Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss at Beauty Lab


  Without meaning to sound narcissist people around me started saying I look younger, I look blooming, I look prettier , “Are you in love?”, they ask. I wish I am in love with someone right now but I’m not. I am in love with my life (inspite of all the bumps along the way) because it throws my way a lot of opportunities of bits of piece of happiness and new discovery. Just like this Red Light Collagen Treatment Therapy by Suaviss at Beauty Lab /Beauty Lab White Manila which I think is one of the main reason for my glowing skin and appearance.Read More →

Make Your Summer with Watsons

Summer is a nudge away. I bet most of you have planned your summer getaways already.  While you have mapped your itenerary meticulously jotting every detail of your trip.   Don’t neglect your skin care protection routine as well.  Doing so will make your summer sexy, colorful and sun- proof because you don’t need to worry about  sunburn, uneven skin tone, dark spots, wrinkles, dry skin and worst skin cancer! The one-stop-shop for all your sun protection needs is all at Watsons.  Just recently I was at the #MakeYourSummer event by Watsons and as so delighted to find new and updated sun protection/sunblock products. There’sRead More →

alternative to plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is something that most TV stars dont think twice about. They can afford it though. What about the rest of us? Do we have to spend our lives with skin imperfections, blemishes, stretch marks, and wrinkles? Not really. There are alternatives to plastic surgery and some of them are not even that expensive. Lets take a closer look. Dermaclara This Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment uses the power from medical grade silicone in clarafuse skin pads that are revolutionary in order to improve the appearance of imperfections of the skin such as discoloration, wrinkles and lines, stretch marks, and more. This can be usedRead More →

All New Pond's White Beauty review

Just recently, Pond’s launched  the new and improved formulas of the Pond’s skin care system.   The new formulation has new ingredients and technology that your complexion needs at each stage of your life.   For the blooming teen there is the NEW and improved Pond’s Acne Clear, for the girl-boss-in progress there’s the new Pond’s White Beauty, and for the empowered woman there is Pond’s Age Miracle range. I got my hands at the new products sent to me by Sampleroom.   At first I don’t notice any different in the packaging but as I looked closely,  I realized there was a slight change.  TheyRead More →

Enchanteur Paris Philippines launch

Paris is one of the cities in the world I always wanted to see someday, hopefully in the near future.  I love Paris because it is the capital of art and culture. They house the best artist in the world,  painter or poets all came from there. I also adore the quintessential architecture not just the Eiffel Tower,  but the Louvre,  the Roman Arc, Scare Coure Basilica,  and so much more!  I can talk about it all day!  Haha! Everything French is also sexy in a way.  If you meet any French people,  let them talk their language and you will just get mesmerized.  Read More →

#doitbetterwithkiehls midnight magic consultation

A few weeks ago, Kiehl’s introduced two new products that serves more than just one purpose making our skin care regimen better and more visible.  I was not able to attend the launch  but I was given a slot for a #DoItBetterWithKiehls Midnight Magic Consultation at Kiehl’s in Greenbelt 5. So I went and visited the branch and had the consultation.  Before going through any product suggestion, the consultant went ahead to see what my skin type was .  I forgot what they call it but it showed if my skin was oily, dry or normal.  She put the testers on my forehead and myRead More →

Trick Your Body Into Thinking It's Younger 

“I trick my body into thinking it’s younger.” This was once a funny line  Samantha Jones said in the Sex and the City 2 Movie that I start to appreciate at my age. Samantha was one of the fiercest female TV character who empowered women in the world in so many ways during the height of SATC. She said this line in the movie while on vacation with Carie and Miranda and she took out her pill box amusing and confusing her younger girl friends. “Women our age shouldn’t joke about vitamins,” Samantha said. “Women who are not our age, shouldn’t say women our age,”Read More →

When we age our skin texture, color, elasticity and vibrance diminish. This is because of sun’s UV rays exposure, pollution and even our gadget lights. In order for it to look good we must consciously take care of it. If not sunspots, freckles, melasma, milia and other skin problem will prominently appear on your skin. Which in my case is true because I don’t put on sunblock as much as I do. Wanting to get clearer skin the fastest way, I went for a treatment to remove sunspots, freckles and melasma on my face at Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations / Luminisce Skin Clinic with arrangementsRead More →