As a reciever, I appreciate gifts that are well-thought off. It’s not about how much it is but what it is. Gift-giving should reflect how much our loved ones mean to us. By showing them that we care about their health and wellbeing, we tell them wholeheartedly that we only want the best for them. Healthy Options brings back that sense of goodwill with the launch of the Healthy Options Holiday Gift boxes that infuse timeless Christmas traditions with wholesome goodness. “Holiday traditions remind us the value of selfless giving and caring for one another. That spirit of love becomes real when we help theRead More →

So, I was browsing my Facebook timeline and found so many different things I think we nee/want in our life.  So many #NewInnovations that I think will make life easier for all of us or in my case my life.  If I could just have them right here right now, that would be awesome! I don’t want to be selfish so I am sharing my Christmas Wishlist 2016 things I Need/Want in Our Life Now, featuring new innovation products that I don’t know if they are a concept or already available somewhere out there.  If they are available, Dear Santa Claus, I think I’ve beenRead More →

Did you save some funds from your last paycheck?  I hope you did.  Why?  Because the biggest shopping event in Southeast Asia /Lazada Online Revolution #LZDRevolution is happening again this 11-11!   I am already excited about this shopping event as I got my eye on the sale items to snag @ 11-11 #LZDRevolution such as… The 11 Peso Sale Deals featuring: A Virtual Reality Box Reality Glasses LED Light Buld Rotating Lamo Genius Gaming Mouse Jewelmine McAdams Tote Bag with Sling Bag XiX Skull Type Helmet Duffle Bag P.S. there is a limit of one (1) 11 peso deal item only per account holder.Read More →

Honestly, I don’t go to to Divisoria.  While I heard it is a shopping mecca in the Philippines for all affordable, cheap, amazing shopping finds, I dare not go, ever.  Then Tutuban Center invited me over for a shopping challenge.  Now there’s a reason for me to go. You know how Divisoria was notorious for the pick pockets and dirty shopping area.  I wouldn’t dare going alone or unsupervised.  Since I had a host who will look out for me when I shop, I joined the trip to Tutuban Center.  The moment our vehicle turned right to the area, I was pleasantly surprised because the placeRead More →

Another online shopping platform? Not really. Honestly, that was what I thought when I got the invitation for the launch of I thought they would be something like Lazada, Zalora, OLX, YiLinker and the like. I was wrong. is an online mall, literally where shops are displayed individually and shops gets their own inventory displayed. Plus unlike online shopping platforms this one give you that mall kind of experience minus the hassle of bracing the traffic, long lines and carrying your shopping bags with you. I browsed the site during the event and found their platform uncluttered and confusing like other online shoppingRead More →

I don’t know anyone who is not impressed or enticed with something beautiful. Recently, Rustan’s had gathered together all the beauty aficionados in one gathering . Aptly entitled So Surreal, the annual affair spotlights the Philippines’ only luxury one-stop beauty shop’s affiliated brands and products through a dreamy lens. Transforming the floors of Rustan’s Makati into an all-white wonderland illuminated by contrasting neon pastels, Beauty Addict continues its four-year streak with whimsical installations and picturesque surreal elements, turning one’s imaginative beauty idea into reality.Read More →

They said 20’s is the new 30’s, I bed to disagree.  Or if it is so, then 30’s is the new 20’s!  That’s a good trade off I think. I believe they said this because people get very worked up in trying to prove themselves upon reaching 20 .  All the physical and mental stress with the new job and the commute to and from work is pulling our bodies down making us look older at twenties.  Then upon nearing 30’s we start to worry and realized “OMG! I’m getting old!”  So by 30 we learn to slow down a bit and take care ofRead More →