or family members. This holiday season, a simple dining in at a certain restaurant and ordering a certain dish can help alleviate malnutrition in the Philippines? From November 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017, international nongovernment organization Action Against Hunger together with partner restaurants and top chefs are bringing to life the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign. This campaign aims to save the lives of malnourished children in the Philippines through ‘DISHES THAT FEED MORE’ in participating restaurants. When ordered, proceeds from these dishes go to Action Against Hunger’s programs in alleviating extreme malnutrition across the country. JustRead More →

The last quarter of the 2016 is here which means we only got less than three months to welcome 2017.  As they year is about to end of course most of us are preparing for the Holidays and new plans and yes which journal/planner to get to write down your memories/thoughts/plans/dreams and whatever floats your boat. I would like all of you to take into consideration the CBTL 2017 Giving Journal as it not just a planner/journal but it is a journal that gives. The CBTL 2017 Giving Journal has each month of the year begin with a sketch that symbolizes various commitements of TheRead More →