Do you want to invite good luck into your life this 2009? Well here are some “rituals” you can do: Instead of the traditional 12 fruits on the dining table, place 12 heads of garlic on the fruit basket. Aside from the garlic, the fruit basket must contain a pineappleContinue Reading

Last year I made these 9 New Years Resolution for 2008 a way to remind myself about things I want to change about me. I think I was successful on half of them. 1) I was able to hold my tongue and let other people worry about what I amContinue Reading

Christmas 2006 Christmas 2007Christmas 2008 After my 30 years of existence this was the first Christmas spent without my father. My Christmas was spent in a different way, I didn’t do any cooking except for the lasagna I made that my family likes. We went to my brother’s house insteadContinue Reading

I am kinda believer on some superstitions but, I have never ever practiced nor heard any superstitions regarding Christmas except for the one involving the Midnight Mass. They said that if you complete all the nine nights/early morning mass before Christmas God will grant you a wish. I think it’sContinue Reading

My 12 Christmas wishes for all of you: 1) Happiness deep inside.2) Serenity at every sunrise.3) Success in every facet of your life.4) Family beside you.5) Caring friends around you.6) A love that never ends.7) Good health within you.8) Beautiful memories of yesterdays.9) A nice day with so much toContinue Reading

If I had known about cord blood banking before I gave birth to my daughter almost 7 years ago I would have done it too. Scientist has just recently discovered how cord blood or the umbilical cord blood is a rich source of stem cells and a viable substitute toContinue Reading

CARD, Philis – PAR proudly presents Good Autism Practice: Developing a Curriculum for Life. A conference borne from the Center’s mission to provide a full range of programs and services from childhood to adulthood needed by persons with autism, families and communities. Highlights of the conference include full lenght discussionsContinue Reading

Last Saturday my family  went to see Ogie Alcacid concert with the Pinoy Idols with Ramiele Malubay. It was fun. First concert my daughter watched and she had a great time and lasted the whole duration of the concert without making a scene! Yay!Continue Reading

I’m gonna be selfish for today and list things I want for myself. I want this Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor and this Widescreen LCD Monitor Privacy filter A Sony’s 24.6 megapixel DSLR Camera A Digital Photo Frame BMW Hybrid Car or a Mini Cooper A European Tour A Shopping spreeContinue Reading