What Happens in Boracay #AzaleaGroupGetaway

What Happens In Boracay #AzaleaGroupGetaway

Last year I had a falling out with Boracay.  It was just way too crowded and polluted for my taste. The Laboracay scene is not my crowd and idea of a good time anymore.  Honestly, since then, I wondered why is Boracay still considered as one of the best island in the world.  My question was answered during my latest visit to the island, I finally rekindled my love and found out what happens in Boracay that made it a paradise by travelers around the world.

Azalea Hotel & Residences Boracay invited me along other blogger friends to enjoy the Azaela group getaway adventures and packages.  Plus of course, experience what it’s like to stay there. 

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Why Renting an Apartment When Traveling is a Great Option


Finding a place to stay is always a priority when traveling. You have to find the safest yet most comfortable accommodation once you go on a trip both internationally and domestically. Actually, there are a lot of options out there. All you need to do is to choose the one that meets all of your needs.

One of the best options to consider is renting an apartment once you travel. Many people would think that this idea is a lavish choice. However, it is otherwise and you might save up when you plan it right.

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First and Business Class Lounge at LAX

Etihad Airways officially opened its new First and Business Class Lounge within the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Building on a growing global reputation for product innovation and development, the lounge reflects a commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences for First and Business Class guests departing on Etihad Airways’ daily EY170 Boeing 777 services from the US West Coast’s commercial and entertainment hub.

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#TastetheLegend Walking Tour at Downtown Manila with Carlos Celdran (PhotoDiary + Vlog)


It was my first time to have a tour with Carlos Celdran so when Lido Cocina Tsina extended an invitation for a walking tour at Downtown Manila (a.k.a. Chinatown in Manila / Binondo / Escolta / Sta. Cruz) I had a little hestitation but decided to go anyway.  I just thought Downtown Manila is part of the Philippines rich history and culture, and having to see the place with an expert to guide us, it should be more interesting than what I already know from a previous visit at the area, especially on a Chinese New Year!

Here’s what can you see at Downtown Manila

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How to Learn Ballet with Lisa Macuja-Elizalde #WIWTD 98

Ballet with Lisa Macuja

What did you want to be growing up? One of my dreams back then was to be a Ballerina.  

Ballet classes during my time was made available at a mall near our place.  When we pass by the foodcourt I would look at the pretty girls with their hair neatly tied in a bun, wearing white  thighs and tutus, with synced movements.   They all exude grace and poise.  “I want to be like them,”  I would exclaim.

If you are a girl in the late 80’s early 90’s I am sure you can relate.  It was the generation When most girls were enrolled in a Ballet Class maybe during summer break or just a short course.  It was the peak of World Class Prima Balerina Lisa Macuja (now with a hypen Elizalde) when being an online influencer was not the ambition of young people. 

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Tulip Chocolate + Wonderful Indonesia Festival Finds

Never been to Indonesia, yet. But I might be there, soon.

Just recently, I got acquainted with some of Indonesian products and culture at the recently held Wonderful Indonesia Festival held at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City.

The festival was meant to boost the ever-growing trade relations of Indonesia and Philippines.  Did you know that Indonesia’s export to the Philippines has reached US$3.92 in 2015 according to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.  While Philippines investment in Indonesia for the period 2011-2015 approximately amounted to US$ 25 million.

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How to Bring Your Perfume Everywhere

Travalo and Perfume Pod review Philippines

How do you travel light when you still can’t decide which perfume bottle to bring when you travel?  I ofent fell into this trap and bring at least two of my favorite perfume with me.  What I do is wrap it inside socks after packing it on a ziplock hoping no bad accident will happen.

Fortunately, I’ve been lucky except for missing perfume caps.  I know some who got their bottles broke.  It spilled all over their clothes, shoes and everthing else in their lugages!

Fret no more as I have discovered two perfume atomizers that enables you to bring your perfume everywhere.  The Travalo Classic and Travalo Perfume Pod, two perfume atomizers that are compact and lightweight.  Both don’t eat up space as they are a size of a lipstick!

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Things You Want to Know About #myPALRoam

MyPAL Roam #myPALRoam device

What three things you can’t live without when you travel abroad?

The four most important things a millenial traveller need would be:

  1. Passport,
  2. Cash or plastic money,
  3. A good smartphone with good cam and all the apps they need to get around the area and document their adventures: According to a survey recently released by TripAdvisor, “the world’s largest travel site,” mobile devices — primarily “smart” phones — have quickly established an extremely important place in the overall scheme of travel. The survey covered 1,000 respondents in the United States who have mobile devices, and found that although the most frequent use was to make/receive calls and texts, almost two-thirds of the respondents downloaded and used at least one specialized travel app:   
    While traveling: 62 % use their mobile device to research restaurants, 51 % check flight status, 46 percent research destination attractions, 45 % read traveler reviews, 42 % research or book accommodations, and 34 % research or book airline flights; in addition, 59 % use their mobile device’s GPS function, and 47 % have used their devices internationally.
  4. Mobile data/ Internet connection / Wi-Fi connectivity

How could you download and use all those apps if you don’t have internet connection right?

Keeping in mind the changing needs of passengers, Philippine Airlines together with Skyroam created the myPAL Roam, a global  mobile hotspot device that provices easy, fast, secured and affordable mobile data anywhere in the world.

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Sleeping in Airports Part 1: DMK Airport Bangkok

where to sleep in Bangkok Airport Sleeping in Airport Part 1 DMK Bangkok Airport

How many of you slept in airports ?

During my recent travel to Malaysia, Thailand and Laos , I had long layover hours in Kuala Lumpur and in Bangkok. While I had the choice of commuting to a nearby hotel/hostel, the hours of my layover are dead hours and I feel much safer inside the airport than going out.

I tried squeezing myself to take some snooze in rows of chairs at lounge areas but it’s not comfy.  Plus I have to be very alert with my belongings as well so that was not really getting rest.

It was good that the Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur airports , DMK and KLM are world class airport.  They are very huge like a city in itself.  Everything you need is already there, including a sleeping quarters/ airport hotels to get the rest you need while killing time for your next flight.  So in my quest to find a good place to rest I discovered places to sleep in airports.

Where to Sleep in Bangkok Airport (DMK airport)

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