Help Mr. Wilson Win A $15,000 Wedding

Getting married, to me, is the peak of two people in love and in a relationship. A wedding is a way to seal their love, to show the world that they are going exclusive. A wedding is a ceremony where they share their love to all the people that mattered to their lives and to show the whole world that they are truly, madly, deeply inlove with each other.

I always tell my friends before they got married (most of them are married now) while they were having their wedding jitters that they should stomp off being anxious if the wedding doesn’t go as perfect as they dream it will be. It’s not the wedding that counts its the marriage. A wedding is just a ceremony, a ceremony every girl envisioned in their minds when they were at a young tender and naive stage in their lives. It is something we all girls wish not to skip in our lifetime because we believe, at least most of us girls, believe that it is one of milestones of being a woman. Walking down the isle with the man of our dreams, our prince charming, the love of our life, our one true love, the one we want to live happily ever after.

Anyway, getting married or being married doesn’t assure a couple that it’s all gonna be roses. But being married and staying married takes a lot of work more than anyone could ever think of. And that is another blog topic for another day and time.

For now bear with me on this one it’s kinda mushy and I’m such a sucker for romance. It’s like watching Sleepless in Seatle, City of Angels, Run Away Bride, Bridget Jones Diary, Wedding Singer, 50 First Date, Jerry MgGuire or Ghost! Hah! I can go on and on and on with those mushy movies!

When I saw this group in Facebook, I feel all warm inside. I’m such a sucker for romance and seeing the effort of Mr. Wilson (Adam Wilson) who created this group in Facebook to invite all his friends, relatives and friends of friends to vote for them to win this contest. I just can’t help but say “Awwww what a sweet guy!”

This is what he wrote in that group that made him win my vote: My fiance deserves this wedding and I am DETERMINED to win it for her. She has stuck by me through a brutal motorcycle accident that left me scarred and sore and through a long distance relationship while I taught on Grand Manan. She DESERVES this!!! (plus shes GORGEOUS guys haha)

His desire to fulfill his lady love girly dreams. Awwwww! I feel the tingles! Haha!

There are 50 couples and the numbers will be cut down to 25 this Feb 1st! A vote a day is what they need to win.

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That is Mr. Wilson and her beautiful fiance Kelsey McNamara on the night he proposed and that is their story. Sigh! I hope they win! Please visit this site and look for Kelsey McNamara and Adam Wilson: (copy paste if not linkable here)


Good luck Mr. Wilson!

To all the other contenders, I wish you all the best.
Truly, you all deserve to be together and deserve the wedding you wish for yourselves. But for this, there could only be one and Mr. Wilson and his fiance got my vote all the way, they have the best story in there too I think.


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