Visita Iglesia: Basilica de Taal, Batangas

I love architecture, especially the ones built in the 1800′s by Spanish occupants.  They are built to last and their beauty is timeless.  One if the church built in the 1800′s and is jow considered as the biggest Catholic Church in the Philippines is the Basilica ng Taal in Taal Batangas.


This church looks way so much grand and gorgeous in person. You should visit it one time. I swear you will fall in love with it.

The history alone of the Basilica de Taal is just unimaginable.

Join #WranglerSunChaser Contest: 4 Weeks. 4 Challenges. 1 Unforgetable Journey


Who is up for an amazing summer adventure of their life?

Wrangler invites yoh to chase the sun and be a #WranglerSunChaser where you will embark on a journey with wrangler.

The “Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge”, a month long event that aims to bring out your adventurous spirit, urge you to leave all daily banalities behind and chase new horizons. Live across 9 countries in the Asia Pacific region, from April 14 – May 11, this is a true regional hunt for the ultimate adventurer among our dedicated Wrangler fans.


Every week, Wrangler will challenge you to conquer new territory and share your adventures on our Instagram hashtag #WranglerSunChaser.

Every challenge is closely linked to Wrangler’s core product propositions – our 7 Icons heritage which was built for the rider, makes every piece of Wrangler attire what it is today; the Denim Spa series that pampers the girl on the go; Keep Cool with COOLMAX® technology to keep you fresh under the hot sweltering summer sun. Each product was engineered to support you on the open road, so we’re challenging you to explore and be creative.

The best part? Wrangler will be rewarding the week’s best adventurer with Php 8,000 worth of cash vouchers, and one lucky winner will bag the regional finale prize: a 5-day trip to at a destination of choice for The ultimate adventure.

The campaign will go live on and across Facebook ( and Instagram ( – follow us to keep up with the latest Sun Chaser challenges.

Let’s chase the sun together!

About Wrangler
Wrangler’s denim heritage goes back to 1904 when Charlie Hudson founded the Hudson Overall Company in North Carolina, US. Wrangler remains one of the world’s best-loved denim brands. Following its 1947 rebranding as Wrangler, the company has continued to deliver outstanding first-in-category innovations as well as its unrivalled denim heritage. Wrangler is part of the VF Corporation, the world’s largest apparel company.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

My Sandbox Adventure Experience at Alviera


I’m an extreme sports kinda girl. I like pumping up my adrenalin with risky yet safe activities you just don’t see people do on a regular basis. I like challenging myself to the limit and do something for the thrill at least once.

When I got the invite for the special advance preview opening of the Sandbox Adventure at Alviera in Porac Pampangga I did not hesitate but said yes right away. I said “you had me at ATV rides! Sign me up. I’m joining!”

Albeit too early on a Saturday morning for a 7am meetup, it was not a problem. Service shuttle going to Alviera were stationed at the open parking lot across Trinoma Mall.

Sandbox Adventure at Alviera

Sandbox Adventure at Alviera

What is Sandbox Adventure?
It’s an outdoor activity theme park that redifines what a summer getaway is like. It is for those who dare take the physical challenge and conquer their fears, mostly of heights!

Earth, Joost, Tricia and Kira at Sandbox Adventure in Alviera, Porac, Pampangga

My adventure buddies that day was Joost, Trish and Kira. This is our before we all went through the fun chaos the Sandbox Adventure we all can’t wait to experience! Fresh and beaming! Haha!

Our first stop was the Giant Swing. You can actually ride on your own but ofcourse we went in pairs. It is way easier to endure the scare with someone to share it with!

Giant Swing

Watch this!

Giant Swing Sandbox Adventure at Alviera

Giant Swing Sandbox Adventure at Alviera

This is the country’s tallest swing ever at 10-meter high above the ground!
It looks easy but really it will turn your gut upside down!

Aerial Walk Challenge

A high rope adventure course of nets and rope walkways.


Aerial Walk  at Sandbox Adventure Alviero

Aerial Walk at Sandbox Adventure Alviera

The Aerial Walk is a series of activities that will test each users agility, balance and flexibility. An active guest can make his way through this course in about 30 minutes!

Aerial Walk at Sanbox Adventure Alviera

We could have finished the course if not for some other people ahead of us who were getting scared as the walk gets harder as you pass through one stage after anotherfibished the Aerial Walk course at Sandbox Adventure with flying colors


 ATV Rides 

Drive along the sandy rocky Alviera Property and eat dust! Haha!
ATV / UTV ride at Sandbox Adventure Alviera

This is so fun!

eat dust! ATV / UTV ride at Sandbox Adventure in Alviera
I was not able to try the Adventure Tower because of time constraints but when I go back there I’ll dare try itbout. The Adventure Tower is a 5-storey structure that consist of various activities such as rapelling, walla climbing, jump off for fhe free fall, jump off for the roller coaster zip linr and the view deck.

Avatar One was not yet open when we were there butbut will be fully operational on April 12,2015 during Sandbox Adventure at Alviera opens to the public. Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline is the ride that takes one zipping down roller-coaster style 180-meters down! I wanna try this one!

wind blown hair Giant Kite flying at Sandbox Adventure Alviera
Aside from the above activity visitors other outdoor activity inclhdes kite-flying and kite making workshop. A childrens themed playground with picnic areas, slides, waterguns, minj-golf, biking and all sorts of outdoor activity like frisbee, rc plane and car activities!

What is Alviera?
Alviera is a 1,125-hectare townshipd development by Ayala Land and Leonio Land located at Porac,Pampangga. It envisions to become the Central Luzon business and leisure hub with schools, BPOs, recreational establishment and eesidential properties.

How much you need to pay to experience the Sandbox Adventure at Alviera?

Here is the rate card: Price range from Php50.00 to Php3,500.00

Sandbox Adventure at Alviera ratr
Do I recommend the Sandbox Adventure at Alviera?
Absolutely! For thrill seekers and those who want a different kind of adventure this summer this is the place to be. On April 12,2014 the placs will ve open to the public and Bamboo will be there to perform live!

The Sandbox Adventure is highly recommended for families and group of friends who wants agility and flexibility strenght activities. I also imagibe this is great for companies for their team building activities.

How to get there?
Here’s a sketch of the map to Alviera

sketch map to Sandbox Adventure Alviera
If you have trouble understanding the map and maybe to avail if the shuttle service, you may visit

Thank you Jingjing Romero and Mr.John Estacio, General Manager of Alviera for having us at this special advance prebiew opejing. I had a blast!

I hope to see you all visit this place soon!  I am looking forward to that rollercoaster zipline!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

WIWTD #12: Day 3 Dream Wedding Destinations Hunting La Union


My wedding plans have long been kept inside a safe locked in a dungeon somewhere deep and secluded. But when I got to see the picturesque view of Poro Point La Union, my dream wedding destinations and ideas resurfaced in an instant.

Goodness gracious, why am I having such when I don’t even have a groom to begin with?

Day 3: Forever Summer at Poro Point La Union
Well, it is a quite understandable look at this view it will make you think of all your ideals when you were young and naive!

day3: destination wedding hunt at Thunderbird Resorts
Wedding venue #1:  The columns by the beach!  The sun, the sea, the sights! Quite magical!

day 3: scouting for wedding venues at poro point la union
Are you looking for a Grecian and beach wedding destination this is the place to be, I will let the pictures do the talking!

day 3: wedding destination at poro point la union
Surrounding the area is the beautiful closer view of the beach front.

day3: beatiful colors of summer in la union
The beach area surrounding it!

day3: beach frontday 3: beach wedding

By the lighthouse side

day 3 scouting for wedding venues at Thunderbird Resort La Union
Now you know why I’m daydreaming!

day 3:  Forever Summer at Poro Point La Union
Wedding Venue #2: The Cabana Cottage on top of the cliff at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union

day 3:  beach wedding venue

From where I’m standing here you will see grass area, an entire view of the hotel and the restaurant and the jogging path below and of course a majestic view of the sea especially at sunset!
day 3 : wedding venue hunting

day 3: sunset wedding

I waited for this moment! Caputuring the golden sunset at the Cabana!


Don’t you just wanna fall inlove and get married right there and then!

day 3: beautiful sunset at thunderbird resorts la union

I visualize a silhouette kissing scene with the groom here after the wedding officiator said “You may now kiss the bride!” Ang perfect lang ng shot na yun! Sigh!
day 3: sunset wedding

The followed hy the reception at the lobby of Thunderbird resorts where everyone gets to see the best view of the golden sunset. Kung di ba naman lahat mainlove sa view. This kind of wedding will make veryone remember you for the rest of their life haha!

But then, just when I thought I found my dream wedding destination, I saw Wedding Destination #3: the Diocese of San Fernando La Union.

Untitledday 3: church weffing la union

The Facade alone is classic and beautiful so I went in.
day 3: wedding destination la union

I can see me walking down the isle! Long beautiful isle. Towards the gorgeous altar.
day 3: wedding destination la union

The altas is so Hispanic! So pretty!

day 3: dream wedding venue

How about you, have you found your dream wedding destination ? If jow maybe you can check this out!

The columns and cabana is located at Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point La Union. The church is located at San Fernando City La Union.

day 3:  Forever Summer at Poro Point La Union

What I’m wearing:
Summer Dress from SM Ladies
Sunnies from Celine
Special thanks to BCDA for takjng me to Poro Point La Union!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

You may want to read how my Day 1 at Thunderbird Reaorts Poro Point La Union and Day 2 at the Sillag Festival .

Say Hello to SM Lifestyle Entertainment


Did you know that the term “malling” was invented by Filipinos because of the love of frequenting malls?

Whether to shop, watch movies, hang’out with friends to eat, play games and do all sorts of leisure activities, the mall is the place to be. Malling is so popular with Pinoys also because of the free airconditioning! Haha!

Anyway, whatever the reason is, there’s no mall who understands this better but SM who just recently launched the SM Lifestyle Entertainment Incorporated (SMLEI).

The SM Lifestyle Enterntainment is the educational, sports, and recreational arm of SM Prime Holdings Inc. that offers the best in movies, events, leisure and technology. Starting with SM Cinema, the largest cinema exhibitor in the country, as its sole marque, the company grew into 12 major brands in just a short span of five years.

Currently tucked under its belt are brands such as Director’s Club Cinema, IMAX Theatre, WM Cinemas, SM Skating Rink, SM Bowling Center, SM Science Center, Snack Time, ePLUS and SM Tickets.

SM Lifestyle Entertainment aims to promote bonding activities among Filipino families and friends, through entertainment and leisure facilities, while advocating the ease of use and personalized service created to complement the Filipino lifestyle.

At the launch held at SM MOA Arena everyone got the taste of what to expect from SMLEI and the amazing bebefits of owning a E-Plus Tap to Pay card.

The E-Plus Tap Card is a stored value-based contactless smart card payment application that serves as an integrated e-wallet for retail, transport, parking, dining, and entertainment vending!


I had super fun at the event especially when I bumped into this guy!

Anyway, get your E-Plus card and bisit the nearest SM Mall near you experience the SM Lifestyle Entertainment yourself!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Play with Ice this Summer!


Ice this Summer

The Philippines is a tropical country that is located near the equator. Because of the country’s location, it experiences an average of 27.7°C throughout the year and go as high as 34°C during the summer, when most Filipino kids are on vacation.

Usually, summer vacations mean beach trips, road trips, and out-of-the-country tours but because of the humidity, some families tend to stay inside their homes to avoid the heat. However, there’s only so much one can do at the mall and kids can only be entertained by the same things for a certain period of time. Luckily, SM has the Olympic sized SM Skating Rink to cool you down on a hot sunny day.


Going to the SM Skating Rink is perfect for people who want to enjoy their summer breaks but do not want to endure the heat outdoors. Providing Filipinos with an alternative venue for recreation and fun was the intention in building the rink. Other than the cold temperature, the SM Ice Skating Rink offers various activities like the following:

· Open skating. Let your inner ice princess out and glide around the Olympic sized skating rink. If you are feeling conscious and feel like you will fall, you can hire one of the SM coaches to teach you the basics of ice skating. Who knows? You might be the next Michael Martinez.

· Hockey games. If ice skating isn’t your thing, why not gather your friends and experience the world of ice hockey. You could also make your own hockey-lympics and compete with your friends or family. For beginners, SM offers hockey lessons.

· Sled ride. Who said sled rides can only be experienced on icy mountains? Experience the rush that comes with sled rides in the SM Skating Rink. One special feature, the SM Skating Rinks also have snow machines, taking the snowy experience to the next level. Feel the adrenaline as you slide around the largest ice skating rink in the country.

· Relax outside the rink. Aside from the exciting activities that can be done inside the rink, SM Skating Rink also offers other activities like the Xtreme Gaming, which is PS3 rentals with the latest games in town, a Battle Seat Simulator, and a massage corner. These activities are perfect to the kids who are not fond of the ice and for the parents who want to relax while their children are enjoying the rink activities.

For a country that doesn’t have snow, you can still cool down during the summer and play with ice at the SM Ice Skating Rink. For more information, you may visit

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To join:
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Summer Siren Bands and DJs
The prizes:
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Winners will be selected at random. The more #AyosNaSummer wish you send, the higher your chances of winning. Each ticket is valid for entry to the Summer Siren event at Crystal Beach, Zambales this coming April 4 to 6, 2014. For more info, go to

WIWTD #11 Day 2: Poro Point Freeport Zone Master Development Plan


Last week, the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) wisked us away to Poro Point in La Union for us to experience the Sillag Festival of Lights and to show us the Master Development Plan for the Poro Point Freeport Zone (PPFZ), a 146 hectarr property that will soon become the economic hub of the area.

The Poro Point Freeport Zone will be divided in four districts: (1) Business Hub and Lighthouse Area, (2) Commercial Marina and Transit Hub, (3) Sports Town Center, (4) Cliff-side Home. 

When I was there I explored the soon to become business hub which was the Lighthouse Area!

poro point la union lighthouse

This is the view of the lighthouse from Thunderbird Resorts

day2 : poro point light house

This is how the lighthouse looks upclose.

day2 poro point la union light house

96 steps high to get to the top!

day 2 poro point light house

The view at the top is more breathtaking!

360 view of the west philippine seas ftom poro point la union

From the top of the lighthouse you can see a full 360 view of the west Philippine Seas, overlooking Baguio and the entire La Union province.

360 view of poro point la union

The empty lands you see isbincluded in the PPFZ masterplan, District 1: Business Hub and Lighthouse plot include commercial establishment such BPO – ICT Retail/Shopping.

360 view of west Philippine seas from Poro point la union lighthouse

District 2: Commercial Marina and Transit Hub aims to develop cruise ship terminal and commercial marina with Intermodal Station.

Day 2 Poro Point Light House

District 3: Sports Town Center will be the emerging site for the Plaza with Track and Field, Sports Entertainment and Recreational Town and Medical Hospital too.

Sillag Poro Point Festival of Lights 2014
District 4: Cliff – side Home will be the residential area of Mixed Use Residential Apartments and Condominium Hotels.

The MDP will also include the upgrading of San Fernando Airport to meet the International Civil Aviation Organization requirements for catering to larger air crafts for international flights. The renovation also comprise of developing an airport terminal with mall complex, flaunted to become a small – scale version of Singapore’s international airport.

day 2: poro point la union beach
Oh yes, the beautiful cliff side. Sigh. I wanna get married there and live there for good.

Maybe find my father’s relatives there. He is from Aringgay, La Union. PPFZ Chairmam said he knows of my surname, so that’s a good start.

I haven’t been to where he used to live, I was born and grew up in Manila I am a Manila girl all my life. My mom said dad said my dad owns a parcel of land there, near the beach. If nobody land grabbed the property yet maybe I’ll get it and live the beach life I always wanted to be.

day 2: poro point la union beach
I do hope BCDA , PPFZ and Thunderbird Resorts won’t forget to invite me back when the Master Development Plan is in place. Can’t wait!

What I wore:
Dress from ROMWE

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WIWTD #10: Earth Goddess … Day 1 Poro Point La Union Thunderbird Resorts


Once upon a time there was a Goddes who was invited to Poro Point La Union to grace their 3rd Sillag Festival of Lights in San Fernando La Union.

Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014
A perfect place to house the goddess was the Mediterranean setting of Thunderbird Resorts inspired by Santorini Island in the Aegan sea.

Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014
She walked around the property and she found it gorgeous just like home for a Grecian Goddess like her.

Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014
She was told that this area is part of the stated owned properties by the Bases Conversion Development Authoroty (BCDA) and being managed and developed by the Poro Point Management Corporation (PPMC).

Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014
PPMC Chairman Ives Nisce said a Master Development Plan was launched at the Sillag Festival which is the blueprint in the development and marketing of the entire Poro Point Freeport Zone (PPFZ). In fact three road projects inside the freeport was also inaugurated during the festival. Meanwhile, this resort hotel is perfect for those who need to feel like a goddess. Thunderbird Resorts trademark is now starting to be recognized foe their Santorini inspired architecture.

Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014
The trademark blue dome has this painting under it.

Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014
Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014
Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014   The goddess is happy and she would like to comeback soon. Hopefully to find long lost relatives in La Union

Day 1 Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union for Sillag 2014
She also invites anyone who is interested to invest in the development of Poro Point Freeport Zone to coordinate with the BCDA especially those who want to lease or put up a business there terms will be for 25 years and is renewable. I hope to see you all there soon! Stay gorgeous everyone!

What I wore that day: Maxi Dress from SM Ladies Fashion Weekender

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Sillag Poro Point Festival of Lights


Running on it’s 3rd year, the Sillag Poro Point Festival of Lights kick-off last night, March 7,2014 with the release of the new and improved Hope Lanterns.

Sillag Poro Point Festival of Lights 2014IMG_20140307_202937
The Hope Lantern Ceremony symbolizes hope and wishes of attendees fir a better life, health, love and wealth. Releasing the lanterns also signifies Poro Point La Union’s dream to become a major tourism and business destination in the Philippines.


Poro Point Freeport Zone is located at San Fernando La Union and is part of the properties being managed by the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA). It is also the country’s gateway in Northern Luzon with the San Fernando International Seaport and San Fernando Airport. PPFZ also has a 6 hectare lighthouse property vital to the Integrated Tourism Complex. I will tell you more of this fabulous destination in another post. Meanwhile enjoy this 30secondvideo clip of the Sillag2014 Hope Lantern release which kooks way so much beautiful and mezmerizing in person than a video and photo can capture.

I love that instead of the usual paper lanterns with candles inside, they made balloons with LED lights inside so as not to be fire hazard when it explodes or lands somewhere out there! Haha. The balloons look actually nicer when up in the sky as the led lights twinkle they look like stars. Love!

Day 2 of Sillag featured streetdance compwtition, fluvial parade, pyromusical and free concert by Rocksteady.

Fluvial Parade

Sillag 2014 fluvial parade

Streetdance Competition with dancers andbprops adorned with lights.

streetdance competition sillag 2014Sillag 2014 street dance competion


pyromusical sillag 2014

What I think of Sillag?

Sillag is Ilocano word which means moonbeam or illumination from the moon. The festival is jointly organized by the Poro Point Management Corporation and the Bases Conversion and BCDA, Province of La Union and Thunderbird Pilipinas Hotels and Resorts.

The festival is still young and I think it has a lot of amazing potential. Thwre’s a lot room for improvement to make it bigger and better.

This Sillag 2014 gathered around 10,000 attendees and hopefully by next year there will be more as there will be a great improvement with roads and development for business and tourism jn the area.

I can’t wait for next year! I hope to see all of you there next time.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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