Fright Tours and Other Things to Do in Baguio City After Summer

Fright Tours and other things to do in Baguio after summer

I haven’t been to Baguio for more than a decade. I have lost interest visiting the place after seeing the hillside that used to be overlooking a lush of greens looked like a mountain of “garbage” because of the houses built there. I knew Baguio before it was filled with houses and became populated. I used go to Baguio a lot when I was a child as my brother used to be a PMA Cadet. I used to cover the Supreme Court in Baguio every summer coz that is where they like to hold office every summer coz it is way cooler than here in Manila.

Fright Tours and other things to do in Baguio after summer
Anyway, I recently visited Baguio when Azalea Residences Baguio invited us over to experience the city of pines during off-peak season. Baguio City is known as the summer capital of the Philippines. It’s charm lies on it’s cool temperature (as compared to other parts of the country). People are attracted to the abundance of pine trees in the area like transporting everyone to a western country. However, after summer Baguio’s tourism slows down. Most don’t bother going there during the rainy season. Plus the fact that people don’t really know where to go aside from the already known destinations like Camp John Hay, Burnham park, Session Road, the strawberry and flower farms in Benguet (not Baguio City), Botanical Garden and the like. I am glad to rediscover the summer capital of the Philippines during my trip and found out about the Fright Tour and other things to do in Baguio City after summer.


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One little know secret about Baguio is that the city is haunted. There are many places in Baguio that is believed to be inhabited by the supernatural beings. Many paranormal things have been reported in several establishments and tourist spots . This is because Baguio experienced so many deaths in it’s history. From World War 2, to when the Americans immigrated to the city and drove away the local tribes, to the devastating earthquake in the 1990’s, all the tragic killings and casualties left distressed souls. They are the ghost of Baguio. I was very excited to explore Baguio in a different light. The fright tour was one of the activities I was looking forward to during our entire trip. While I am a scaredy cat, I want to conquer my fears. This is the first time I am doing an actual horror expedition a.k.a. fright tour.

Our first stop was the Baguio Cathedral

At first I though we were there to pray for guidance and protection from all the evil spirit we might encounter or cross paths during our excursion. I was wrong. We were there because the Baguio Cathedral was one of the known haunted places in town.

Fright tours Baguio Cathedral
During the World War 2 it became the shelter for the folks of the town thinking they will be spared from the killings because they are inside the house of God. They were wrong, everyone inside the church was executed, even the parish priest who stood for the parishioners. This exact priest is said to be the ghost of the church. The priest rumored to be seen at the confession room where he would often listen to some parishioners confessing finding out later no priest was inside!

Teachers Camp

The camp ground used to be the place where the early Americans who settle in the town pitch camp. This was the same ground where a “powerful woman” was killed by the Japanese by beheading her during those time. The camp ground since became a haunted place where a headless woman in white appeared every night from 11pm to dawn. This ghost was reported to be wicked as she would chase people in the ground whenever she shows up and be seen by the guards or visitors.

Fright tours Baguio Teachers Camp Cottage 101
Another uncanny place in Teachers Camp is the Cottage 101. Something eerie happened in the cottage when a group of Americans rented the place. One of them died in the cottage and the room to your left is the room he was killed. How he died and how he was killed was still a mystery. But anyone who rented the cottage experience horrifying things. The ghost of the white guy would be seen. He became a poltergeist who hurt and become violent to those who will try to rent the area. They will be pulled out of bed, swing around, get scratches and stuff. Nobody last for a night inside the house. It has not been booked for years.

The Laperal House

Many stories have been told about this house. Family members of the Laperal family have died in the house. Apparitions of an old lady would be seen walking from the stairs to the dining area. Fixtures in the house would be seen disarranged every morning. Eerie sounds would be heard and images would be accidentally captured on tourist photographs.

Fright tours Baguio Laperal House
When we were there something creepy happened. Is it real or just part of somebody’s imagination or acting abilities. She can only can tell. Hehe…. Here is a video of what’s inside the Laperal House (watch at your own risk… haha!)

Hyatt Hotel and Laokan was part of the fright tour but because of the untoward incident that happened while we were inside the Laperal House we have to cut our trip short. Instead of going to Hyatt and Laokan, we just had dinner and then later on had a horror film movie night inside the Martinez Hall where we watched an Asian Horror film about some lesbian girls and the Wishing Stairs. Haha!

The Japanese Tunnel inside the Botanical Garden

This was not included in our itinerary as well but I haven’t been in here in ages. I haven’t checked the Japanese Tunnel inside the garden and since we went noontime we did not hesitate but get inside. The place gave me creeps. It used to be the hiding place of Japanese soldiers and where the Golden Buddah and Yamashita Treasure was found the guide said. It was kinda creepy inside so I decided to turn on my camera and film it.

Fright tours Japanese tunnel Baguio

Culture, Arts and Heritage Tour

BenCab Museum

Ethnic Art such as idols and icons, furniture and fixtures from the old inhabitants of the Cordillera Region are displayed in the Museum.

BenCab Museum Baguio

Tam-Awan Village

This is where college students from Baguio wear Igorot costumes and do cultural dances to educate visitors of the ways of the tribe back then. This is to preserve their heritage and keep the tradition alive. Old Igorot houses can be found in the Village, also known as the Garden in the Sky. It is such a beautiful place to learn more about the Cordillera people. Tam-Awan Village Baguio Watch this:

They also offer portrait sketching for visitors. The artist are locals and they also sell their artworks in the area. I enjoyed our portrait session. Jen one of the artist was very skilled she is great in capturing the best details of a persons face, especially the eyes. Here’s here artist impression of me. She caught my eyes and cheekbones but the nose was kinda different hehe. I look 10 years younger in her sketch! I love it! Haha!

Portrait at Tam-Awan Village

Eastern Weavers Cooperative

The main handicraft practiced in the Cordillera region is weaving. Baguio’s Easter Weavers Cooperative houses hundreds of weavers who makes their weaved handicrafts. You can see the intricate details and design and how hard it take to finish an entire spread, it takes about 3 day to finish one design. One design is designated to one weaver and one weaving machine.

EASTERN Weavers Cooperative
Baguio Weavers Cooperative

Local Food Trip Trying out the Local Cordillera Dishes

Baguio’s popular food is strawberries. Their most famous take home food items are: peanut brittle, Ube halaya, and lengua. There are restaurants and coffee shops along the Session Road that is popular with their desserts. But most of them are Western foods.

Cafe Yagam

We had dinner at Cafe Yagam where we tasted local Cordillera Dishes such as Pinikpikan, Pinuneg, Binungor, Kiniig, and Kankanaoy. We also had the Sagada Coffee and Mountain Tea.

Cafe Yagam Baguio
I did not expect the food to be that super spicy. The spiciness was nothing compared to Bicol dishes that is also known as spicy. It was the kind of hot dish that will make you burn inside. I think they made those kind of dishes because of the cool climate in Baguio, they need to keep themselves warm. Those dishes we tried are definitely something that will warm you up from the inside! I swear!

Casa Vallejo, Mt. Clouds and Hillstation

Casa Vallejo Mt. Cloud Hills Tatiana Baguio
This was not included in our itinerary, but we had free time and we wanted to see famous hang-outs in Baguio. Casa Vallejo, used to be a old house that was renovated into a hotel and an entertainment complex. There’s a cinema, bookstore and restaurant and coffee shop. Mt. Clouds is a bookshop where you can find interesting and hard to find books. Their bookstore is so cozy and reading chairs and ladders for visitors and buyers use. Mt.  Clouds Bookshop The Hillstation is a restaurant but they are also known for their delicious dessert pastries. Yes we had some and my most favorite was their best seller the Lemom Meringue cake.

Hillstation best seller desserts Lemon Merengue

Baguio Market

A trip to Baguio is not complete without going to the market to buy pasalubong or coming home gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones or yourself. Baguio is famous for their brooms so yes we got that there. They are also famous for their cheap vegetables so yup I went all-out shopping for veggies.

Baguio Market
Cauliflower and Brocolli is just php40.00 1/4 kilo. Lemon is pHp20.00 4 pieces! Their peanut brittle and chocolate crinkles are available at php100.00 (pwede tawad to 90) or get the 3 for php100.00 deals. Starwberry and strawberry jams are also cheap here!

Good Sheppard

They sell the best Ube Halaya/ Ube Jam in Baguio. They are a bit expensive compared to the market but the quality and the charity is what you are paying for as part of the sales goes to the convent operation.

Good Sheppard baguio
We also went to Tartland where the owners gamely showed us how they make their delicious lengua.
It will a bit hard to travel Baguio if you don’t have a service to take you around. Baguio has some traffic problem as well especially at the center area. Small roads too many vehicles and construction along the way are happening. Good thing Azalea Residences Baguio provided our service all throughout our trip. Azalea Baguio is one of the nice places to stay when in Baguio I will show you more about it on my next Baguio trip post.

Azalea Residences Baguio
How about you, have you tried the fright tours in Baguio yet? If not would you like to? Stay gorgeous everyone!

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#WIWTD 73: Century Old Tree and Zigzag Road

Free Spirit

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.

Hans Christian Andersen, The Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography

Free Spirit

#WIWTD Free Spirit

Free spirit

Riding with my #GalaGalera crew at the Back of a pickup truck on the Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera was ultra fun!

Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera

The adrenalin rush was surreal, especially when it rained cats and dogs in the middle of the ride! The wind and rain smacking on our faces really hard!

Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera

Our stop over was to appreciate the beauty of the century old tree in Puerto Galera. Of course a happy photo op was in order!

Century Old Tree in Puerto Galera

Century Old Tree Puerto Galera
We are the Cool Kids

Free spirit
What I wore:
Tank top: GTWbySM
Denim Skirt: Levis
Cap: DIESEL borrowed from Mr.Romeo Roxas owner of Puerto Nirvana Resort in Puerto Galera and the pickup truck we were riding on. He was also our driver and photographer for the day! Wearing men’s accessories can make a statement to a women’s fashion style. Thank you so much for your hospitality and generosity!

Have you seen this tree on your trip to Puerto Galera? Have you worn your man’s accessory to complete your #OOTD?
Do tell!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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I am a storyteller. Influencer. Trendsetter. Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@)

#WIWTD 72: Summer Forever

Summer somewhere

Summer 2015 season may be over here in the Philippines but somewhere out there it’s summer. So here is to wishing and dreaming about my next beach adventure somewhere sometime soon if not soonest.

Summer forever
Summer somewhere
Summer forever
Summer somewhere
Somewhere summer
Summer somewhere

What I wore:
Cover-up: FREEWAY
Eyewear: CELINE
Taken at Puerto Galera Muelle Bay on our way to Haligi Beach to snorkel.
Taken by Rhea Bue
Stay gorgeous everyone!

About Earth Rullan

I am a storyteller. Influencer. Trendsetter. Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@)

#WIWTD 72 Mangyan Village and White Beach

Cute Pug at Puerto Galera White beach

For our second day at Puerto Galera we visited the Mangyan Village and the White Beach.

This bougainvillea (bongga ng villa lolz) welcoming guests at the Mangyan Village, is just to pretty to ignore! It

Summer Blooms
Summer Blooms

This amazing bridge was made of pure bamboo supposedly over a river but the river has dried!
Mangyan Village Puerto Galera
View by the bridge no more water from the river! They are experiencing drought in the area!
Dried river Mangyan Village Puerto Galera
A few walks across the river we saw kids of the village playing.
With the children of the Mangyan Village
They were so friendly and cheerful so we took photos with them. They were happy to see our photos with them.
Playing with the kids at the Mangyan Village
Then just to see the area we visited the White Beach where we saw a cute Pug who likes his photos taken with the visitors. Hello Pug can I have a picture with you?
Cute Pug at Puerto Galera White Beach
You are so cute!
This Pug in Puerto Galera  White Beach likes his photo taken
Can I take you home?
Cute Pug at Puerto Galera White beach
This was from the handicrafts stores by the Mangyan Village!
Mangyan village

What I wore:
Off-shoulder top: STRADIVARIUS
Hat: Mangyan Village native products
Shorts: Nike
Flipflops: SALVATOS The Folding Flip Flops
Pics taken by Rhea Bue and Rodel Flordeliz

How about you have you visited the village before?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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I am a storyteller. Influencer. Trendsetter. Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@)

Places to Visit in Puerto Galera Aside from the White Beach

Places to visit in Puerto Galera aside from the White Beach

I have heard a lot about Puerto Galera, it is very popular to beach party goers because of it’s close proximity to Metro Manila that you don’t have to travel by air. But believe it or not, this June 19,2015 was my first time there. I was hesitant to travel to that island because of the not so good things I have heard happening in there and the reasons why it is popular/notorious. For my first visit there I am glad I was with good a company and enjoyed other things to do and places to visit aside from the widely popular and somehow turned notorious White Beach.

Places to visit in Puerto Galera aside from the White Beach
Puerto Nirvana was our gracious host for our 3 days 2 nights visit in Puerto Galera.

Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera

How to get there?

To get to Puerto Nirvana take a bus from Cubao or Taft. Take a JAM Liner Bus going to the Port of Batangas. Bus fare is only Php175.00 one way. From the Batangas Port buy boat tickets at the boat terminal going to Muelle Bay. Fare is from Php280.00 one way or if you get a roundtrip ticket you will save Php60.00 Php500.00 for roundtrip. (But if you let Puerto Nirvana book your tickets you’ll save Php100.00!) Upon arriving at Muelle Bay, the tourism people or local authorities will ask you to pay Php50.00 for environmental fee. From there you take a tricycle going to Puerto Nirvana one person is Php10.00 only! Don’t let them fool you into paying Php50.00 to Php100.00!

Port of Batangas to Muelle Bay Puerto Galera

What does Puerto Nirvana look like?

Here is how the room I stayed in look like. It’s the Mindanao Room 203. It has a nice window overlooking a nice view of the beach. It is spacious enough to occupy 3 people to sleep on the extra bed/sofa bed mattress. This room rate is Php3,900.00 off season and Php4,400.00 peak season and Php5,000.00 during Malasimbo . Other room rate starts from Php1,500.00 (single regular rooms) to Php6,000.00 (family rooms).

Puerto Nirvana resort deluxe room
Take a look at this video clip:

What do I think of Puerto Nirvana

While they are not a five star hotel or have that breathtaking facilities, what I like best about Puerto Nirvana is their location. They are far away from the loud noises and pollution and population of the White Beach. I sound snotty saying this but when I go to the beach I want to enjoy the sand, sea, sun and what the best of nature has to offer. I don’t go to the beach to party like there’s no tomorrow. If I want to party I’d go to the clubs here in Manila. Plus the White Beach has been a notorious place for pick pockets and uhmmmm nasty things. If you want a nice beach area, there are more places to visit in Puerto Galera aside from the White Beach, I assure you and that is what Puerto Nirvana can show you if you book your trip there.

Puerto Nirvana Resort in Puerto Galera
Puerto Nirvana Resort in Puerto Galera

So, where to go in Puerto Galera aside from the White Beach?

Halige Beach!

This is the best place to snorkel as underwater the corals are rich and there are plenty of fishes underneath!, If you are gonna do it on your own. You will have to pay for a boat that will take you to Halige Beach from Muelle Bay (Php700.00) and from the beach area, you will have to take a smaller boat that will take you to the snorkeling area (Php200.00 per boat that can occupy 2 to 3 people, fee includes snorkeling gear).

Snorkel at Haligi Beach In Puerto Galera
This beach boast of nice creamy coral sands. Sand is still coarse as you can see corals are just starting to break. Very peaceful and serene with nice clear waters that connects to a river. A lot of Mangroves around as well. There are cottages available that you can rent for Php300 a cottage, entrance to the beach is Php50.00 each

Bulabod Beach

Bulabod Beach Bulabod River

See Bulabod Beach in this video clip:

Tamaraw Falls

One of the most photographed falls of Galera that is accessible via the zigzag highway. I will update this with photos as it was raining when we got there and the only camera we had was the Gopro of MJ. He has not shared pics from the falls yet so yeah no pic here. How Ironic!

The Mangyan Village

Less than 70 families live in this Mangyan Village we visited at Puerto Galera. Houses are made of bamboo and coconut leaves. Their livelihood is making crafts that they sell to tourist/visitors.

Visiting the Mangyan Village in Puerto Galera

Take a look at the Mangyan Village here:

The Century Old Tree

You can pass this by when you go to Tamaraw falls you can’t miss it because it is the most beautiful giant tree you will see along the zigzag road!

Century Old Tree along the Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera

Other places to visit in Puerto Galera include the following:

TaliPanan Beach
Hanging Bridge
Tukuran Falls
Maniknik Place
The Sandbar

We were not able to visit the following Places though as we have very little time to explore everything, 3 days and 2 nights is not enough, we only experience 1/4 of the best of the island. With that said I will come back again to see what I missed.

Things to do in Galera?

If you don’t want to DIY then you can just ask Puerto Nirvana to do everything for you. They are expert and experienced at holding group tours and even company team building activities. So aside from visiting the best places you can also do activities with your office mates or friends (minimum of 20 pax) I have seen the activities they do and it was fun and engaging. Team members will have to use not just their body but their brains as well to complete the task. If you book a team building activity (min of 20) it is inclusive of the rooms and food and all transfers to each destination. To know more about the team building packages of Puerto Nirvana visit :

Team Building activities by Puerto Nirvana resort

The White Beach

But then again, just to see what the fuss is all about we pass by the White Beach, and true enough to what I have heard, the place is crowded with a lot of establishments by the beach area, the sand creamy white, was also mixed with cigarette butts (and garbage). Definitely a party place, a bigger version of Station 3 of Boracay to be exact. The beach front looks beautiful I just hope the tourism administrator and the establishments in the area starts to care about the garbage and cigarette buts around the area. It is bad for the environment.

White Beach Puerto Galera

Take a look at the White Beach

Personally what I enjoyed best during my trip to Puerto Galera was our fun rides on the speedboat from Bulabod Beach to Puerto Nirvana

Speedboat ride in Puerto Galers

Watch our speedboat ride:

Our ride at the Back of a pickup along the Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera island!
Take a look at our ride!


Ride at the Back of a pickup along the Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera

And the great company I was with during the entire trip!

The Gala Galera Crew
For booking inquiries and other information about Puerto Nirvana Resort, they are located at Puerto Galera Sitio Hondura Brgy. Poblacion, Puerto Galera Philippines Telefax No: (+6343) 287-34-08 Globe (+63) 917-624-86-07 Sun (+63) 922-817-2736 Office Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm Email:, or visit

How about you have you been to the places I mentioned above? Have you been to Puerto Nirvana Resort? Have you been to Puerto Galera? If not the time is now!

Oh! if you want to splurge there is this amazing resort 5 star resort in Puerto Galera with cottage houses rate of Php32,000.00 a night! Here’s a sneak preview!

Infinity Resort Puerto Galera

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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Reasons Balikbayan and Tourist Should Go Shopping at Duty Free Philippines

why go shopping at duty free philippines

I have a confession to make. This was the first time I went shopping at the Duty Free Philippines.

why go shopping at duty free philippines

While I’ve been travelling in and out-of-the-country and I have relatives and friends who comes and go, never did I ever ask them to go shopping there or dragged myself in there. I always thought Duty Free shops inside the airport are more expensive than buying them from the actual stores of an imported brand I want. But I just learned it was not.

Yesterday, I was one of those invited by the Duty Free Philippines to take a look at their renovated Departure and Arrival area stores at the newly rehabilitated Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 in Philippines.

Why Balikbayan and tourist should go shopping at Duty Free Philippines

They wanted us to see how their shops is now at par with the duty free shop around the world. The also would like us to realize why Balikbayan and tourist should go shopping at the Duty Free Philippines (DFP).

1. Contrary to popular belief, it is more cheaper to shop in the Duty Free shops inside the arrival or departure areas of the airport as prices are way lower. For example fashion brands like bags, clothes and cosmetics are priced 15 to 20 percent lower than when you buy it outside or in the mall stores of the brands.

fashion beauty and cosmetic brands are 15 to 20% cheaper at Duty Free Philippines

perfumes are 15% cheaper at duty free
2. Chocolates sold are from U.S. and Australia, compared to chocolates sold in department stores and groceries that are from Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore. The taste is definitely different if it comes from the U.S. and Australia supplier compared to the regional supplier. Chocolate lovers know that.

chocolates are from U.S. and australia
3.You can shop before leaving the airport and pick it up later upon arrival so you don’t have to worry about over baggage with their Travelite program.It is a shop-now-pick-up later promotion for outbound passengers of any nationality who will be returning to the Philippines within 30 days. All purchases under this promo is entitled to a 7% discount.

Duty Free Philippines Travelite program
Likewise, the Duty Free outlets at the NAIA Terminal 3 also underwent major renovations to cater to the increase in passenger traffic due to the relocation of major airlines such as Delta, KLM Royal Dutch, Emirates, Singapore Air and Cathay Pacific.

DFP engaged the services of world-renowned design team Sounda Design Inc. led by the brilliant French tandem of Architect Frederic Chevassus and designer Philippe Larosse. The Perfumes, Cosmetics and Fashion areas’ elegant and more functional design adopted an ‘aerodynamic’ concept using aircraft details, such as a plane’s wings and propeller, as inspirations. The new layout aims to project the airport outlet as inviting from all sides of the store perimeter, drawing the target customer into the interior. Sounda Design Inc. is based in Taiwan and Hong Kong and specializes in architectural planning, interior design and construction.

T3 Departure Cosmetic & Fragrance

The DFP stores have been redesigned to achieve a more attractive, dynamic and functional retail environment to cater to the discriminating taste of its shoppers, made up of international travelers, tourists and balikbayans (arriving Filipino residents). And with the new Duty Free shops’ cutting-edge design, state-of-the-art interiors and amenities, DFP has also assembled an impressive line-up of the world’s best travel retail brands that cater to the discriminating tastes of international travelers.

T3 Arrival Liquor & Chocolates

Top perfumery, cosmetics and fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bulgari, Christian Dior, Clinique, Clarins, L’Occitane, La Prairie, SK-II and Lacoste are expected to attract both new and loyal customers. The other highly in-demand duty free product categories still house the usual best-selling brands; such as Cadbury, Hershey’s, M&M’s, Toblerone and Nestle for confectionery, Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Jack Daniels, Hennessy, Ballantines, Remy Martin and Macallan for liquor and spirits; Michael Kors, Anne Klein, Skagen, Cerruti and Armani for watches; among many others.
A special ‘brand’ experience await the jet-setters as fashion boutiques of luxury labels abound at the Terminals, specifically Coach, Salvatore Ferragamo, Longchamp, and Chloe. Aside from these designer brands of top quality leather goods and fashion accessories, DFP also houses an extensive range of the popular Kiehl’s beauty products while the now trendy, high quality jewelry brand, Pandora, is set to open soon.

Terminal 1 Departure area

Store development and product expansion are endeavors perennially on DFP’s priority list. Aside from meeting the high standards of its target customers, these ensure that DFP stores keep pace with the dynamism and sophistication of the international travel retail industry.

Duty Free Philippines is an attached agency of the country’s Tourism Department and its earnings accrue to the DOT to help support the Philippines’ tourism infrastructure, programs and projects. It is also worthy to note that as the country’s only tax and duty free travel retailer, the DFP shops are, significantly, the very first to welcome balikbayans and tourists into the country as well as the last to bid them farewell after having had more fun in the Philippines.

How about you have you shopped here before?  How was your experience?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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Things to Do in Hundred Islands Aside from Island Hoping?

Things to do in Hundred Islands

After my many years of existence, I finally made it to the Hundred Islands. Last May 2015 I went to Alaminos, Pangasinan with my blogger friends just because we are itching to hit the beach during the peak season of summer!

Things to do in Hundred Islands

The trip was totally random. We were lucky that the Pasquito family (Rodel Flordeliz / NognogintheCity’s mother side family) lives in Pangasinan. They were very generous enough to be our host for our out-of-the-blue trip. I haven’t been to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, so even if there was a typhoon warning we went and didn’t care.

How to get there?

Viron Bus to Hundred Island We took a bus in Cubao, the Viron Bus to Sison Pangasinan where Rodel’s family lives. Fare was about Php309.00 each one way. From Sison, we rented a jeepney which took us to Alaminos City where the Hundred Islands is located. From Sison it took us about 2 hours drive.
Welcome to Hundred Islands
From Alaminos City, you will the Hundred Island National Park where there is a port area where you can get the boat you need to rent to take you for a boat ride in and our and around the Hundred Islands!

boat area at Alaminos City to Hundred Islands

 Boat Rental prices Hundred Islands pangasinan

Take a look at the Hundred Islands…

The Hundred Islands
Hundred Islands view deck
at the view deck of the Hundred Islands
Hundred Island*
Things to do at Hundred Islands aside from Islands Hoping Aside from boating and island hoping, there are other water activities you can do the HUndred Islands. You can pick an island where you want to dock or stay for awhile. There’s an island in there the Marcos Island or the GOvernors Island that offers overnight stay. We were just there for a day tour. You can do snorkeling, banana boat, jetski or even enjoy the Zipline! Or just stay in an island enjoy the sun, sea and swim!

Sun Worshipers at Hundred Islands
swimming at Hundred Islands
water activities at the Hundred Islands
HUndred Islands 2015

What I think of it?
Maybe because we were there during the peak season that the place was overcrowded ( To think that there was a typhoon that day!) If you’ve been travelling to many places and seen many beautiful islands before, The Hundred Islands is just something to cross-off from your travel bucket list of one of the Most Visited Tourist Destinations in the Philippines I bet it was because there is never a place in the world filled with a lot of small islands in one place that makes Hundred Islands spectacular. I tried counting the islands I didn’t get 100 so I was a little disappointed (haha!) I heard that China claimed some of the islands already that’s why it was no longer a hundred! (JOKE!) It was because other islands are not for tourist consumption or visiting, they are under the care of marine and fisheries multi-purpose farm , and the conservation authority to preserve the marine life and livelihood of fisher folks up north.

Do I recommend people to travel to the Hundred Islands?
Of course. This place is loaded with history as it is situated at the Lingayen Gulf in Pangasinan loaded with history of the Philippines. If you haven’t been there go anytime soon and make sure to bring good company with you to enjoy your visit more.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Photo credits: Some of the pics were grabbed from Rodel Flordeliz, MJ de Leon, and Ruth dela Cruz

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Ascott Holds Grand Launch of First International Serviced Residence in Bonifacio Global City

Ascott BGC Grand Launch

Ascott  Bonifacio Global City Manila, the first international serviced residence in the Bonifacio Global City, recently formally opened its doors with a stellar Grand Launch held at its Grand Ballroom.  The event was graced by the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) Undersecretary Benito Bengzon, Jr. and Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano who served as guests of honor. Also present to show their support were Ascott’s corporate accounts, foreign dignitaries and media.

Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila (1)

Guests were welcomed by Ascott’s top management spearheaded by Ascott’s Regional General Manager for Philippines and Thailand, Arthur Gindap; and were taken on a property tour, providing a glimpse of Ascott’s luxurious studio and 1-bedroom units featuring exquisite art and accentuated with indigenous materials. Cocktails and the program proper with a lavish     6-course dinner later ensued.  The program was highlighted by speeches from the guest of honor, DOT’s Undersecretary Benito Bengzon, Jr. and Mr. Gindap who gave an overview of the Philippine cluster, its growth and the introduction of its 5th property – Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila.  The event capped off with a ceremonial toasting heralding the property’s opening.

Ascott BGC Grand Launch

Ascott Philippine Cluster’s Milestones

Ascott currently operates three brands:  Ascott, Citadines and Somerset.  The company first entered the Philippines with the inaugural of Somerset Millennium Makati in year 2000.  To date, the Philippine cluster has grown to five properties, namely:  Somerset Millennium Makati, Somerset Olympia, Ascott Makati, Citadines Salcedo Makati and now, the newly-opened Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila. Soon, the Philippine cluster will reach new milestones with the launch of two more properties – Citadines Millennium Ortigas and Somerset Alabang Manila.

Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila:  1st International Serviced Residence in Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City welcomes the first international serviced residence in the booming business district with the opening of Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila, which brings Ascott renowned service –  a benchmark of impeccable service.

Ascott BGC Room
Ascott BGC Room
Ascott BGC Room

“The growth of the Bonifacio Global City has been phenomenal,” said Mr. Gindap. “In the past 5-7 years, this part of the city has seen the rise of major real-estate projects from high-end condominiums to commercial and business buildings, as well as retail and dining establishments.  And Bonifacio Global City continues to thrive, contributing to the economic growth of Taguig.  The Ascott group has been cognizant of the Bonifacio Global City’s booming economy and influx of foreign businesses that have established their offices here.  Thus, to cater to these business travelers, Ascott saw the need for a luxurious international serviced residence to serve as their second home. This is why Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila is here today,” he concluded.
Peranakan Lunch at ALTA Restaurant Ascott BGC

A Home Away From Home

The opening of Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila offers its residents a veritable home away from home.  This 30-storey property has 220 units that range from studio to three-bedroom residences that are spacious and posh fit for global living.  Each serviced residence is elegantly furnished and equipped with modern conveniences such as a home entertainment system, a fully functional kitchen, and a washer with dryer.

Residents can relax and enjoy a dip in the outdoor 25-meter lap pool and jacuzzi or a robust workout in the well-equipped gym that overlooks the city. There’s also a children’s wading pool, playroom for kids, sauna and steam room.

To attend to businessmen’s needs, Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila also has office suites, meeting rooms, function rooms, a boardroom and a grand ballroom – a first for any Ascott residence – which can accommodate 200 guests for sit-down and up to 600 for a cocktail set-up.   The property houses topnotch restaurant Alta, which features the fine culinary delights of chef Margarita Fores.  Fores and her team will be preparing the F & B for all banquets.

Peranakan Lunch at ALTA Restaurant Ascott BGC

Stunning and Eco-friendly Design

Aside from looking after the comforts of its residents, Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila is equally committed to ensuring that its environmental practices are sustainable. The property maintains its low carbon footprint and lower power consumption. It has an all-glass façade, which allows more natural light to enter the building, while its Low-E glass lessens internal building temperature thereby reducing the energy used for air-conditioning.

Moreover, Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila was recently awarded Best in Hotel Architectural Design at the 2014 Philippine Property Awards and was also recognized as one of the highly commended hospitality projects at the 2014 Southeast Asia Property Awards. The property likewise received a provisional Green Mark Certificate from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority, for its environment-friendly practices.

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I am a storyteller. Influencer. Trendsetter. Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@)

Where Did Lysol To Go Take Moms-on-the-Go and Vice Versa

#LysolToGo #LysolMoms #MomsOnTheGo

Mom’s are not just nurturing beings, but they are also very protective especially of the people and things they treasure. That is why, whenever they are, they make sure that they and their family are safe and secured. That is why most of the time you will see a lot of moms carrying around huge handbags with them whenever they’re out. This is because in the bag are their daily essentials where everything they need (the basic needs and things in case of emergency) are stuffed inside.

Exhibit A: The smaller purse inside my main bag.

What's inside the bag inside my bag

It has everything I need like wipes, makeup, sunblock, powerbank, and yes allergy meds and a travel-size germ protection!

When I got invited to the Lysol Moms On The Go #LysolMoms #MomsOnTheGo event I did not hesitate to confirm. I am an avid user of Lysol Disinfectant Spray and I believe in the brand. I was not expecting much as the event was said to take place at Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain at Bonifacio Global City.

It was a little fancy set-up with red carpet and a “stewardess” who gave us our boarding passes. We got seated the ala-carte area outside the shop and had we ordered anything we want. Since it was an ice cream bar I went with their best seller Hot Fudge Sundae! OMG! Glorious.

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain

I was happily waiting for the next thing to happen eating my sundae that is so delish. Until a stewardess approached us informing us about our departure soon.

#LysolToGo with #MomsOnTheGo #LysolMoms

Oh! We are leaving!

And then a Black Fleet came out of nowhere and suddenly we are boarding! Too cool!

#LysolToGo #LysolMoms #MomsOnTheGo

A small program to introduce Lysol To Go was held inside the Black Fleet that was decorated with colourful balloons and filled with snacks and drinks. All the mums inside the bus were excited to see the Lysol to Go. A pocketsize version of the Lysol Disinfectant Spray we all love which kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria such as colds and flu viruses.

Lysol To Go Take Moms On The Go

Happy with what we saw and heard as the Lysol To Go is just Php150.00 only and is now available in major supermarkets in the country. It used to be sold for Php350 at True Value!

Lysol To Go Lysol Moms

After the program on the bus, we were taken to our next destination 2nd’s at the High Street BGC where we were welcomed like a beauty queen as each of us were given a bouquet of flowers !

Lysol To Go Lysol Moms

Dinner was fun especially with great food and talk. Who could guess what we talked about while dining aside from sharing parenting tips, fears and achievements? I don’t think it is something people talk about while having dinner! Haha!

Lysol To Go event at BGC

As a mom-on-the-go as I am I was delighted to have this Lysol To Go on hand that it have taken it with me anywhere with me inside our home and even outdoors. Let me show you where I have taken, used and abused it these past few days:

Lysol To Go review

Compact and convenient, Lysol To Go is travel size that easily fits in my purse, my pocket and any kind of bag I bring along with me!

Where Did Lysol To Go Take Moms On The Go and Vice Versa

How about you, do you have other places you can list in here that you can take your Lysol To Go? Care to share the info?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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I am a storyteller. Influencer. Trendsetter. Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@)

Trying Out the Breakfast Buffet at NOBU Restaurant Manila


I know it has been said a million times but breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day. But sometimes we often skip it because most of us would rather sleep in and wake late and have brunch instead. Personally, whenever I have an opportunity to cook up a nice breakfast for myself or in a mood to go out and have breakfast at a nice breakfast place, I do.

Breakfast at NOBU Restaurant

Incidentally, I was invited by Mr. Marlon Hirsch the General Manager of Nobu Hotel Manila to try out the breakfast buffet at NOBU Restaurant.

NOBU Restaurant is a contemporary fine dining venue with 335 seats with two private dining rooms, a sushi bar, floating water cabanas, two Teppanyaki tables and a Chef’s Table. Around the world, NOBU Restarant is know for their delicious menu of modern Japanese fused with infuences from Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s travels through North and South America. This is the second Nobu Branch worldwide. First is the Las Vegas U.S.A. branch.

Meanwhile you can take a look at the ambiance and a sneak peek at the buffet spread in thia video.

Breakfast at NOBU Restaurant

Unlike other five star restaurants and hotel in the country, the breakfast spread is not that overwhelming and long, however, they guarantee to serve the best breakfast with their NOBU Breakfast Specialties such as the Yuzu Soba Pancakes, Green Tea Waffles, Eggs Matsishisa, Bagel and Lox, Breakfast Tobanyaki and Salmon and Egg Donburi.

This was my favorite station, the waffles, pancakes and french toast yum!

Nobu Restaurant review

How many times did I go back to the buffet area to fill my plate? Can you guess? Haha!

Breakfast at NOBU Restaurant review

My favorites were the Greentea Waffles I had two plates serving haha yum! I also love their French Toast it is not like the usual French Toast it melts in your mouth super soft and moist sponge cake and the shape is different. I also love their hot chocolate!

NOBU Restaurant is open to NOBU Hotel City of Dreams Manila guests and non-guests for less than Php1,300.00 per person. But if you are a hotel guest beeakfast is inclusive for two per room, room rates is Php8,800.00 plus.

Nobu Restaurant breakfast bloggers batch 1

Mr. Hirsh talked about their amazing rooms with exquisite carpet, furnishings and size above First Class standards. I am looking forward to my stay at the Nobu Hotel City of Dreams soon and experience all other amenities such as the Nobu Pool that looks so inviting. Have an R&R at the Nobu Spa or just lounge around the biggest lobby ever.

Here’s the view outside

Nobu Restaurant Manila review

Nobu Restaurant serve breakfast starting at 6AM to 10AM on weekdays and up to 11AM weekends. Dinner is available from Php7PM to 11PM. They also serve ala carte dishes.

How about you have you tried dining at Nobu Restaurant?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

About Earth Rullan

I am a storyteller. Influencer. Trendsetter. Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@)

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